What is cold email Drip Campaign? DRIP Email Templates & Software to send Drip Email

Cold email Drip Campaign

Cold emailing is a procedure which is utilized by the B2B business to fabricate a working association with the potential clients. The emails are termed as cold because you don’t have a clue about the sender before sending your email. In the same manner, the drip campaign is also known as the drip marketing, automated marketing emails and many more.

Drip campaigns are made out of numerous emails conveyed at particular occasions and dates. To get drip emails, your prospective clients need to buy into your opt-in frame first.

After signing in, they will receive the messages in a convenient, timely manner until the point when the campaign closes. Drip campaigns are executed utilizing marketing automation so you can set up the business emails and timetable when each will be sent to the site subscribers.

A cold emails drip campaign is an arrangement of promoting emails that will be conveyed automatically on a set or scheduled time.

Maybe one email will go out when somebody signs up. Another will go out three days after the fact, with one all the more going out the following end of the week. Hence some time the same is also called as the social emails or behavioral emails also.

Well, these drip campaigns can be called as a blessing for the SaaS businesses or can also be taken as a curse for them. As it all depends upon the circumstances on which it arises.

If the particular campaign has done well, then they can enable you to construct trust with potential customers over a period of time, laying the basis to convert them into the successful customers inevitably.

And in the case it doesn’t do well then the drip emails will look more like the same emails. And it results that for every tremendous cold email sent to the prospective clients, it just takes one generic or inadequately planned follow-up email to lose a prospect which may also harm the online business reputation forever.

Cold Email DRIP Campaign Templates

Here we are going to discuss or talk about the top 10 easy to follow or use the cold email drip campaign templates such as:

–    A Warm welcome email

Keep in mind, regardless of what organization is sending this email. It’s originating from you as a person. You need to demonstrate the individual accepting your email that you’re not a robot.

Hi there [Prospect],

Much appreciated such a significant amount for buying into our blog. I truly value that you need to stay in touch with us here at [name of business].

Throughout the following couple of weeks, I’ll be sending you a progression of messages concentrated on our best substance. This will enable you to begin [what you’re pushing them to do]. I know, you’re super occupied, and you’re most likely as of now getting vast amounts of different emails however I guarantee that I’ve handpicked just the best messages to send to you. Everyone will contain essential encounters and learnings that will help [achieve their goal].

In the case that you ever need to connect, then I am easily accessible 24 by seven at [youremail@email.com]. Or you can also get in touch with me at my Twitter account at [@username].

Thanks a ton for signing up with us, and in the event if you ever have anything to inquire or even to provide your valuable feedback which helps us to improve more than, merely send me an email, and I’ll get back to you with your query asap.

Good wishes,

[Your name/position]

–    Send a personal article that helps in demonstrating about your vulnerabilities

It will enable them to take in somewhat more about you. When they find out about you, they’ll have the capacity to confide in you more.


I’m simply writing to tell you that our most recent post, about [what your blog entry is about]. In it, I share [what it’s about]. I found out such an enormous amount about a {the thing you learned} and figured it would be amazing for you to gain from my own particular experience (so you don’t need to!).

Here’s a connection to the most recent post: [Post link]

I hope you appreciate it and I’d love to hear your contemplations on it. Either remark on the article itself or send me an email. Additionally, it would be ideal if you share it with your groups of friends or any other person you think may think that it’s valuable.

All the best,

[Your name]

–    Case Studies

This will give them a chance to draw their own particular presumptions about your business. It will likewise give them approved evidence that your organization can follow through on its offering focuses.


We’ve worked some extremely astounding individuals throughout the years, from new companies to fortune 200 organizations. We got the same amount of reward out of helping the homemaker as we did the organization who thought they knew everything.

Today I needed to share a portion of the success stories of our clients, who have had to work with us from the very first moment. Somebody revealing to you something works is a certain something, yet observing the outcomes is an entire distinctive issue. Look at it here: [link] 🙂

Good health,

[Your name]

–    Free preliminary offer/delicate offer

Remember that you would prefer not to break trust now. Being pushy in your offering won’t prompt as great of a result. Keep in mind, influence them to feel welcome and continue setting up trust.


Over the recent weeks, I’ve sent you a progression of messages that I hope have been profitable to you. This is the last email you’ll be getting as a piece of the arrangement.

In the case that you’ve liked the emails I’ve been sending, then I have one more thing, as I would like to share that I think you’ll discover valuable:

Our [product], which we built to help [your target audiences] convey [the thing that you sell].

In case you’re attempting to [first thing your item will fix], or feel overpowered by [second issue your item will fix], I urge you to try us out.

[This is the place you will state the length of your free-preliminary and what is required to sign up] You can attempt it free here: [link to your free trial]

Enjoy and once again a ton of thanks for providing your valuable time.

[Your company]

– Let the prospects know about your business

Hello there [Prospect],

My name is [name], and I’m the originator at (name of the Company). We work with associations like (other names of the businesses).

We track every one of your (nature of works or business services) for your sake. You just pay when bundle following is credited to your record.

What might be an ideal approach to get 15 minutes on your logbook to investigate if this would be profitable to [company]?


[Your name]

– Introducing your business

Hello there [Prospect],

My organization, (name of the Company), gives you continuous deceivability into your (nature of works or business services) for your sake.

You pay for execution, so on the off chance that we don’t spare you cash, we don’t get paid. Who might be the best individual to talk to at [company]?


[Your name]

– A warm follow up email

Greetings [Prospect],

I needed to ensure you saw my earlier message. I’d like to find out about the agonies of bundle following at [company].

If you are the suitable individual to talk with, what does your schedule look like right on time one week from now? If not, who do you prescribe I converse with?

 [Your name]

-Talk about an issue and provide a reliable answer

Educate leads about an issue they didn’t understand they had, at that point propose an answer for that issue—the arrangement being the sort of item you offer, however not naming yours particularly.

Hi [Prospect],

As we have come to know about (describe the issue) which has been troubling most of the subscribers.

Hence if you are also facing the (problem). Then I would like to tell you that kindly follow the step stop (provide a reliable solution).

In the case, if your problem persists then do write me at (email address).

 [Your name]

– Generate enthusiasm for the apparent advantages of your brand image

Here you need to arouse leads’ advantage somewhat more, to the point that they need to investigate advance without anyone else. A decent strategy is to display how your brand image can take care of that issue frame email one without particularly specifying the primary email.

Why iColdEMail is the Best Cold Email Drip campaign Software?

Icoldemail is an extraordinary cold email campaign apparatus for the starters and experienced alike. With its unimaginable highlights, easy-to-work UI, and a reasonable value structure are appropriate to each client. Along these lines, here, we can wind up by reasoning that Icoldemail is the best cold email campaign apparatus accessible in the market.

The Drip email features are as follows:

  • It can track email opens and furthermore interface clicks, answer rates, introduction online visits, and connection opens.
  • These are on the whole profitable snippets of data, supportive in distinguishing the perfect conceivable message for every last advance of the specific sales process.
  • It can likewise record each downloaded connection, scheduled gathering, etc. progressively.
  • It can set up email drip campaigns to keep up the association of prospects and never miss any development of follow up.
  • It can redo outbound campaigns at scale for getting more gatherings and also conveying a better affair than its clients’ prospects. It works as a human and not like a robot.
  • It can dissect the adequacy of every one of the business sales activities in the advancement of the customers.

Thus, it is detailed guide to be used as a reference for known about the concept of Cold email Drip Campaign which helps in converting the business prospects into the successful business customers.


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