Sales System, Benefits of Sales System and ideas to Skyrocket your Sales


A sales system is the pre-defined step-by-step taken or a set of interactions and activities that sales team uses to identify leads, qualify and convert them to customers.

A sales system includes both the manpower and the tools involved in reaching out to leads and converting them to customers.

It is a procedure that your sales team can follow in order to reach out to leads, qualify them and convert them to customers.

A sales system is a repeatable course of pre-defined steps or actions to make sales.

As a sales manager, you need to think ahead and create ways to make sales even if you are not available.

A sales system allows you to automate your sales process so that even when you are not available, your sales system can reach out to prospects, qualify leads and convert them to customers.

You can’t keep training new salesperson on the processes of sales, a sales system will provide them with a step-by-step sales process.

A sales system is very helpful for you and your company because it creates room for predictability, this is because the process has been done over and over again.

As a sales manager, you need to come up with your own sales system and know what works best for you and your sales team.

You need to have a good knowledge of your target audience and your industry so that you can develop a good workable and reliable sales system that produces good results.

A sales system takes out the guesswork. All procedures and steps are clearly defined to produce results.

Benefits of a Sales System

Sales system is beneficial to a sales manager, salespeople and the company in general.

We are going to take a look at some of the benefits of a sales system.

Accurate Predictions and Forecasting

Inadequate and irregular information or activities will lead to different results.

With a sales system, you will be able to predict what exactly to expect because you are following steps and procedures that have been tested and trusted.

There is no room for guesswork, hence you know what to expect even before you start your sales journey.

All steps and procedures are pre-defined. You have a clear knowledge of what to do at every step and what to expect at the end of each step.

From the beginning of your sales process to the very end, you can predict what to expect and forecast your results.

Saves Time

Sales system helps to save time as it eliminates irrelevant activities.

With sales system, you will know what works and focus on them.

It also helps sales team to focus on productive activities as they know what exactly they should do at every given point in time. This help to save a lot of time.

Increased Productivity

Sales system helps to increase productivity by focusing on sales activities that will yield good result.

Sales manager know what works best, sales team know exactly what to do that will produce good results.

Productivity is greatly increased because all steps are clearly defined and tested.

Sales system allows for continuous workflow even if the sales manager is not available.

It helps to Convert More Leads

Sales system helps to convert more leads by identifying valuable leads.

Only 21% of leads are converted to customers, hence the ability to identify those 21% and focus on them will help in converting more leads.

If as a salesperson, you are not able to identify your valuable leads, you will end up wasting your time on invaluable leads that won’t yield any good result.

With sales system, you will be able to identify your valuable leads and focus on them, thus eliminating room for negative results.

It increases Sales and Revenue

Sales system helps to increase sales and revenue by timely conversion of leads to customers.

Due to the fact that sales system is a repeated pre-defined course of actions, sales manager and salespeople knows what works and how best to convert leads to customers.

There is no room for failures or mistakes, salespeople can easily and timely differentiate valuable leads from invaluable leads.

They will be able to know leads that are more likely to be converted to customers and focus on them.

This will help salespeople acquire more customers, make more sales and generate more revenue for the company.

Increases Return On Investment

Sales system increases ROI by helping sales manager and the company to focus their resources on things that will yield good results.

The company management and sales manager will know the tools that work well and produce good results which they will need to acquire.

Sales manager will know what works best which needs to be acquired for more productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Sales system helps the sales manager to know what works best in the industry.

As a sales manager, you are constantly researching on your industry to know what works best so you can gain a competitive advantage against your competitors.

You are constantly researching market trends to know how best to satisfy your customers and how to acquire more customers.

All the new findings and discoveries about your industry are updated on your sales system which helps your company to gain competitive advantage.

10 Sales System ideas to Skyrocket your Sales!

Sales System, Benefits of Sales System and ideas to Skyrocket your Sales


As a sales manager or a salesperson, you can think of ideas to imbibe in your sales system that will help increase your sales depending on your product and industry.

We are going to look at some great ideas you can use to skyrocket your sales.

Influence your Leads to Buy

The ability for you to influence your leads into making purchases is what qualifies you as a successful sales manager or salesperson.

Your capacity to influence others by appealing to their thoughts and convincing them of the value of your product will help to increase your sales.

