How to write a follow up email to clients after meeting or networking events with 5 templates

Successfully done with your meeting with clients or completing a networking event? And now, you’re thinking to sit back and relax, right?

No, you’re wrong.

Because it’s time to start writing follow-up emails because after two to three days, if no reply comes from their part, then you need to start following up.

And it’s obvious that each and every client with whom you’ve done a successful meeting won’t reply you back.

It might be due to their busy schedule that they have simply forgotten or they might want to test your enthusiasm for the particular project.

That means following up with clients after meeting or any networking event is very important.

If you’re running a B2B business, then it’s obvious that you will be dependent upon daily meetings with clients.

The meetings might be via face-to-face or phone calls but the common part is that you’ve created a connection.

In most of the cases, merely a normal meeting isn’t enough. And it’s important to follow-up with them to ensure to close that deal.

Thus, you can also show your zeal towards that project and your client will also remember you as a serious professional.

The best way to start following-up is by writing a follow-up thank-you email just following the meeting.

Just like invitations for meetings or cancellation emails, you have to also master the strategies of writing follow-up emails.

Moreover, it’s important for your future business communication but unfortunately, not every professional is familiar with the importance of follow-up emails or everyone is also not good at writing such emails.

A Follow-Up Thank-You Email

You need to realize that a follow-up thank-you email following a meeting is an integral part of your networking creation strategy.

Such kind of email adds a nice touch towards the building as well as maintaining a powerful business relationship.

But, don’t forget to personalize your thank-you email because not every client is of the same nature. And thus you can build a strong business relationship with your clients.

Benefits of a Thank-You Message Following a Meeting:

A thank-you email will remind your client about the recent meeting or conversation with you. It also helps to set up your communication tone with your client for the future purpose.

A thank-you email will help to make sure that you and your client mutually agree to all terms and conditions.

Thus, you can also send a preview of the planned activities to your client. It accelerates the process by which you can bring life to the mutually-agreed plans.

Send a Meeting Follow-Up Email ASAP:

The main key to follow-up emails is that you have to send them as soon as possible. The earlier you send, the more fruitful it will be.

It’s better to send on the same day because your client’s memory would be fresh and his/her mind is not likely to be changed.

On the other hand, failing to following-up within the first 24 hours following the meeting might lower the chance of closing the project.

That means it’s extremely important to send a follow-up email quickly because your competitors might also be doing the same.

Choose an appropriate Subject Line of your follow-up email following the meeting:

Have you made up your mind for following-up quickly after the meeting? Great! But, the first challenge will start after this decision.

And it is the subject line of your thank-you email following the meeting. A proper email subject will let your prospects know that what your email is about.

Don’t include generic subject lines, such as “Thank you” or “A follow up” and try to customize it and make it more specific towards your subject. For what you’re thankful to that person or for what reason you’re following up etc.

You can use the subject line as “A quick follow-up/recap/overview on today’s discussion.” It would be also a great idea if you include the name of the respective email recipients after the meeting. And thus your message would be more efficient.

For example:

It was my pleasure to meet you today, {Name}

An incredible meeting you today, {Name}

And in case you want to talk straight about the business, your follow-up email after the meeting needs to be about the meeting conversations and mutually-agreed decisions.

In this case, your email will be more professional and don’t worry, many clients prefer this approach.

The following subject lines will work great:

Today’s meeting discussions

Our last day’s meeting follow up

What should be the structure of Your Follow-Up Email following a Business Meeting?

After preparing the follow-up email subject line, it’s time to construct your email body. It should start with a small greeting and then insert a thank you.

You can mention the discussed topic throughout the meeting and the key points along with the mutually-agreed decisions.

It is also good to suggest the future steps or plans to provide a clear idea about your strategy and the call to action.

Don’t forget to mention a closure and your customized business email signature before concluding the email.

A follow-up email structure after a successful meeting will consist a greeting, a thank you, a brief overview of the already discussed topic(s), key takeaways, next processes, a call to action, closure, and your business email signature.

Many professionals don’t realize the importance of email closure. But, it matters a lot. It shows the consistency of your seriousness.

Since it is a business email follow-up, don’t include casual or informal closing like “Take Care” or “Catch you later.”

Stick to the classic format of “Best regards” and then mention your business email signature.

Don’t write thousands of lines. Just stick to the key points. No one has time to go through a wall full of words. So, your email should be precise, straightforward, and to-the-point.

Don’t forget to check grammar before clicking the “send” button. Spelling mistakes show unprofessionalism and casual behavior.

And thus your client might think that you’re not very much serious about this project. Don’t rely merely on auto-correction and use proper grammar correction tools.

Follow-up Email Templates

Five follow-up email templates (from HubSpot) after a successful meeting or networking are specified below. Don’t forget to customize these templates before sending to your customers.


Hi First Name,

Glad we got to meet at an event. I checked out your website afterward and loved your take on creating high-performance teams. Have you tried using recommendation? I use that framework with my team and it has been incredibly successful.

Happy to chat more about it or send over some templates and examples if you’re interested.
Again, it was great meeting you at Name of Networking Event, and I hope to see you again soon.


Hi First Name,

It was a great meeting at the name of the event. I remember you mentioning that you’re trying to revamp project next quarter, and I thought I would share a book that I used to exceed my own target goals by [result].

It’s called Name of Book, and I just sent you the Kindle version of it. Hope you like it!

Happy to discuss the book or my own approach if you’d like.

Just let me know!



Hey First Name,

I’m going to be embarrassingly honest: I’ve really enjoyed learning more about what you do and would love the opportunity to connect over coffee to learn more about your experience with industry or specialty. I’m currently doing role or project at Company Name, and am very interested in learning more about how you use A/B testing to enhance detail mentioned in the last conversation.

I know you must be very busy but thought I’d try my luck. Would you be able to grab a coffee for 20 minutes this Wednesday or Thursday at a time? Just let me know!




Hi First Name,

I’m here in City Name this week, trying to make good on meetings I’ve missed being out in City or State Name.

I know you must be busy, but I’ve always admired your work in [Describe role] and appreciated all you had to say when mention last time you spoke. Since then, I’ve made some developments of my own in this arena.

If you’re around, I’m flexible to whenever worked in your schedule.



Hey First Name,

Just want to follow up in case this email got buried.


I hope the entire post was helpful for you. Apply the above steps and hope for the best.

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