How to introduce yourself in a business email and get amazing replies with templates

The introduction part of an email is very important. Before an email is read and replied, the first place the recipient look at is the introductory part.

Who is sending the email, where is the email being sent from and the reason for the email?

These are what an email recipient needs to know first before reading the remaining part of an email and also replying the email.

Most business people receive tons of emails every day. Their inboxes are always swamped with different emails.

An email without an introduction or a good self-introduction will most likely be deleted immediately.

When writing an email, it is important to clearly introduce yourself and clearly state the reason for the email.

There are specific introductions that best suit specific situations.

An introduction to an unknown prospect is different from an introduction to a known person or a business colleague.

We are going to be looking at different specific introduction that best suit different situations with templates.

Tips for introducing yourself to get replies

To introduce yourself in an email, there are some vital tips you need to follow. There are some important things that must be included in the email.

1. An engaging Subject Line

The subject line is a very important part of an email. It summarizes the whole email and tells the recipient what the email is all about. A subject line should be engaging and concise. It should not be too long or too short. At a glance, your recipient should know what you are talking about.

2. Self-Introduction

This is where you introduce yourself. It is where you state your name, the company you work and other necessary information about you.

3. Personalized greeting

This is where you acknowledge your recipient. State the person’s name and other necessary information about the person. You can also mention how you know the person and how you got his or her email address.

4. State your reason for the email

This is where you state clearly the reason for your email. It is the body of the email where you talk in details what you stated in the subject line.

5. Conclusion and call-to-action

This is the concluding part of the email that states what you want. Add a call-to-action to better swift your recipient into action. End the email with a cutesy greeting or a remark.

Ways to introduce yourself in a business email in different situationsHow to introduce yourself in a business email

When you want to introduce yourself in a business email, you need to be aware of the situation or reason for the email.

You can’t introduce yourself to a total stranger the same way you introduce yourself to a client.

You need to introduce yourself in a way that best suits the situation so that your recipient will have a better knowledge of who you are.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. Introducing yourself to a new prospect that you haven’t contacted before

Introducing yourself in a business email to a new prospect means introducing yourself to someone that you do not know on a personal level.

You have not exchanged email with the person before and the person also has not exchanged any email with you.

There are no previous contacts, no calls, no referrals, or any other means of pre-introduction.

In this situation, when you want to introduce yourself, first, you should state your name, the company you work and your role.

The next is to state how you got the email address of the person and the purpose of the email.

Below is an example:

Subject Line: I promise this will be of great benefit to you – Take a few moments to check it out

Hello [name of recipient]

I am [your name], the [your role], of [your company]. I found your contact [how you found your recipient’s contact]. You are doing a good job I must say.

Our company [name of your company], is involved in [what your company is all about]. We have been instrumental in the success of our companies such as [name other companies]. As a growing firm, we acknowledge the fact that you are success-focused, this is why we are sending this email to let you know that we can be of tremendous help to the growth of your company.

We made adequate research and we found out that some areas in your company such as [areas that needs amendments] have some challenges which need to be worked on. We can provide adequate solutions to those leaking areas.

We will like to discuss further on this with you. Kindly reply this email so we can discuss on this further.


[Your name]

  1. Introduction to someone you’ve met briefly at a conference, seminar or any other event

In this situation, you have met the person before though it was a brief introduction.

Maybe the person just only gave you his or her complementary card or you had just a few chit-chats with the person.

The initial introduction has created a form of familiarity; hence you do not need to act like a total stranger in your introduction.

You can talk about what happened at the conference or seminar in a few lines.

Ask your recipient if he or she enjoyed or gained something at the event.

You can also state your name and other necessary information about you because your recipient might have forgotten who you are.

Here is an example:

Subject Line: We could really do business together! Check this out!

Hello [name of your recipient]

It was a great pleasure to meet you last week at [the event]. From the few moments I had with you, I could tell that you have a wonderful personality and you have a passion to make a great impact in the world.

In case you’ve forgotten who this is, my name is [your name], we had a brief chat concerning [what you two discussed about]. From our chat, you will agree with me that [bring up related issues that will be beneficial to both of you].

