How to start Cold Emails to HR, Client, Influencers | Funny & Professional ways

Cold emailing has become an increasingly productive strategy for acquiring new clients. Cold emails are used for various types of campaigns. Let’s discuss how to get clients using cold emails.

Business owners and marketers use cold emails to reach out to prospects and convert them to customers. Job seekers use cold emails to reach out to HRs and hiring managers for jobs

HRs and hiring managers also use cold emails to reach out to job seekers for available jobs. To get the best out of your cold email campaign, you need to start your cold email in a way that will get the attention of your recipient.

You need to start your cold email in a unique way. Most cold emails are ignored because the starting lines are not encouraging. They are not impressive enough for a recipient to want to read any further.

There are different ways you can start cold emails to get the attention of your recipients and make them respond. We will be showing you different unique ways on how to start a cold email.

Funny ways to start Cold Emails

Being funny and adding a bit of humor can increase your open and reply rates. It is understandable that most office workers are always busy and stressed out.

They might also be in a bad mood and a little humor might be what they need to make them feel better.

When you add humor to your cold email, you reduce tension and create a better atmosphere. Adding humor to your cold email also make it unique.

A lot of people sending cold emails do not add humor to their emails, hence you have a chance to distinguish yourself and make your cold emails unique.

Lets’ take a look at some fun ways you can start a cold email:

Add relevant cartoons and animated images

According to research made by Yes! businesspeople who sent funny and inoffensive cartoons to their negotiation partners before negotiating generated a higher level of trust as compared to those that didn’t send any cartoon.

They also made 15% more profits. This is to show that cartoons and animated pictures have a way of increasing the level of trust in people.

Be witty in your writing

Be witty, say things that are opposite of what you actually mean in a funny way.

Make them smile as they read your emails.

For example:

I hate to send you this email but I don’t have a choice…LOL.

“I forgot to add something you will really like, I will tell you when we meet..”

“Will you like to play a game of Chess?”

“This offer is made in heaven!”

“Slow and steady wins the race”

“Have a taste of our special services, I assure you that you will come back for more!”

“Just take a tiny little bite”

“Let’s have a cup of coffee, I will pay!”

Professional ways to start cold emails

Writing cold emails require professionalism. You need to be very professional, especially at the start of your email.

The first few sentences in your cold email will determine if a recipient will read further.

If your recipient is not impressed with the starting line or subject line in your cold email, he/she will most likely not continue reading.

An email that is not well-written will not yield any good results.

You need to be at your best and produce professionally written starting lines. When starting a cold email, the first thing you should write is the greetings.

Below are some professional ways to greet:

  • Dear [recipient’s name]
  • Hi [recipient’s name]
  • Hello [recipient’s name]
  • Hi there (This is used when you do not know the name of your recipient)
  • Hey [recipient’s name]

After the greetings, make sure you add a comma before moving down two lines to start writing your email.

The opening line is part of your starting line. Your opening line should point to the purpose of your email.

You can as well reference a common connection, share warm feelings or relate a common shared interest.

Below are some examples of how you can start an email professionally:

Starting an email by referencing a shared interest

Dear John,

I read your blog post on [subject], it was really great. Thanks for sharing.

In regards to what you talked about, I wanted to let you know that…

Starting an email by referencing a mutual connection

Hi John,

I was directed to get in touch with you by a mutual friend. He told me you will be interested in our sales automation tool.

I am the marketing director of…

Starting an email to send to someone you have met before

Hello John,

It was a pleasure to meet you last Wednesday at the IT workshop. We had a brief discussion concerning [topic].

I am glad to inform you that…

Starting an email to send to someone you don’t know his or her name

Hi there,

My name is [insert your name], I am the [insert role] of [insert company].

I am aware that you are a start-up company that specializes in…

How to start an email to send to recruiters

Sending cold emails to recruiters is quite different from sending cold emails to prospects. As a job seeker, you need to make extensive research before writing cold emails to recruiters.

This will enable you to come up with the right things that you should write, especially in your first sentences.

The starting of an email includes the greeting, subject line and the first line in the body of your email.

Write an informative subject line

The subject line is the first thing you should write.

The subject line should include your name and the position you are applying for. The recruiter should know that it is a job application right from your subject line.

Make sure your subject line is very informative and understandable.

If the job you are applying for has a reference number or code, it should be included in the subject line.

Examples: John Anderson – Application for Sales Director (Ref. 1142)

Use Only a Formal Greeting

When you are writing an email for a job application, it should be very professional.

A job application is a serious business; you need to be very formal. You should not write in a casual manner because it will come across to the recruiter as an unserious and disrespectful.

You need to use the appropriate formal greetings to convey a high sense of professionalism and respect. Never start an email to send to recruiters with “Hello”, “Hey”, or “Hi”.

Starting your email with any of these greetings shows that you lack respect and you are an unserious person. You don’t know the HR or the person you are sending the email personally, which is why you need to be formal and show a level of seriousness.

Also, never address recruiters with their first name. It must be by their last name. The perfect way to address a recruiter is “Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname”. Addressing a recruiter like this shows a high level of professionalism and respect.

Clearly state your intentions in your first sentence

The first sentence in your email should clearly state your intentions and reason for your email.

You can briefly introduce yourself and your qualifications if you are not including your C.V in the email.

You can also state how you knew about the job opening or the website you saw the job listing.

