Salesloft Alternative why is the Best Alternative Cold Email Outreach Software

Businesses, whether small, medium or big businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their customers. Not just increase customers but be able to retain them.

Most businesses have spent a small fortune looking for the best means to increase their customer base but the success rate has been minimal compared to the money spent.

Cold email software is a relatively new method with which businesses are now using to get new customers and retain them.

Salesloft is one of the many cold email outreach software that is available. It is a software that focuses more on sales rather than prospecting.

But the question is, can there be any sales with no prospect? I’m sure you know the answer to that.

This is one of the major loopholes of salesloft and this is why we are recommending the best alternative.

Hupport is a cold email outreach software that focuses on all areas of a business. It focuses on prospecting, marketing, sales, HR, CRM, and so on.

Hupport does not focus on just one area of the business and forget the other areas. Any loophole in one area can affect all other areas of a business.

This is why hupport covers all areas and make sure you convert as many customers as possible.

We don’t just recommend based on sentiments, we provide proofs.

We are going to show you why we recommend Hupportby looking at its features and functionalities.

Features and functionalities of Hupport

  1. Lead Generation

Hupport is cold email outreach software that spotlights on producing large numbers of leads in a short timeframe.

Hupport connects with prospects through various methods. For example, email, text messages, telephone calls or through social media. It gives multi-channel methods for contacting prospects.

It provides lead generation templates that help to facilitate your campaign. The templates are personalized and this guarantees each prospect that each email was explicitly sent to them. 

  1. Availability of several useful templates

Hupport contains diverse helpful templates for various campaigns. Regardless of whether or not you know how to create a campaign, it got you secured. It has templates for each campaign that you can choose from.

Several available templates for different campaigns such as guest posts, lead generation, PR-pitches, content promotion, and link building are all available.

If you want to promote contents, you can choose from the content promotion templates, if it is lead generation, select from the available lead generation templates, and so on.

Availability of templates saves you a lot of time in creating new campaigns from the beginning. It also helps to provide professionally created campaigns.

  1. Automatic follow-ups

Follow-up is very important if you want to increase your response rate and make more conversions. For this reason, Hupport has incorporated follow-up in its functionalities.

Follow-up is triggered by link clicked. When prospects or visitors click on a link, it triggers a follow-up response. The follow-up response is a sequence of follow-up emails sent to a prospect or lead periodically and sequentially.

The system sends follow-up emails until the lead replies. When the lead replies, the sequence will stop automatically. This feature helps to increase response rates. 

  1. Respond to leads from within the Software

Hupport has another yet beneficial feature whereby you can respond to leads from within the software.

Leads can be assigned to any specific employee within the organization. If you are not available to attend to a reply, you can assign the email to an employee.

All emails are arranged in a single queue, hence you know which lead you have replied and which you have not. This creates a seamless flow of information and communication between you and your leads.

  1. Professional advice from Experts

At Hupport, we don’t leave you all along with your campaign. We are always with you right from the start of your campaign until the very end.

We ensure that you get the best results from your campaign by providing you with professional advice. Our team of experts is always available for any kind of assistance you may need.

We offer real-time analysis and manual review of your campaign. All you need to do is to send a copy of your campaign, whether email, content, pitch, or posts. Send it to us and one of our experts will review it.

You will receive back the corrected version of your campaign in about 72 hours. A short screencast video of all corrections, and what you need to do will be sent along to you.

With our real-time analysis and manual review of your campaign, you are sure to get the best results from your campaign. 

  1. Flexible for any type of Business

Hupport encompasses all types and size of businesses. It doesn’t focus on a particular type or area of a business, it encompasses all aspects of your business.

Whether you are into marketing, sales, administration, health, I.T, HR, you can use Hupport to advance your business. Whether your business is a start-up, medium or a large organization, Hupport is what you need.

Apart from reaching out to prospects and converting leads, it also aids communication within an organization. Employees can communicate and attend to leads all within the system.

  1. Contents Promotion

Hupport allows you to promote your contents to your audience. It doesn’t matter what type of content you want to promote.

It could be guest posts, PR pitches, contents about your products or services, you can promote your contents using the software. Reach out to prospects and promote your contents to them.


We can’t deny the fact that Hupport is a very profitable functional cold email outreach software. It provides numerous benefits to businesses, starting with an increase in customers. And easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills. It can be used by both skilled and unskilled. The Hupport has an easy-to-use interface. It is easily understandable.

Hupport is a new cold email software which has come to stay and dominate the market. Start using Hupport today for your lead generation and all-around success of your business.


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