If you want to achieve success in the online world through your business, then it is very important to make popularize your brand in front of the world. For that reason, you need to start a cold email campaign so that your prospects can get familiar with your products or services.

Alternatively, if you want to work with a big client but in case you are not familiar with that personality, then the cold email might be the only remaining option for you.

However, if you are going to deal with a large cold email campaign, then it becomes mandatory to hire an appropriate platform in this regard, featured with the advanced and updated facilities so that you can expect a big success and can reach your goal.

What is SalesHandy?

SalesHandy is a popular and reputed web hosted sales communications as well as data analytics platform that has been designed for the purpose of sharing files, unifying document management, monitoring emails, and initiating leads through the process of centralization.

SalesHandy makes an option for small and medium-sized firms, however, it can fulfill the requirements of large establishments. The sales teams of SalesHandy can generate and perform feasible marketing strategies through appropriate tracking of user insights and sales resources.

SalesHandy has been constructed for making sure that, businesses can be capable of achieving and maintaining the better involvement of the customers.

The particular system offers tools for assisting users in determining customer behavior, marking trends, sharing, and editing corporate documents, tracking email, and assessing sales performance.

SalesHandy is capable of amalgamating documents with the help of its centralized storage. The SalesHandy users can be able to identify and immediately work on different opportunities with its robust feature of lead tracking.

With the help of this particular software, businesses can easily orchestrate their respective sales teams with minimum effort. It also provides encouragement for smart involvement with prospects that can result in more successes.

SalesHandy – Features

The features of SalesHandy are as follows:

  • Email Tracking: It offers the facilities of Unlimited Email tracking, reading notifications as well as Templates within the respective Gmail and Outlook interface.
  • Mail Merge: With the help of this particular platform, users can send customized emails to several prospects tirelessly and receive click-through rate along with the campaign performance reports.
  • Auto Follow-up: Users can be able to send automated follow-up emails of 10 stages at the maximum, with the facility of mail merge and receive up to 100% response rate.
  • Document Tracking: SalesHandy offers a facility, through which users can be capable of sending, tracking, controlling, and engaging, and presenting sales collateral, accompanied by functional document analytics.

SalesHandy– Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: It is free of cost plan and it is free forever. You will get 14 Days Trial for All Plans. This particular plan provides the facility of Unlimited Email Tracking.
  • Regular Plan: The plan is for $7 /user/mo ($9 in case Billed Monthly). This particular plan includes each and every feature described in Free Plan plus the additional facilities of Document Tracking and Mail Merge.
  • Plus Plan: The specific plan is for $16 /user/mo ($20 in case Billed Monthly). This plan incorporates all features described in Regular Plan plus the facility of Mail Merge With Auto Follow-ups.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is for $40 /user/mo ($50 if it is Billed Monthly). This particular plan features all features involved with the Plus Plan and the additional facility of the High Volume Campaigns. 

Hupport- Features

Might be you have already got a fair idea about the importance of a successful cold email campaign. It is very crucial to go for a proper cold email platform so that you can get all the required facilities and proper team support in a budget-friendly investment.

Hupport is an ideal platform that fulfills all of such requirements. If you want to achieve success in the cold email campaigns, then you can choose this incredible cold email platform. The striking features of Hupport are as follows:

  • Salesforce: This incredible platform brings Salesforce straight to the inbox of their customers with their Outlook or Gmail integration facility. Its auto-sync features are ideal to streamline the life of the users.
  • Professional: It is helpful in reaching sales targets and staying organized. This incredible platform provides assistance in tracking emails, optimizing follow-ups and identifying preferred leads within real-time. It is an appropriate platform for individuals.
  • Team: This very useful platform provides the facilities of email analytics, Salesforce integration, real-time notifications, and everything in one particular place for the respective sales team.
  • Internal Comms: It provides a facility of customized and measurable internal communications through the utilization of the respective distribution lists right from the Outlook.

Why is Hupport better than SalesHandy?

An ideal cold email platform of Hupport is extremely affordable that comes in $10/user only. It is the cheapest platform, offering all the features and that is also without any type of restriction.

Achievement of success in a cold email campaign is not that simple and it has a requirement of proper strategies and its perfect implementation that is quite difficult to handle on your own. That’s why a proper cold email platform is necessary to acquire the desired success.

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