How to write Sales Prospecting email to get more Response and Sales

A sales prospecting email is an email sent to a prospect with the aim of converting the prospect into a customer by making purchases.

It is well known that a lot of people receives tons of emails daily.

A study showed that an email user gets an average of 147 emails in a day and nearly half of the emails are deleted under 5 minutes.

This shows that email users delete more than half the emails they receive every day almost immediately after they’ve received the emails.

Another study also showed that 24% of sales emails are opened.

This means that over 75% of sales emails are not opened. They are either ignored or worst deleted.

Now as a salesperson, how can you write sales emails that won’t be ignored or deleted?

How can you make the prospect you send that sales email to respond to you?

What things can you do to increase your response rate and increase sales?

We are going to take a look at the vital ways to write sales emails that will get response and increase sales.

Your subject line should be short and engaging

A Subject line is an imperative piece of an email that decides whether an email will be opened or not.

Composing a long title could influence an email beneficiary to lose intrigue consequently.

Your email could be erased straightaway if your beneficiary finds the headline awkward to peruse.

The way to composing a decent title is to make it short and engaging.

Make your headline simple to peruse and give your beneficiary a chance to have motivations to open your email and read what you have composed.

A decent title ought to be customized, elite, reference a shared association and some other vital keys that will tempt your beneficiary vigorously.

Personalize your email

Personalization is very important in a sales email.

Most sales emails are not responded to because there is no personalizing effect.

The recipients do not feel that the email is sent personally to them and so they don’t feel the need to respond to such email.

Before sending a sales email to a prospect, you need to first make adequate research about the prospect.

You need to know important information about the prospect, know what the prospect will likely want, know things that are of interest to the prospect and other personalized information that can help you better in reaching out to the prospect.

Having all this information will help you to add a personal touch and specially tailored email to your prospect.

Once your prospect read your email, he or she will know without a doubt that the email was sent directly to him or her.

Such an email will be responded to.

A study at the University of Texas found that personalized content made people feel special and unique. It also gave people a sense of control.

A personalized email increases click-through rate by 14% and conversion rate by 10%.

Your opening line should be engaging and interesting

Most opening lines of sales emails can be exhausting. This can quickly kill a business prospect.

Your opening ought to connect with your prospect.

It should be engaging and your prospect should find it interesting to read.

You ought to have the capacity to connect with your prospect and state things that are of importance to your prospect.

You have to make reference to things that will incite the brain of your prospect into reading further.

You can reference a shared association or a common interest.

Your email should contain value

What benefit is what you are selling to your prospect?

What are the values of your product and services?

How will it benefit your prospect?

People want to know what they will gain before responding to a sales email.

Before sending a business email, you should initially make sufficient research about your prospect.

Does your prospect need the product you are selling; what advantages will your prospect derive from using your product?

From the research you have made about your prospect, you will know better the data you have to pass on to your prospects.

The body of your business email should be elite. Try not to make your beneficiary feel that you are sending similar sales emails to various contacts.

What you are selling ought to be uniquely custom-made for your prospect alone.

Add call-to-action

An invitation to take action is the bedrock of a business email.

Most email beneficiaries won’t do anything if there is no invitation to take action.

The goal of a business email isn’t to sell your thing. It is to provoke your beneficiary into making a move.

Additionally, that is the explanation behind having an unquestionable, direct suggestion to take action is perhaps the most imperative rule on this once-over.

If your prospect isn’t sure exactly what you’re mentioning or how the individual being referred to ought to respond to your email, you will never get a response.

At whatever point they send a business email, guarantee a suggestion to take action is included.

Utilize your email signature

Email marks are routinely a re-examination; in any case, they are extremely a principal bit of a fruitful deals email.

Consolidate your work phone number, and maybe an association with your LinkedIn profile in your email signature.

There are in like manner a few ways to deal with get substantially more from your email signature, for instance, advancing occasions, connect your online profile, interface your internet based life pages.

An email signature serves as your business electronic card. It makes your email look more professional and provide your prospect with additional options to contact you.

Be very clear on the purpose of your email

You should write your sales prospecting email with a very clear purpose in mind.

Your prospect should know at a glance what you want him or her to do.

The purpose of your email should be clearly stated and your prospect should have a clear understanding of it.

For example, if you want your prospect to sign up for a demo or you want your prospect to subscribe to a premium, you should clearly state it.

If you want to arrange a meeting with your prospect or you want your prospect to check out your catalog, it should be stated clearly.

Whatever the purpose of your email, make sure it is clearly understood by your prospect.

Importance of sales prospecting emails

1. Predictable Revenue Growth

Email prospecting is effectively the most unsurprising income development channel for your business.

With sales prospecting emails you can predict your revenue growth by tracking and analyzing your email campaign.

You can track your click-through rate, open rate, response rate and so on.

All these will give you an idea of how your campaign is progressing and you will be able to predict your revenue growth.

2. Targeted prospects

Email as a channel is more focused as it gives you more command over whom you connect with and with what message.

You get to target your best prospects that are sure to be easily converted to customers.

You get to know if the prospect fits your ideal customer profile.

This will enable you to better personalize your email for increased response rate and sales.

3. Effectively Measured and Optimized

It takes into account understanding the execution of your prospecting messages better. It’s very easy to see where you’re turning out badly with your emailing campaign.

Email automation helps you to connect with more prospect at a relatively short amount of time.

With email automation, you can track and assess your prospecting email campaign.

4. Less Interruption and more opportunity

Contrasted and different channels like cold pitching, messages are less hindering and irritating.

There is no strain to react on the spot. Your prospect can peruse your email, ruminate whether it bodes well and hit you up time permitting.

Email give prospects more opportunity to think on their own and decide on if or not they want what you are selling.

Prospect does not feel pressured or cajoled, unlike one-on-one sales marketing.

Giving a prospect the opportunity to think on his or her own and make a decision increases trust.

This can also increase the response rate and sales.

5. Customized and personalized emails

It allows you to personalize and send emails that are specially customized for individual prospects.

Personalization increases the uniqueness of your sales email and also increases the trust of prospects.

It makes a prospect feel that an email is specially meant for him or her and this improves the response rate.

6. High Return On Investment

An undeniable favorable position of email prospecting is its lower cost, however, there may be a little overhead when sending a large number of messages, yet the expenses far exceed the costs you would acquire utilizing different deals channels.

With an email automation device, you can convey prospecting emails to hundreds or thousands of prospects with only a solitary snap and set up computerized subsequent meet-ups based answers, connect clicks, and so on.

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