How to write a follow-up email for product sales | 10 Follow up an email template

Talking about email templates; they play vital role in communication. Direct connection between buyer and entrepreneur is not possible through telephonic discussion. No doubt it is a source through which an entrepreneur can easily contact with its customer.

Writing Follow-up emails by a company is the ultimate way of communicating instead of showing any betrayal. An email template is considered as a best way of starting communication it shows the sophisticated behavior.

Follow up emails can increase the product sales and is also considered a way of inspecting. Talking about product sales follow-up emails; they are simply known as email messaging. This process is quite effective for engaging a lead at different levels of a sales process.

The main motive of the follow-up email is to build trust and reminding different prospects of the company or your business. This is also considered as the simplest way of starting an effective conversation. Email templates used for professional writing can help a salesperson to follow-up in a logical way so that can close the deal.

The Process of writing follow up emails:

There are some phrases which you can use in email templates such as:

  • Just following up on our conversation
  • I just wanted to check in

Follow-up Email Templates which can be used for product sales:

  • Cold Call Sales Follow-up Email:

This type of email message is used within 24 hours after an initial informative phone call. It is considered as a modern prospect to generate the newest leads in the product sales pipeline. Usually, the follow-up message is at risk it can be either discarded, marked SPAM or ignored. Thus, for this reason, a personal appeal takes place by asking their number so that can leave a voice mail to follow up again.

Cold Call Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject line:

Next Steps to Help You with [X]

  • External Event Sales Follow-up Email:

An external event email is activated for a noteworthy regulation such as major industry developments, changing of staff or any new launch of a product. This follow-up is specially designed to take action or handle every situation.

External Event Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject line:

Congrats on [noteworthy event], [reason its noteworthy].

  • Lead Magnet Sales Follow-up Email:

In simple words, we can say that this follow up is used to generate leads. An email is sent after downloading of an attachment which contains marketing email, clicking on a white paper link, or signing in for a newsletter. A special message is sent for thanking the customers for their interest and encourages them further by continuing the conversation.

Lead Magnet Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject line:

You’ve taken the first step

  • Web Inquiry Sales Follow-up Email:

As the name indicates, a web inquiry follow-up email is to contact a person who recently signed in to know more about a product. These emails are specially generated to know more about qualified leads by implementing some research work. Specific language is used for mentioning the capabilities and benefits of a product if interested.

Web Inquiry Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject line:

Your interest in [keyword related to contact form]

  • Inbound Call Sales Follow-up Email:

This type of email message is for those customers who want to get detail information about the product. An inbound call or follow-up email is used to take action such as a thankful text. One tries to show the gratitude to their customers for taking time to call at the office for specific inquiry. Through this, you can explain your loyalty by actively listening to them.

Inbound Call Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject line: Our next steps for [reason they called]

  • Networking or Public Event Follow-up Email:

This follow-up email is directly sent to qualified leads for following the events. For product sales, the company launches the event parties or trade shows which are hosted in the form of a webinar or online training. The main motive of this kind of message is to start a conversation and reminding about the unique sales position of company or product.

Networking or Public Event Sales Follow-up Email Template:

Subject Line:

Hi Fellow [Unusual word or phrase tied to meeting topic]

  • Face-to-Face Meeting Follow-up Email:

These types of email are used for discussing the conclusions after every meeting. In this one has to take care of ample of actions which are the main points of concerns. After maintaining a record of the previous meeting, you can easily discuss the next stage of your sale process. A follow-up schedule is maintained either for a follow-up call as well as the follow-up meeting.

Face-to-Face Meeting Follow-up Email Template

Subject line:

Thanks for your time!

  • New Proposal or Quotation Follow-up Email:

It can be defined as a cover letter which includes a formal quotation or informal quote for new proposals. It can take place either face-to-face or through telephonic discussion within the last 24 hours. This email can be regarding price, services, or product description.

New Proposal or Quotation Sales Follow-up Email Template

Subject line:

Our proposed solution for [pain point]

  • Proposal or Quotation Second Follow-up Email:

This type is usually written when a quotation is issued and waiting for an order. After waiting for one to two weeks message is sent to ensure that enough time an order is not received. It is used to verify the client’s receipt, reiterating the offers, and clarifying the issues regarding next steps.

Proposal or Quotation Second Follow-up Email Template

Subject line:

Our solution for [customer name]

  1. Double Tap Follow-up Email:

This follows up email for product sale takes place when there is no response of previous phone call, or the email is also unanswered. Through this email, you have to commit the solution that fits for customer satisfaction.

Double Tap Follow-up Sales Email Template

Subject line:

Our next steps for [prospect’s pain point]

Above type of emails or templates are used for increasing product sales or customer satisfaction. This is an appropriate way to communicate instead of ignoring emails.

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