Here is a good example of how to start an email for job recruiters;

Subject: John Andreson – Application for Sales Director (Ref. 1142)

Dear Mr. Lastname,

I came across an available position for Sales Director (Ref. 1142) on the Career page of your organization’s website. I am very interested in this position, which is while I am writing this email to you.

My name is…

How to start a cold email to a potential client

Potential clients are also known as prospects or leads. They are people that may require your services if it will be of benefits to them.

As a marketer, salesperson, or a business owner, the rate at which you are able to acquire new clients will determine your success and the success of your business.

When writing a cold email for potential clients, you need to bear in mind that they are strangers. You don’t know them personally and they don’t know you.

You need to be able to impress them and get their attention with your first few sentences.

Your subject line, greeting and opening speech needs to be written perfectly.

According to research, an average office worker receives about 121 emails every day. This means that for a prospect to open your email, you need to create a very unique email and subject line.

When starting a cold email for potential clients, you need to give keen attention to your subject line, greeting and your first few words.

Give keen attention to your subject line

The subject line is the starting point of a cold email. It needs to be unique and be able to capture the attention of potential clients.

The subject line will determine to a large extent if your emails will be opened or not. The subject line is the first sentence that potential clients will read before making a decision to open and read the content of the email.

Your subject line should be unique and eye-catchy. A well-written impressive subject line will get your email opened but a badly-written subject line can get your email deleted. It should not be too long and should reflect the content of the email.

Use the Right Greetings

Potential clients are strangers, hence you need to use appropriate greetings. You need to be professional and friendly at the same time. It is best to make an extensive research on your potential clients and know their name so you can address them properly.

Communicate your purpose in the first line

The first line or first sentence is your opening speech. Just like in a debate or presentation, the opening speech is your doorway to the heart of your spectators.

If your opening speech is bad, your spectators won’t be so impressed and they may lose interest in listening any further.

First impressions matter a lot, hence you need to impress your prospects and make them want to continue reading further. In your first sentence, communicate the purpose of your email to your prospects.

Let them know what you are offering and your reason for reaching out. You can reference a mutual connection or a mutual interest.

Let them be anxious about what you have to offer. Below are some examples:

Subject: We can help you grow!

Dear [recipient name],

I was researching on the Top 10 start-up companies in IT and your company was number 7 on the list. We are a reputable marketing agency that helps start-up company’s like yours grow into a multi-national company.

I found that your company…

Subject: We have a special offer for you!

Hi [recipient’s name],

I am [your name], the marketing director of [your company]. We develop software that helps companies like us improve in their daily operations and customer’s management.

I thought you might be interested in our special discounted price, which is while I’m reaching out to you.

How to start cold emails for influencers

Influencers are people with large numbers of followers. They are known as influencers because they influence people in one way or another. Most of their followers trust in them.

A lot of people send cold emails to influencers soliciting for one favor or another. This is because an influencer can be very instrumental to the success of a business or a project.

Sending cold email to an influencer requires a very high level of professionalism and strategy. It is very difficult to get the attention of an influencer because they receive thousands of emails and messages daily.

You need to be very innovative and smart to get an influencer to respond to your email. You need to write a cold email that has a high potential of capturing the attention of an influencer.

The starting point of your cold email will determine if the email will be opened. How you start the email will determine if the influencer will read the content of the email.

To increase your chances, you need to start your email professionally and also in a friendly way. You need to be able to woo the influencer into reading your email and also replying. To get the attention of an influencer, we are going to show you how to start your email;

Compliment the influencer

An influencer is not your boss, a prospect or a business partner. Influencers respond better when they are complimented on their work or achievements. To increase your chances of getting a response, say good things about them and compliment them.

Let the influencer know that you are a dedicated follower

Another way to start a cold email to get an influencer’s attention is to let the influencer know that you are a dedicated follower. It works better if you are active on the influencer’s page.

If you comment on the influencer’s post most times, you will be noticed by the influencer. Introduce yourself in your email and remind the influencer about your activities on his or her page.

State clearly what you want

Let the influencer know your reason for reaching out to him or her. State in clear terms what you want and how the influencer can be of help to you.


Subject: Check this out! From a dedicated follower

Hi [name of influencer],

I am a fan and a dedicated follower of your blog. Thanks for your informative contents, they have been very beneficial to me.

I am the sales manager of….

How to start cold emails to hire a person

As a recruiter, HR, or a hiring manager, you may want to hire job seekers for available positions in your company or a third-party company. Writing cold emails for job seekers is a way to reach out to job seekers.

Starting a cold email for job seekers is not so difficult. Since you are a recruiter, you don’t need to go to the extreme to impress a job seeker unless you are trying to seek the services of an expert who is well sought after.

To start a cold email to hire a person, these are the things you need to pay attention to:

State the job title

The subject line should contain the job title. It is with the job title that the job seeker will know if he or she is interested in the job or not. The job title will determine if the job seeker will go further in reading the email.

Introduce yourself

As a recruiter, you need to introduce yourself to the job seeker.

You should let the job seeker know who you are and the company that is hiring.


Subject: Job opening– Accountant (Ref. 0012)

Hi [recipient’s name],

My name is [your name], I am the HR manager of [your company]. We need the services of a qualified Accountant urgently. We have gone through your LinkedIn profile and we think you are qualified for the position.

If you are interested…


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