Sample follow up email templates to email subscribers before starting the webinar

Already announced your webinar and got a decent number of subscribers?


Now, if you’re thinking of sitting back and relax, you might be doing a big mistake.

Suppose, you have created a brilliant content and it went viral. Many people come to your website and subscribed to your upcoming webinar after realizing its value.

And now if you don’t send follow-up emails to your subscribers, then you might notice only one-third of them have just participated in your webinar.


Most of the subscribers have simply forgotten to attend your webinar. People have to handle lots of tasks on their day to day basis and thus it’s natural to forget about the time and date whatever you’ve specified in your website wall.

The only way you can remind your subscribers about the upcoming webinar is by properly following-up. Now, you can make a strategy on what intervals you would send the reminders.

For instance, if you’ve announced the webinar today and the date is about two weeks to come, then the first follow-up email should be sent after their subscription as a thank-you email.

It will be followed by the next follow-up email after one week, then in the next week, one before the previous night of the webinar date, and then before the starting of your webinar.

Another worth noting point is that some of the subscribers might lose their interest in attending your webinar if it’s going to happen after one or two months. That’s why you have to choose your webinar date carefully.

Now, what about the time?

It depends on your target audience. Time-zone is different for different countries. So, you have to take care of this factor.

It’s better to arrange a webinar at the weekend because people could be more involved with your webinar in this way.

So, without any delay, let’s discuss some of the important aspects of following-up that you can implement while sending follow-up emails to your subscribers before commencing the webinar.

Divide Your Audiences and Construct the Webinar Follow-Up Emails:

It’s extremely important to divide your webinar subscribers as per the opportunities, such as follows:

Customers, who are going to attend your webinar and the available opportunities

MQLs (marketing-qualified lead) and SQLs (sales-qualified lead), who will attend your webinar.

Leads, who have subscribed for attending the webinar

All those subscribers, who registered but haven’t attended your webinar

And this follow-up email should be sent the night before the webinar and on the day of the webinar. The subscribers, who missed this event, should be notified after the closing of the webinar.

If you’re using GoToWebinar, Create Your Lists:

A worth-noting point in this regard is that you should start creating your list before the commencement of your webinar. It would be empty until the conclusion of the event.

In order to make your follow-up emails “smart” depending on the status of your webinar, first, you need to create a Smart List. In case you’re using a different product, you have to import your lists.

Don’t forget to include the takeaways of Your Webinar:

In the busy schedule of today’s lifestyle, many of your subscribers can simply the purpose for which they have registered your webinar.

So, it’s your responsibility to remind them or refresh their memory about the benefits and takeaways of your webinar. Thus, they will regain their enthusiasm that something exciting is going to happen.

If a professional is going to present any valuable tips during the webinar, don’t forget to include it.

Present the Importance of the webinar Topics:

You can also include the topics and briefly explain them in your follow-up email. It will also be a good idea to let them know about the importance and requirements of the would-be discussed topics in the professional world.

Don’t forget to include your complete contact details and tell your webinar subscribers that you’re there to solve their queries (if any) about the webinar.

You can also include a link of your post in your follow-up email and in that post, discuss some basic aspects of the topics that are going to be discussed in the webinar in detail.

Thus, the subscribers, who are not so much familiar with these topics, will get a glimpse. As a result, they will feel the enthusiasm to attend your webinar.

Fifteen minutes before the starting of the webinar:

It’s time to send the final reminders to your webinar subscribers. You need to make everything simple for your viewers so that they can easily access your webinar.

Specify the time and the website link to the subscribers and tell them that the webinar is going to commence soon.

And if anyone is facing any problem throughout the webinar (regarding the video and audio), they can contact you and then provide your contact details again.

And Some Basic Points

Don’t forget to some basic points that are applicable to any follow-up email:

Take care of the subject lines of your follow-up emails. Otherwise, the subscribers won’t recognize you and mark your email as spam.

It’s also important to send a thank-you email to your webinar subscribers as a small token of gratitude.

Wrap-up your follow-up email with your full name and complete contact details and don’t forget to include the webinar date, time, and link.

If you have created any credential (username and password) for every attendee, you need to specify it in your thank-you email and the following follow-up emails.

What about the Non-Attendees?

You have to structure the follow-up email for the non-attendees in advance. And if you get any query regarding the unavailability on that day, you can simply tell them that they don’t need to worry.

After the wrapping up of the webinar, a recording link along with the takeaway points will be sent to them.

Follow-Up Email Templates

And now, four email templates are given below so that you can get a proper idea about the follow-up email structure. Don’t forget to personalize it as per your requirements.

A Thank-You Email Template after the Registration:

Hi there {firstname},

Thanks for subscribing our webinar, “[Title of Your Webinar].” I hope you will enjoy it! Kindly note your username and password for this webinar…

Please feel free to contact us with any other queries.

Thanking you,

{Your Name}
{Your Contact Details}

A Follow-Up Email Temple before One Week of the Webinar:

Hi there {firstname},

I hope you haven’t forgotten about the upcoming webinar, scheduled on… Your participation is valuable to us. Your Username and Password are.. respectively.

Kindly visit… on … at…

Feel free to contact us to know something I’ve missed to inform. See you on …

Thanking you,

{Your Name}
{Your Contact Details}

A Follow-Up Email Temple before fifteen minutes of the Webinar:

Hi there {firstname},

The webinar “[Title of Your Webinar]” is going to commence on another fifteen minutes. Go to …. and enter your Username and Password…

Feel free to contact us if you face any difficulty.
See you in the webinar.

Thanks again,

{Your Name}
{Your Contact Details}

I hope you have got some idea about the follow-up email structuring for the subscribers of your webinar.

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