Professional salespeople do not only make a lot of sales based on the fact that their product is the best in the market but on their ability to influence people.

Individuals trust their opinions based on their credibility and experience.

Impact is your capacity to induce others to embrace your very own point of view. You believe and trust in your product, so you need to influence others so they can trust your product.

Create Gateway Offers

A Gateway Offer is a purposefully made first offer that you and your sales team have provided that has the most astounding chances of driving potential customers along the most productive pathway with your organization.

It’s the principal sale deal that prompts other sales opportunities

Most organizations let irregular activities dictate their first sale. That is a messy and terrible business idea.

Rather, after some time by appropriately strategizing and following your customers’ conduct, figure out which offer you can make that will draw others customer into making more purchases.

An ideal gateway offer is something that your best customers strive after that you could give, and which would almost certainly lead a sound level of purchasers into a more profound association with your organization.

Make your Gateway Offer repeatable and attractive in order to acquire new prospects.

This can be done by presenting a very useful content on your webpage that prospect can download.

This content should contain information that will prompt a prospect to want to know more about your product or service, hence moving further in your sales funnel.

Build interest with Features and Desire with Benefits

The vast majority and companies think that products and services sell due to their extraordinary features, which is not true.

Products and services sell due to their benefits. In any case, the benefits that drive sales aren’t constantly clear from the client’s point of view.

Regardless of whether you’re selling through email, standard mail or social selling, make clear the benefits of your product as well as its features.

Beginning with the most important benefits of your product will show prospective customers that you care about them and not simply after their money.

Selling with benefits implies that you’re straightforward with your clients.

The success of selling your product or service is dependent on how it meets the needs of your customers.

It’s your duty to thoroughly study your product to its benefits and features and its competitive advantages over your competitor’s product.

Highlighting the benefits your product will more likely lead to more sales than highlighting it features.

In any case, you need to build their interest of your prospects with features and increase their desire with benefits.

At the point when individuals are scanning for an answer to address their issues, what they are really searching for is a future that interests them.

Customers are glad to spend money on products that will improve their lives.

Individuals purchase items inwardly and legitimize the buys intelligently. When you build interest with features and increase desire with benefits, you’re meeting your prospects at the point of their needs and providing proofs for them to feel confident about your product.

Sales is a “Give and Give” Relationship

Contrary to the popular belief that sales is a “give and take” relationship, effective sales is a “give and give” relationship.

When you’re selling a product, give should be in the form of value.

Giving is one of the best ways to build a sales relationship with a potential customer or a customer.

As a salesperson, you should know that your customers are your best salespeople. They are the ones that will recommend more people to your business and for them to do that, they should be happy and satisfied with you.

The relationship between you and your customers will determine if they will be willing to recommend other people to you.

For instance, you could give free 10GB storage to customers who subscribed to your cloud storage plan. This will make them happier and more satisfied with your services.

The best salespeople are the best givers. They know how to build relationships with customers and how to make loyal customers.

Contrary to popular belief, sales is not a “give and take” relationship, since you’re not taking anything from your potential customers. It is a “give and give” relationship because you are the one giving out to your potential customers.

Look for ways to always give to your customers and potential customers so that you can make them happy and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

It is expected that the value your product or service provides to your customer is more than the price paid for the product or service.

The fact that a customer buys your product does not mean that you are taking something from him/her, the customer is only paying for the value your product provides for him/her.

Provide Makeup Offers

A makeup offer is compensation you give to a customer for an unfinished or unsatisfied service.

For instance, when someone makes an order for an item which is supposed to be delivered at a particular date but the item was not delivered on the agreed date instead, it was delayed.

Such a situation will definitely anger the person because he/she may want to make use of the item at a particular time and for an important purpose.

As a sales manager or a salesperson, you need to try and make the person happy by compensating the person for the inconveniences that delay might have caused him/her.

In the case whereby a customer makes a complaint, you should be able to provide a solution and also compensate the customer for the inconveniences.

Your makeup offer is what is going to make the customer happy and what is going to keep the relationship between you and the customer.

You can have a special automated sales script to handle customer complaints.

Build it into your email auto-responders that even when you are not available, your email auto-responders will respond on your behalf.

