10 Drip email sequence templates for sales people

What is a Drip email campaign

A drip email campaign is a set of automated, pre-composed emails that are sent to individuals over a brief period of time at specific intervals. The general objective of these campaigns is to get somebody to know and grow the trust enough to do business with the company. Drip campaigns are also known as newsletters. Drip campaigns are known by many names such as drip marketing, automated e-mail campaign, auto-responders, lifecycle e-mails. Drip campaigns are not just applied to e-mails. They can also be direct mail and phone-based marketing.

Why should one use a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns can be used for a wide variety of reasons which are listed below:

Long term sales: By sending continuous emails informing all kinds of offers, the company can stay in touch with the customer for a really long time. The customer can come back if the offers are interesting enough for him/her.

Save time: By generating automated e-mails, it’s easier to follow-up with the customer and finds out his/her interests by conducting small surveys via e-mails.

Build trust: When people keep getting mails over and over, they turn out to be increasingly well-known. When the customer wants to buy a similar product, his/her sub-conscious mind directs to the store directly.

Increase sales: More e-mails create more offers to get into contact with more interested buyers which will deal in more sales.

Drip Email Sequences Templates for Sales People

It’s a very important thing to set the mails up in the right sequence for maximum interaction with the customer. Here are a few email templates for salespeople:

  • A Warm HELLO

Showing off one’s personality would be the most important thing to express in a welcome e-mail. It’s important to start out friendly and maintain the same rapport between the customer and the company. It’s important to show the customer that it’s not a robot which is generating the mails. Keep the welcome mail as friendly as possible. Thank the customer for subscribing to the newsletter and make sure to give them a way to contact the company for any kind of queries.

Drip Email Template:

Hi there,

Thanks for subscribing to ______. We really appreciate that you would like to keep in touch with us at (Name of the business). Over the next few weeks, We’ll be sharing a group of mails with you focussing on our best content. This will definitely help you in getting started. We’ll make sure that we pick out the best of our content to send to you. If you ever want to reach out to us, feel free to contact us at ________(contact details).

Thanks for signing up



Straightforwardness “We’ve done some research and we need to share what we’ve realized”

In this email you will share what it is that makes your business magnificent (or things that you’ve done that are not all that amazing). This is intended to be as useful as could be expected under the circumstances and furthermore to make trust between your supporter and your business. It’s fundamental that this second email furnishes them with assets that they can use to be effective with or without you.

Drip Email  Template:

Hello [ first name]

We established our business back in [date of founding] which implies that we’ve had a great deal time to gain proficiency with the ins and out of [type of business you’re in].

I needed to utilize this as an opportunity to shoot you a few thoughts that you could actualize in your business. I’ve incorporated a record of assets including tests that we’ve kept running on our site and blog entries containing data about our business that will ideally give you the motivation you have to begin on the correct foot.

Check our resources on the following link:[ link to resource]


[your name]

Send them an individual article that demonstrates your vulnerabilities

If we see the previous two articles they include educational information. But in this section, there are some personal contents, like how the business has been transformed or things which we learned being an entrepreneur. This helps people to know more about yourself. And if they know more about you then they will trust you more.

Drip Email Template:


This message is about our latest post [subject of the post. With this message I am sharing [what it's about]. This made me learn [what you learned]. I want to share my experience.

Here's a link to our latest post: [post link]

Watch and let us know your feedback on our latest post.

All the best,

[your name]
  • Case Studies:

Once you have established the trust send them some case studies which you have worked in the past. This will create their own assumptions and draw their attention toward your business.

Drip Email Template:


We’ve worked some truly stunning individuals throughout the years, from new companies to fortune 500 organizations. We got the same amount of remuneration out of helping the homemaker as we did the organization who thought they knew everything.

Today I needed to share a portion of the examples of overcoming adversity our clients have had working with us since the very beginning. Somebody disclosing to you something works is a certain something, yet observing the outcomes is an entire diverse issue. Look at it here: [ link]:)


[your name]

  • Free preliminary offer/delicate move

This is the thing that the majority of alternate messages were paving the way to the offer. On the off chance that you don’t have a free preliminary to offer them you could supplant it with a one-on-one demo, a discussion, or a business call.

Being pushy in your move (even after the fundamental, trust messages) won’t prompt as great of an outcome as being calm about it. Keep in mind, make them feel welcome and continue setting up trust.

Drip Email Template:


Over the recent weeks, I’ve sent you a progression of messages that I trust have been significant to you. This is the last email you’ll be accepting as a part of the arrangement.

On the off chance that you’ve been getting a charge out of the messages I’ve been sending, at that point I have one all the more thing I’d like to share that I think you’ll discover valuable:

Our [product], which we worked to help [your target audiences] convey [the thing that you sell].

In case you’re attempting to [first thing your item will fix], or feel overpowered by [second issue your item will fix], I urge you out us an attempt.

[This is the place you will say the length of your free-preliminary and what is required to sign up] You can attempt it free here: [link to your free trial]

Appreciate, and welcome to the [Your company] network 🙂

  • Coupon Code Template

Coupon codes are a must to keep the business running and to keep the customers interested in the products.

Drip Email Template:

Hey there,

Thank you for being our customer. GET 20% off on your next purchase by using the following code.

Here’s the coupon code- ______

Please redeem this code by the end of this month.

Remind Emails

It’s important to keep the customers noted of the price variations in the product they wish to have. The customers might be interested if they feel the product is at a reasonable price.

Drip Email Template:

Hey there,

The wait is finally over. There has been a price change in the item in your wish list. You might want to check it out!

(Attachment of the product with the price slash)


_______(Company name)

App download template

It would be helpful for the customer if the products are at arm’s reach. What more is easier to use than an application for the company alone? The customer can be notified of the new application; it would be his will if he wants to download it or not.

Drip Email Template:

Hello ____,

We’re happy to share with you that ____(Company’s name) has launched an application for providing better comfort to the customers.

This app lets you:

  • Share the product with your loved ones.
  • Compare prices with other shopping sites
  • Be notified of the products which might interest you.

Interested in our app?

You can always download it at ___________

Free trials

The company can provide trials of the products to consistent buyers and ask them to review the products. By doing this, there will be a better chance for honest reviews and more traffic to the website as well as the company as a whole.

Drip Email Template:

Hey _____,

Hope you have found our mails helpful and useful. This is the final mail of the series. We have something new in store for you. We are launching a new product (Feature name) for all the users and we would like you to test the product and become a beta tester for this product. We would also like you to know that once the product is launched, all the beta testers can avail an extra 20% off.

You can unsubscribe from the email newsletters anytime you want.


(Company Name)

Bill drop-off campaign

This short arrangement of messages is sent when your imminent clients leave from your billing page without purchasing.

Drip Email Template:

Hey there,

Forgot something? Was there an error while billing?

You haven’t purchased the product from the last order. You might want to grab the offer before the stocks last.


(Company Name)


Email trickle crusades can do thinks about for your organization whether you keep in touch with them and send them right. I trust this has given you some motivation for running your very own trickle battle.

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