I think a collaboration between my company and your company will lead to ground-breaking impact. We could achieve great results at a fast pace and bring tremendous growth to both companies.

What is your thought about this? It will be great to discuss more on this. A meeting with you will be wonderful.

How does on Monday next week sound? Let’s say between 10 am – 11 am.

Will be expecting your prompt response.

[Your name]

  1. Introducing yourself to someone you have not met but was referred to you by a mutual connection

Introducing yourself to a recipient you do not know but was referred to you by a mutual connection requires a level of professionalism.

Most people will easily trust you if they know that you were referred to them by a mutual connection.

A mutual connection is great if you want to market your products and services. A recommendation from a mutual connection could increase your sales by 90%.

When introducing yourself, you need to reference the mutual connection. Let your recipient know the relationship between you and the mutual connection.

Also, let your recipient know what benefit he or she can gain. This will better prompt your recipient into immediate action.

Here is an example:

Subject Line: Check this out!! – A 100% natural skin care product

Hi [recipient’s name]

I got your contact through a mutual friend by name [name of the mutual connection]. She has been a dedicated and loyal customer to our products.

Our company is [company name], we are into production of skin care products that are made from 100% natural resources. We are one of the best natural skin care production company and our products are all rated excellent.

As someone that takes her skin seriously, we think you might be very much interested in our product. Our friend [name of the mutual connection] has also reiterated that you might very well be interested in our skin care products.

A trial will convince you. You can call on us on [your office line]. If possible, we will be glad to bring our products down to your office.

Reply this email and let us know what works best for you. We will be expecting to hear from you.


[Your name]

  1. Introducing yourself to a high-level executive in a company

Maybe you want to get in touch with the sales director, marketing director, account director, chief executive or any other high-level executive in a company.

Introducing yourself in an email that is being directed to a high-level executive requires a high level of professionalism.

High-level executives are decision-makers in any organization. They have the power to decide if your request will be granted or not.

You need to be very specific and concise. High-level executives receive tons of emails each day, they do not have time to be reading long emails.

Your introduction needs to be very clear and brief. Your email needs to be straight to the point.

You need to make a good research about your recipient, know every important information about him or her.

Lastly, clearly, state the reason for your email.

Here is an example:

Subject Line: Proposal to develop a sales-automation tool for the sales department in your organization

Hello [Your recipient name]

We are an I.T company that is into the development and creation of advanced automation software that automates different organizational activities to save time and increase productivity.

As the director of sales in your company, we thought to contact you concerning using our sales automation tool to streamline your sales activities, increase productivity and save time.

We did a research on your company and we found out that your sales activities are still being run manually. This has greatly slowed down productivity and reduce sales in your company.

We are sending this email to you to inform you that we are well-equipped with the newest I.T innovations and we can help automate your sales activities to increase productivity. You will experience tremendously sales in a short time.

We can discuss further on this by having a one-on-one meeting with you. How next week Monday sounds? 9 am -10 am will be a good time.


[Your name]

  1. Introducing yourself to an expert or a mentor for advice

This is a business email sent to an expert, mentor or an influencer. This sets of people are very experienced in a particular sector and know a lot about the sector.

Maybe you are new in marketing and you do not know the most effective ways to excel in marketing, you can reach out to a marketing expert or an influencer who know has good experience in marketing.

When you want to introduce yourself, let your recipient know that you have been following them, reading their blog posts, researching about them and so on.

Introduce yourself and let them know how they can be of help to you. Give your recipient a reason why they should be of help to you.

You are asking for assistance from someone that does not know you before, hence you need to be very polite.

Here is an example:

Subject Line: Would appreciate your professional thoughts and advice

Hello [name]

I am pretty new in the marketing world; hence I have taken you as my mentor been an expert in marketing for years.

I have followed your blog posts and came to realize that you are very influential and your followers trust you a lot. This is the major reason why you succeed greatly in your marketing career.

As a new marketer, I will like to get professional advice from you on how I can grow in my career. What are the things that I need to do to achieve success in the new future?

I will be very pleased and greatly appreciative if you can take a moment out of your busy schedule to mentor me.

It will be wonderful if I can meet you in person. Here is my phone number [your phone number]. You can give me a call.


[Your name]

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