Break up email templates to send your leads before you stop follow up

Have you ever sent a series of cold emails to your leads but you did not get any response?

A lead that goes all silent on you can make you wonder what exactly is wrong.

When a lead goes silent, it could mean different things or as a result of different situations.

As a salesperson, you may be thrown into a state of uncertainty.

You don’t know if the lead is interested or not because there is no reply.

It would have been better if the lead replied you and state it clearly that he/she is not interested or has gone with a competitor so you can stop following up.

The uncertainty in this kind of situation makes it difficult to decide on what to do.

There are different reasons why you may not have gotten a reply from your lead.

Maybe the person went on a vacation and is off official duties.

It may be that your lead is very busy and has not been able to attend to your email.

It may be that your lead is not at the office due to one reason or another.

It may also be that your lead is not interested and has just decided to keep you silent.

Whatever the reason, do not just give up without sending a breakup email.

You need to send a breakup email to close the communication loop.

This is to let your leads know that you won’t be sending any more email to follow up.

Advantages of a breakup email

A breakup email might be used to close a communication loop but it can also yield positive results.

The uncertainty of sending a breakup email to a lead could be overwhelming but you need to know when to call it quit with sending follow up emails and break the communication with a breakup email.

It increases response rate

A breakup email is designed to provoke a response from someone and it has been found to significantly increase response rates from prospects.

Data from HubSpot showed that break up email increases the response rate by 33%.

People will generally respond better when they know that it is their last shot at an opportunity.

It saves your time and enables you to channel your strength to other leads

The time and energy you would have been wasting on a lead that is not yielding any positive result will be channeled to other leads.

It allows you to filter your list

Having so many email addresses that are of no use will clustter up your list.

A breakup email will allow you to separate the positive leads from the negative ones.

Break up email templates

There are different breakup email templates suitable for different situations and for different purposes.

We are going to take a look at some different examples of break up emails that are suitable for different situations and purposes;

A breakup email to say the last words

While it’s imperative to keep your separation messages smart, it’s savvy to leave a positive impression and wish your prospect well.

Remember to incorporate notice of how your answer can comprehend their main point. It might simply refresh their memory and yank a reaction.

Hi [prospect name],

I trust you’re well. I’ve endeavored to connect with you a few times to examine [service/product] as an answer for [challenge]. I’m speculating the planning isn’t directly for you.

In case despite everything you’re keen on proceeding with our discourse, do tell me. If not, I’ll quit connecting and want you to enjoy all that life has to offer with [objective].

Kind Regards,

[your name]


Earnest and liberal 

Show your prospect that you truly need to assist and you’re not simply out for the deal. While excluding a generosity signal and offer an incentive.

It’s composed as though the relationship is as of now finished, yet still offers some incentive and a simple method to reconnect with the salesman should the prospect’s advantage be fed.

The self-evident certainty tone prompts a feeling of earnestness in prospects who weren’t prepared to bid a fond farewell.

Giving extra assets and the choice to get back in contact on their timetable will make a positive impact on prospects generosity that probably won’t receive any prompt rewards however, will just support your image.

Hello [prospect name],

I trust you’re well. I needed to connect once again. When we last talked it appeared [service/product] was a fitting answer for [challenge].

Seeing as I haven’t heard in some time, maybe the planning isn’t directly for you or you have taken a new turn.

Meanwhile, here are a few assets you may discover supportive for [challenge].

Asset 1

Asset 2

On the off chance that you’d like to proceed with our discussion later on, I’d be glad to reconnect.

[your name]


Direct and to the point 

There is nothing amiss with being somewhat hard. Try not to be reluctant to exhibit that you esteem your own time.

By expelling all feeling from the email and proactively accepting the arrangement is lost, you trigger a need in your prospect.

In the event that they’ve shut with another person, your email gives them an out – you’re accepting things didn’t work out.

Assuming, in any case, your prospect is interested but has recently been moderate to react, the possibility that you’ve moved on will create a feeling of urgency in your prospect.

Hey [prospect name],

I haven’t heard over from you in some time so I will accept your needs have changed or you have picked an alternate way.

In the event that I can be of help with the future, feel free to connect with me.

Kind Regards,

[your name]


Straight to the point and educational 

Explaining why you have to close the circle can enable your prospect to comprehend your business procedure and why you need wrap to up the discussion on the off chance that they don’t react.

Hello there [First name],

I’m tidying up my business pipeline, yet I needed to connect with you before I close your record.

Since I haven’t gotten notification from you in some time, I’m speculating you’re occupied or your needs have changed.

In case you’re not intrigued, let me know and I’ll keep on shutting your record.

In the event that you are as yet inspired by how we can enable you to accomplish [objective], you can get back to me.


[your name]


Keep it cheerful 

A little infusion of cleverness can truly light up a difficult day at the workplace. I suggest keeping this style for somebody you have had an affinity with.

It might simply trigger the correct feeling and serve to revive the relationship. Gifs or pictures are a fun method to include a little diversion without being excessively mushy

Hi [prospect name],

I have contacted you a couple of times over the recent months to proceed with our talk on how [service/product] could assist you with achieving [objective].

In case despite everything you’re keen on investigating [service/product] or you feel any reason to go along with this how about we reconnect?

If not, I surmise this truly is farewell.

All the best,

[your name]


Keep it straightforward and short.

It’s a protected presumption that your prospect is occupied. You needn’t bother with a fancy presentation or develop in this subsequent email; simply come to the heart of the matter.

Being immediate puts the arrangement in your prospect’s hands. You’re still here if your prospect needs you, yet you would prefer not to pester.

On the off chance that the arrangement is shut lost, it’s an ideal opportunity to expertly wrap the relationship and proceed onward.

Hey [Prospect name],

I know my constant persistence might be irritating and for that, I tender an apology.

It is safe to say that you are as yet keen on talking about your [pain point], explicitly in regions of X and Y?

If not, if you don’t mind let me know so I can quit connecting.

Best regards,

[your name]


Keep it open

At the point when a prospect goes quiet, it doesn’t constantly imply that is the end it basically implies it’s the end for the present.

By keeping things amicable and open and not getting frantic you’ll spare the relationship and keep future open doors alive.

At that point, when that time comes, follow up by beginning another string on an alternate subject. Don’t simply return into their inbox irritating them once more.

Send them an impartial message about something important to them that may begin a discussion naturally

Hi [Prospect name],

I haven’t gotten notification from you in some time, so I’ll accept [Product/service] isn’t a need right now. I totally comprehend and don’t have any desire to take up anything else of your time.

I’ll inquire in a half year or so to check whether our objectives are progressively adjusted.


[Your name]

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