What is an email blacklist? Top 5 tools to check your email server blacklisted or not?

By September 20, 2018cold email strategy

In today’s world many blacklists exist, all with a common goal of keeping the spammy emails out of people in boxes. Firstly the question arises what is email blacklisting and what are its types? It’s a real-time database that determines if an IP address is sending an email that could be considered as spam or not. Smaller blacklists such as Lash back, Spam cannibal have less impact. Spamhaus are reputable and can be much impactful. It is mainly of three types:

   Enterprise spam firewalls:

Corporate IT departments usually maintain these types of emails.

   Private Email blacklist:

Major ISPs keep internal blacklist email.

   Public Email blacklist:

These can be checked as they are available publically.

Secondly, the question comes to one mind is how does blacklisting happen? If an old or third-party contact is being sent by a Hubspot, then it automatically becomes blacklisted. The blacklist serves merely as a tool to help ISPs make their own decisions. Some blacklists require payment for delisting IPs. One can several steps to prevent themselves from being blacklisted by checking whether their email is blacklisted or not with the help of several tools provided.

Top 5 tools to check your email is blacklisted or not?

  •    Checking Public Blacklists: If you know your server’s IP address, you can review the public blacklist by different sites.
  •    Dsnbl: It gives service free of cost and can monitor about 88 public blacklists. Using sites regularly makes you sure that you are blacklisted or not.
  •    MX Toolbox: Simple to use, enter the email server IP addresses and it will check about 46 blacklists and give you result.
  •    Multivalliu.org: This is one of the most favorite because it is comprehensive and check’s 120+ blacklists which are almost all.
  •    Dnsstuff: Checks up to 97 blacklists. You should know your IP address for testing the same site.


This can be used for checking incoming emails are spamming are not. It provides a list of different Sites. ABUSE-spam and abuse site, MW- malware site, CR- cracked sites, etc.… It was created in 2004 for SpamAssassin to use. It later on changed to URI DNSBL. SURBL is a first significant list of URI and DNSBL type. Many of the spam filters in the world use this site. Small sites can also use this with the help of DNS queries.


Spamhaus Project

It was founded by Steve Linford in 1998 to track the spammers of email and activity related to spam. The name is a pseudo-German expression which means internet service provider. In 2006 the Spamhaus services protected over 650 million users of email which include Microsoft, U.S. army, the European parliament, and the white house. The lists by Spamhaus is offered as free public service to low volume operators of the mail/server on the internet.

There are different types of list that Spamhaus provide are SBL(Spamhaus Blacklist), XBL(Exploits blacklist), Botnet controller list(BCL) it was released in June 2012, Spamhaus whitelist (SWL) which had released on October 2010. Spamhaus received many awards for its excellent performance in providing free service roe people to check their email is blacklisted or not. It also secured many or the people emails from getting blacklisted.


It is a compilation of malicious or compromised domain names and

IP addresses of three anti-spam lists. These are accessed from the Direct DNS Queries or RSYNC; this can be easily integrated to any spam filters. However, most of the ivmURI listed by it are handled by spammers. It consists of a list of only those IP addresses which either send just spam or those who have a very high percentage of spam data. It solely focuses on that IPs which are overlooked by Spamhaus or not listed by Spamhaus. Invaluement monitors web hosts to get complaint information instead using spam traps.

Listing occurs at the IP address and domain level, depending on different lists. It is a private/paid RBL, and it cannot be shown publically. By this, it is quite different from Spamhaus. If your emails come under ivmSIP 24, it means your email has come under spam sending emails. Subnet based blacklists are used to reject email from an entire range of IP address. ivmSIP 24 is the first anti-spam list to primarily get snowshoe spammers even before Spamhaus could do this. Later on, it was created to provide a greater emphasis on listing this particular type of spam. It also gives a free trial to users for 7 days approximately.


Glock Apps

It is an interesting tool that might look simple to any person but is essential for the online marketers. Emails are also important to marketers as they help to build up the audience for the increment of sale and their profit.

The problem occurs for them as many of their emails go to spam and rest not. It easily differentiates between inbox and spam folders and gives accurate and comprehensive information around inbox placement. It verifies the sender’s authentication and checks your sender IP address against many blacklists. It provides real-time results and tells that which of your email are going to the inbox, spam or are not going to deliver.

Before sending an email, it checks out the content against several blacklists emails and tells you what to change for successfully transmitting the email without being blacklisted. This software does not provide the suggestion for you to change the text. It is ideal for who sends time-sensitive offers. If your email is already blacklisted, then this rechecks your email and tells whether it is blacklisted or not. It is free and useful software to online marketers. Setting up of the software takes a little bit of time. One of the most feature-rich programs


The above-provided information is beneficial for one to check their emails are blacklisted or not. This information gives the idea of how to use sites, software given in the above information. This would not create an issue for a person regarding these sites.

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