What is Sales automation | How sales automation tools are changing the way you sell to your customers

Sales automation is the technique of using software or tools to automate all sales activities to make sales processes more effective and efficient.

Sales activities such as customer management, order processing, information sharing, order tracking, inventory monitoring and control, sales analysis, and so on are all automated using a software.

Sales automation saves time by eliminating manual labor and it enhances more productivity in sales processes. It increases the rate of sales and revenue.

Sales automation makes sales processes more orderly and it eliminates irregularities. Using sales automation, sales representatives will not face situations whereby they forget to process orders or any other sales activities.

With sales automation, repetitive activities such as updating customers, follow-ups, tracking updates, and so on are carried out by software. This eliminates more hours spent on all these sales activities and increases productivity.

Sales and business processes are streamlined using sales automation software.

How sales automation tools are changing the way you sell to your customers

Sales automation tools are helping businesses to automate and streamline their business activities. Business processes from lead generation, to customer relationship management up to product sales are all automated.

There are different ways in which sales automation tools can help you excel and be at the top of your competitors.

We are going to look at the benefits of sales automation tools and how they improve your business and customer relationships.

Help to Identify Potential Customers

Sales automation tools help to identify potential customers through lead generation processes. With the help of Filters, sales automation tools can identify potential customers. It can also do this by analyzing prospects behaviors and conversions.

Increasing your customer base is not necessarily about the number of leads, it is about the quality of leads.

You may have 200 leads and at the end, only 20 of them are converted to customers. On the other hand, you may have 40 quality leads and at the end succeed in converting all 40 to customers.

These tools can help you identify quality leads that are converted to customers. They help make successful conversions by chasing quality and relevant leads.

Customer Information and Relationships

Sales automation tools generate more information about customers and enhance customer relationship managementWith the help of these tools, salespersons are able to get more information about individual customers. This information generated about customers helps to better understand each individual customer and what they need.

Sales automation tools manages the relationship between salesperson and customers even when the salesperson is not on seat. The tool works on behalf of the salesperson and follow-up on customers

Follow-up on Customers

These tools eliminate the time salespersons responds and replies to emails. It follow-ups on customers automatically. All sales processes from the first contact with a customer through payment can be automated. This reduces workload for salespersons and enhances productivity. Growing and big businesses with hundreds and thousands of customers can’t follow-up on all their customers manually. This is where sales automation tools come into play. 

They use these tools to keep track and follow-up on all their customers so they don’t lose any business or sales opportunities. With the help of these tools, customers are always updated about any necessary and important information they want to know.

Sales Quotation and Proposal

Sales automation tools help to create sales quotations and proposals for customers. Sales teams do not need to take up the task of writing out sales quotation to different customers.

This can be time-consuming and very stressful for sales teams. Sales quotations are generated and sent to different customers automatically.

Writing a professional and excellent proposal could take a lot of effort. A lot of time is spent when sales teams need to manually write a proposal. With the help of these tools, writing and building sophisticated proposals are made easy. Sales teams can send out more proposals to more customers with the help of sales automation tools. Most of these tools have beautiful and excellent proposal templates which will definitely impress your customers.

Order Tracking

Without sales automation tools, businesses cannot track orders made. From the process of carting, to order and payment are all tracked with automation tools. This allows sales teams to have updates on all the buying processes of customers.

Customers can also track the status of their purchased goods with the help of automation tools. This creates better customer satisfaction.

Analysis, Forecast. and Reporting

Small and big companies use sales automation tools to analyze, forecast and report all sales immediate and future projections. Analysis such as lead analysis, sales analysis, future projections is done by automation tools.

Sales teams have adequate information and reports on the sales made in a day or within a period of time. Sales projections are forecasted after making a different analysis.

These tools can as well report all this analysis to the different heads of departments. For example, it can automatically report to the head of the sales department, report to managers of different departments.

This streamlines all reporting processes, eliminate irregularities and reduces the time used for reporting activities.

Appointment Scheduling

Sales automation tools are also used to schedule appointments. They also act as reminders. Managers and heads of departments are always busy and could forget their appointments. These tools make sure that situations like this do not happen.


Human brains cannot remember everything, most especially prices of different products. Sales automation tools are used for price quotations and delivery. 

Prices for different products are centralized in such a way that sales teams can issue quotations and prices to customers automatically.

Most companies have a large range of products at different prices and this makes it difficult for sales teams to remember the prices for each product. Without these tools, there will be mistakes here and there about the prices of different products.

With the use of sales automation tools, correct prices of each product are quoted to customers automatically.


Without sales automation tools, it is impossible for growing and big companies to run their business effectively and efficiently. These tools save time, improves productivity and increases revenue.




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