50 Sales meeting ideas to encourage your sales team

In order to empower and encourage your team to work as hard as possible, they need to want to work with you. You need to come across as a manager that will fight their corner and support them as individuals. You do not need to be ‘one of them’ as, after all, you have to manage them, but you do need to build loyalty and shared expectations.

Sales team always have a lot of pressure to complete their targets, otherwise their jobs is in risk usually. So, sales meetings must be effective so that they can be motivated and perform better. Meeting must be finished in this way, that team will leave the meeting on a high and feeling positive about job and target.

  • Always try to show that you will support your team
  • Meeting end must be powerful it must be concluded with a positive message

Here are some Sales meeting ideas to encourage sales team as follows:

  1. Build trust with the people on your team: Always try to build your trust on employees so that they feel safe and feel free with you i.e. easily shares their ideas.
  2. Ask for direct reports how they like to be managed: Make environment so friendly so that you can them about reports directly.
  3. Understand direct personal and professional goals: Keep in mind that every individual have their own personal and professional goals do discuss them.
  4. Make sure they’re covering the basics: Anything can be discussed to motivate them but make sure basics must be cover.
  5. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals: It’s better to set goals time to time.
  6. Figure out where the issue lies: Ask them what kind of problem they are facing and discuss with all so that problem can be sorted easily.
  7. Let people pick their own rewards: Keep rewarding employees for their achievements but try to reward them according to their needs whatever they want provide them accordingly.
  8. Give appreciation: The person who taking imitative in meeting with interest appreciates them.
  9. Create a culture of recognition: Culture Recognition can be very helpful.
  10. Hold a team building day: Team building exercises build a culture of trust and support, which is essential for good productivity.
  11. Creative brainstorming sessions: Team must be moving with an innovative brainstorming session. These unusual meetings help to stimulate creativity while unifying your team.
  12. Offer agile working: It offers your staff a flexible schedule, or the chance to work remotely.
  13. Communicate effectively: Email is no longer the holy grail. There must be new ways of talking to your team which will increase productivity.
  14. Offer daily stand-ups: A 5-10 minute team chat in the mornings is a great chance to update each other, address any challenges and get the ball moving.
  15. Create awesome meeting agendas: When long meetings are necessary, stick to a clear and concise agenda. There are some brilliant online tools to help you host effective meetings.
  16. Discuss about those who gets Bonus usually: With incentives team can give better results.
  17. Delegate by interests: Try to assign tasks to team members based not only on their strengths, but also their passions.
  18. Have skill-sharing sessions: Monthly skill sharing sessions in a relaxed workshop format. Everyone learns from each other’s specialist knowledge and skills and better yet, it’s fun.
  19. Start a mentorship program: Have a signup form, so staff can express their interest in learning particular skills. Then arrange for them to buddy up with a work mentor. When team members up skill, your whole company benefits.
  20. Offer internal training: Your staff will be happier and more productive if they are constantly learning new abilities.
  21. Create the perfect workspace: Studies have shown that a well-designed office can increase productivity by up to 20%.
  22. Offer co-working memberships: If your team is small or you’d like to give them a more flexible lifestyle, try signing up for a co-working office membership.
  23. Encourage clean eating: A healthy team is a productive team. Sign up for a weekly fruit box, or supply a nutritious staff breakfast once a week. Some cafes also offer corporate membership deals – pick one with healthy, diverse food options.
  24. Build fun communal spaces: Stuffy, formal meeting rooms don’t do much to inspire productivity. Take a note from these workplaces create colourful break-out areas with bean bags, couches and interesting decor. This helps to motivate and inspire group work.
  25. Limit distractions: Open plan offices are great in some ways, but it can also be difficult to focus. Create a ‘quiet zone’ for anyone who needs privacy to work on a solo task.
  26. Eliminate excess tasks: Are your team bogged down with unnecessary meetings, small non-urgent tasks or office maintenance? Try to ‘trim the fat’, so your team can focus on big projects without distractions.
  27. Set a powerful example: A team is only as good as its leader. If that’s you, make sure your own personal productivity is at its peak. You can’t expect the team to move mountains if they don’t have a strong role model.
  28. Have an open door policy: Nothing hurts productivity more than confusion or a lack of direction. Everyone must be free to speak.
  29. Minimise chatter: Workplace friendships are beautiful, but they can be distracting for co-workers.
  30. Embrace the latest tools: Don’t be afraid of the learning curve, always to explore new tools, methods and technologies.
  31. Create an open ‘sales’ culture: “Encourage an open culture.
  32. Organize time to time sales meetings: Meetings must be time to time so that everyone is updated.
  33.  Team building games: Games is a way to reduce stress, live healthy and happy.
  34. Short Team outings: Discuss about previous outing and plan some new.
  35. Long Offsite: Multi-day team offsite are a powerful way to disconnect from the noise of the everyday work week and connect with individual salespeople on a deeper level.
  36. Share best practices: You can pound the table telling your salespeople they need to do more.
  37. Ask them to Celebrate the good times: Birthdays and festivals must be celebrated so that entertainment and excited remain there.
  38. Lead by example: Demonstrate how your sales team should treat their own managed client accounts; they should provide exceptional service and take a personal interest in each and every customer relationship.


  1. Develop a community: By building a sense of community your employees feel connected to each other and not just to the business. Online forums can be used, but you can’t replace old-fashioned in-person interaction. Encourage your team to eat lunch together etc.
  2. Ask them about to provide perks and privileges: If flexible schedules aren’t working for everyone, then give them a chance to earn work-from-home days.
  3. Demonstrate employees to learn desired skills: Demonstrate them through presentations increase their abilities that they can use to improve your business.
  4. Ask for Feedback: Feedback system is a very good approach.
  5. Gamification: Gamification in sales takes natural competitiveness and turns it into collaborative, constructive contests. If you’re adding gamification to your sales environment, start by picking one area and building a game around it. Your game will need clear rules, goals, a timeframe, and rewards.
  6. Recognition: Recognize the big and small wins your sales team earns. Share kudos from the executives, other departments, and happy customers. Provide opportunities at internal meetings or other company forums for reps to talk about their recent accomplishments or what they’re excited to be working on. A little encouragement doesn’t cost a thing.
  7. Transparency: If you take it upon yourself to know the going-ones of the team, your sales reps will feel more comfortable telling you about potential stumbling blocks they’re encountering. Otherwise, you’ll be unaware of an issue until it spirals out of control and blows up in your face.
  8. Be Patient: Try to be patient and must listen the sales team reviews.
  9. Always listen about the needs of the employee: This is a very important factor to make employees motivated.
  10. Review old good record before meeting:  By review the previous report of the salesman and then praise their good achievements and congratulate them.
  11. Motivate to bring your mission to life: Make progress concrete by documenting customer success stories internally. Write down what the customer achieved, how your company’s product or service made their lives easier, and whether they recognized your company for its contribution.
  12. Experiment: Allow your team to run small tests of new ideas that come up in your brainstorming sessions, from making a unique business recommendation to a customer or varying the way sales reps talk about key value propositions.


You need to make your professional aims clear. While you do not want to make ultimatums or get off on the wrong foot, you do need to come across as strong, fair and inspirational in order to get the best from your team.

  • Highlight your aims for the team
  • Make it clear that you are approachable and fair
  • Explain how you will get the best from your team
  • Build Loyalty and Shared Expectations

These are the few sales meeting ideas to encourage your sales team.


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