7 Customer service email templates to handle angry customers

In business, there are times where you would have to deal with angry and unsatisfied customers.

There are different reasons why a customer may be angry and unsatisfied with the services of a particular business or company.

Whatever the reason why a customer is angry, as customer service personnel, you should be able to perfectly handle the situation.

The way you handle the situation will determine if the customer will see reasons with your explanation and remain a loyal customer to your company.

For your business to grow and for you to be able to retain your customers, you should always do everything possible to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with your services.

You can handle angry and unsatisfied customers by sending apologetic emails and proffering solutions to their issues.

Here are some reasons why a customer might be angry and unsatisfied with email templates to rectify the situation.

Not satisfied with the purchase experience

If a customer is not satisfied with his or her purchase experience, such customer could get angry.

As a customer service person, it is your duty to attend to the complaints of the customer by providing necessary explanations.

Here is an example of an email to handle a customer with an unsatisfied purchase experience;

Dear Esteemed Customer,

Thanks for your patronage. However, we got your email stating your dissatisfaction with our purchase services.

First, we like to apologize for the inconveniences and difficulties you must have gone through. However, we assure you that your complaints have been noted and we are doing everything possible to rectify every loophole.

We promise you that this won’t happen again.

[your name]

When an order did not arrive on time

Most customers want to use what they have ordered on or before the delivery date but sadly the goods did not arrive at the scheduled date.

This is a situation that most customers have experienced.

If an order didn’t arrive at the date of delivery, as a customer service representative, you are supposed to send an email to the customer to explain why the order hasn’t arrived.

Here is an example of an email when an order did not arrive on time;

Dear Esteemed Customer,

We are very sorry that your order hasn’t arrived. We know this must have caused you some difficulties and inconveniences.

We didn’t intend for this to happen, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are experiencing some delays.

Your order has been tracked and it will get to you on [date]. Please, bear with us as we are doing everything possible to deliver your order to you ASAP.

You can contact me on this line [phone number] for more inquiries.

Thanks for your understanding,

[your name]


When a customer received a wrong item

When a customer makes an order and the wrong item is being sent to the customer, this can make a customer angry.

We all know how it feels when we are expecting our order and something different is being delivered.

This can be very frustrating and irritating. A customer will be very dissatisfied with this kind of situation.

To address this kind of situation, here is an example of an email which should be sent to the customer by the customer service representative.

Dear [customer name]

We are very sorry for the mix up in your order delivery. It was a mistake from our delivery agents. They delivered the wrong package and for this, we are very sorry once again.

We’ve made proper investigation and found out that your package was sent to another customer. We’ve retrieved your package and it will be delivered by tomorrow.

Here is the tracking number [number] for your order. You can track yourself to know the exact status of your order.

When the delivery agent delivers your package, could you please return back the other package to him?

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We promise to always serve you better.


[your name]


When a customer buys a substandard product

When a customer makes an order and a substandard product is being delivered, this can be very dissatisfying and irritating.

Some online stores display images of nice looking products of very high standards but when a customer orders for these products, they deliver substandard products.

This is very deceitful and could make an online store to lose customers.

As a customer service representative, when you receive a complaint like this, here is an example of an email to handle it.

Dear [customer name]

We acknowledge your complaint. First, we must tender an apology to you for any inconveniences this must have caused you.

All our products are of good standard, however, there may be some lapses with some products.

Our displayed images reflect our products; however, some products could be a little different from the displayed images.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority; hence we are going to replace your item with a better one. Also, on your next purchase, we are going to grant you a 20% discount.

Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences.


[your name]


Customer had a bad experience with a staff

When a customer has a bad experience with the staff of a company, this could anger the customer.

A rude staff or a staff that can’t provide adequate assistance to a customer could make the company lose its customers.

As a customer service representative, when you receive a complaint from a customer regarding a bad experience with staff, here is an example of an email to send to the customer to handle the situation;

Dear [customer name]

We are sorry about the unpleasant encounter you had with one of our staffs. Our customer’s satisfaction is always our top priority.

All our staffs are adequately trained to attend to customer needs at all times. We will look into this and make sure we handle it to your satisfaction.

We promise that such a situation will never repeat itself again. We will also like to appreciate you by offering you a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Once again, accept our sincere apologies.


[your name]


Customer previous email is not responded to

It may be that a customer wants to make inquiries about a particular product or services?

There are times when we send emails to businesses inquiring of their services and expecting a prompt reply but we don’t receive any response.

This can be very irritating and annoying to a customer.

We all know that customer service receives tons of emails daily and this could be the cause of the delays to the reply. However, customers are meant to be satisfied and giving adequate attention at all times.

As a customer service representative, you can handle this kind of situation by using this email template;

Dear [customer name],

We are sorry for the delay in responding to you. We are in a tight schedule right now and this has caused the delay. However, we don’t have any justifiable reason to keep you waiting.

We have looked into your request concerning [issue], and we have attached a document to clarify this.

Please, kindly go through this document, so you can get a clearer picture of everything you need to know.

If there is anything you don’t understand, you can contact me on [phone number]. I will be glad to explain better.

Our sincere apologies for the delay once more.

Find attached the [doc].


[your name]


Customer that receives damaged item

A customer could get very angry when an online purchased made was delivered damaged.
This kind of situation does not tell well of the business and could hinder the customer from making future purchases.

Some online stores are guilty of this. Maybe this is not from the store itself but from the delivery agent.

The customer didn’t make purchases with the delivery agent, hence the store will be held responsible for a situation like this.

When an item is delivered damaged, customer service can handle the situation by sending the customer an email.

Here is an example of an email suitable for this kind of situation;

Dear [customer name],

We are sorry for the delivery of a damaged item to you. We assure you that it was shipped from our store intact but was manhandled by the delivery agent.

In line with our return policy, damaged items can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

You can go to any of our stores closet to you to return the goods. Please, do remember to take your receipt along with you.

In case you are not close to any of our stores, you will need to drop your item at our outlets closer to you. From your address, the closest outlet to you is [address].

As compensation, we are offering you a 20% discount on your next purchase.

You can give me a call on [phone number] if you have any more questions or you need any assistance.

Once again, we are sorry for all the inconveniences.


[your name]

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