Doing this will keep your customer happy and loyal to you.

Have an Automated Follow-up System in Place

It might take you more than one sales call to make a sales deal, hence you need to constantly follow up on your potential customers.

It is the obligation of salespeople to follow up on potential customers so as to guarantee a sales deal.

Follow-up can also be automated.

You can automate your follow-up system to periodically send follow-up emails to potential customers.

All these will additionally incite your potential clients into making a buy.

In your subsequent meet-ups, make advance ways that will bait your potential clients into choosing to make a purchase.

Anything you can think about that will additionally incite your potential clients into making buys ought to be utilized.

After your lead has made a buy, you are glad as you have made deals and have prevailed with regards to changing over a prospect to a client.

However, that isn’t the end, you have to follow up on your clients with the goal that they will return again to make more purchases. If not, they may never return again.

You need to follow up on your customers for the purpose of referrals. Customers are good salespeople; they are the ones to refer new customers to you.

Follow-up with them and get them to refer more customers to you so you can make more sales.

Utilize a Referral Program

To be able to acquire more customers, you need to put in place a referral program.

With a referral program, you have a good opportunity to increase your customers and increase sales.

Begin off by taking a look at where your present referrals originate from. Is there an approach to super-estimate and formalize what your business is as of now doing?

Take a look at different organizations, particularly outside your industry. Is there any way you can apply and layer in their referral frameworks to expand your business volume?

Make a referral question that you train your group to ask your potential customer each time the person compliments some piece of your business.

This inquiry ought to be scripted out and remembered by the entirety of your sales team.

You can create a referral program that rewards your already existing customers for each new customer they are able to refer to you.

Leverage on Technological Innovations

Be on the lookout for technological innovations that could facilitate your sales process.

Think about how well the technology or tools will incorporate with your present sales process.

Utilize sales automation tools to streamline sales processes and reduce manpower.

Some sales automation tools could be used as a CRM tool that will help your sales team in making more sales deals and also simplifying sales process.

Some sales automation tools can as well acts as auto-responders which can be used to update and follow up on your leads and customers.

Consider what your organization needs, what is critical to you and what would help you achieve better results and make more sales.

Present your Product Impressively

How well you present your product in the presence of your potential customers will determine if they are going to buy or not.

This is where you give a detailed product introduction, display its features and benefits.

A meeting with individual potential clients or a meeting with potential clients will additionally give an exhaustive comprehension of your item or administration.

This is where you will know whether a potential client is going to purchase your product or not.

Your potential clients need to know how your item or administration is going to profit them.

This stage is amazingly noteworthy in light of the way that the stage will choose whether they will be quick to purchase your item or not.

You should be astoundingly arranged so you can display your thing to your lead and have the ability to convince your lead to make a purchase.

You need to show how your product tends to the issues of your potential client.

If you are acquainting with a company owner, have the ability to display how your product will help the company achieve better results or problems your product will help solve.

Build Credibility

Credibility is a combination of trust and expertise.

Your credibility depends on the trust people have in you and your expertise.

For you to be able to convert more customers and make more sales, you need to be credible.

You can build your credibility in various ways, including by giving choice client administration.

Credibility is best earned by paying special attention to the needs of other people.

Customers need to a salesperson who can help them to solve their issues and attend to their needs.

They likewise need to connect with genuine individuals and access data to determine issues themselves.

You can’t prevail in business on the off chance that you need validity. Top brands can gloat about their items, on the grounds that throughout the years they’ve turned out to be known and are dependable.

That is the reason it’s troublesome for another advertiser, association, or organization to rule the commercial center.

Customer’s subjective capacities are terrified to confide in you or your product. All things considered, you may take their cash and disappear.

The viral impact of awful client administration is disturbing. More individuals share negative encounters that they share great ones.

Customers who experienced negative customer support from salespeople demoralize others from purchasing from that company.

Bad customer experience can totally stop a customer from doing business with your company or purchasing your product.

To build your credibility and for people to trust in you and your product, you need to first prove yourself, provide great value and attend to their needs.

Building credibility does not just happen in a day, it takes time and consistency.

You need to show your customers that you are trustworthy and the product you are selling to them is valuable.

When you build credibility, you build a brand that will last a lifetime.


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