The Best place to buy email lists and why it is a Bad Idea to do it.

Are you planning on launching a marketing campaign?

Do you want to get more names in your email database?

Do you want to increase your sales emailing list?

Whatever you want to do email lists is what you can use to increase your email contacts.

An email list is a list of large numbers of email addresses.

It is used for cold emailing purposes to reach out to large numbers of contacts so that you can have an increased number of leads.

Most marketers, promoters, and salespeople use email list in their cold email marketing campaigns.

Where to get email lists

The major place where you can buy already available email lists is on the internet.

There are different available websites where you can purchase email lists.

There are also email list broker services that produce email lists that you can use to reach your ideal audience based on your product and services.

These email list brokers help you to determine the right customers and provide updated quality email lists that will yield good results for your campaign.

Examples of these email list brokers are InfoUSA, Mailing Lists Direct, List Giant, Cardwell

List Company, National Data Group, LeadsPlease, and so on.

Why it is a bad idea to buy an email list

Buying an email list for your cold emailing campaign may sound like the best and easy thing to do but it is actually a wrong move and will not yield the result you are expecting.

It is a shortcut that does not work out well and can actually cause more harm than good.

It may sound like something to do to easily increase your customer base but you need to think it through very well before engaging in it.

We are going to show you some reasons why buying an email list is a bad idea.

The Quality of the list cannot be trusted

Most people and websites who sell email lists do not really care about you or your business, all they care about is making money.

Most of them are not honest, they just provide you with a list of email addresses that are out-of-date, emails with incomplete data or emails that they got illegally.

When you are buying these email lists, you might think that they are good quality email addresses but they are actually non-efficient.

You will find out that the list contains a lot of email addresses that can’t be reached or used.

You may purchase an email list of 50,000 contacts and at the end, only 5,000 email addresses actually work.

You will be flagged as a Spammer

Sending unsolicited emails to strangers can get you flagged as a spammer.

Almost everyone doesn’t enjoy receiving unsolicited marketing emails.

It is annoying and can also be termed “invasion of privacy”.

Most unsolicited emails are immediately deleted or dumped in the spam box.

The owners of those email addresses do not know that their emails addresses have been collected and used for marketing campaigns.

They are not aware and when they receive emails from strangers, it is most likely to be deleted or marked as spam.

Other people are also using the same email list

You need to know that just as you are a buyer of an email list, other people have also bought that same email list.

This means, just as you are sending emails to the email addresses, other people are also sending a series of emails to those same email addresses.

The email recipients will be overwhelmed with a lot of emails and this will really get them frustrated and angry.

It will be tasking for them to delete tons of emails every day, instead, they will have to put filters in place that will automatically flag those emails as spam so that they never get to see them.

You can be penalized by your email service provider

When too many of your emails are flagged as spam, this is not good for you.

Your email service provider may take notice of this and you can be penalized.

Your email account could be closed, you could be fined and legal actions may be taken against you.

You could pay as much as $16,000 in fines for sending unsolicited emails to individuals that you do not know.

Some email service providers are against buying email list as it violates their terms of service.

Your Reputation is at Risk

Using an email list for marketing purposes could dent the reputation of your company.

Any legal actions that might be taken against you are documented. This means that your company is already on the negative side of potential customers or investors.

In any business, online and offline reputation is very important.

With a good reputation, your business will experience a significant growth but with a bad reputation, your business will experience a downfall.

You will get a very low response rate

Email list contains email addresses that are of no importance to your campaign.

The response rate is always very low.

A study showed that a good list of targeted contacts has an average open rate of 20 – 25%. A purchased email list has an average open rate that is far lower.

If you buy an email list of 20,000 email addresses, you may be surprised that only 500 people actually opened the email you sent.

Out of those 500 people, some of them may not be interested and will not respond to you.

You will be surprised that only about 5% of the total numbers of emails you sent actually responded to you.

This is a very poor ROI. You will be wasting your money buying email lists that do not yield any good results.


It is a bad idea to buy an email list instead, you need to create ways that you can use in accumulating good email addresses from individuals themselves.

You can get email addresses through sign up’s, form fills, create gated contents so people can give their email addresses, run creative email marketing campaigns, and so on.

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