Use this Sales follow up email statistics to get replies from Cold prospects

Only sales cold email campaign will not provide the reply rates you expect to get from clients. This is why sales follow up emails are very important and recommended to increase your reply rates from clients.

Here are important sales follow up statistics to get replies from clients which you should know about.

35% of clients will open your follow-up email based on subject line alone

Data according to Convince and Convert, show that 35% of email recipients open their email based on the subject line. This means that with a good and captivating subject line, your follow-up email campaign has 35% the open rates.

To increase your open rates and get replies from your clients, it will be of great benefits using a captivating and compelling subject line.

Subject lines with three to four words get more responses than shorter or longer subject lines.

Data from Hubspot showed that subject lines with three to four words will get more responses than shorter subject lines with just one or two words or longer subject lines with five or more words.

This means that your subject line should not be too short or too long. Eye-catchy subject lines will provide you with the desired response rate.

50% of sales happen after the 5th follow up email

Data according to Inside Sales, show that 50% of sales are actualized after the 5th follow up email. This means that you may not experience an increase in sales until you continually follow up.

Most people tend to give up after sending cold emails and following up with just one or two follow-up emails without getting replies. When you give up after sending a few follow-up emails, you will lose clients and lose sales opportunities.

44% of salespeople give up after sending one follow-up email

Data from Scripted show that 44% of sales people give up on their quest after sending just one follow-up email without getting a reply from clients.

This means a large number of salespeople will lose sales opportunities because they could not be persistence and dedicated in their quest. With 50% of sales been made after the 5th follow-up emails, salespeople that fall into this category will definitely miss their opportunities to make sales.

An average sales rep only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect

A study from HubSpot showed that an average sales rep only makes just two attempts to reach and connect with a prospect. Only two attempts from a sales rep is very low and does not depict dedication in the quest to make sales.

In order to increase your chances to get more prospect and converting them to customers, sales reps should make more attempts to reach out to prospects. After making two attempts but still not getting any replies, do not give up, make the 3rd attempts, the 4th attempts, the 5th attempts. The more attempts you make, the more the response you will get.

Those who attempt to reach leads before 60 minutes have a meaningful conversation and replies with decision makers seven times more than those who waited after 60 minutes

This simply means that you have seven times more chances to get a response from decision makers and make meaningful conversation with them if you reach out to them before the first 60 minutes. This means that time is of great essence and you should not waste time before reaching out to leads.

Open rates of emails increases after 12 pm and the most active period are between 2 pm – 5 pm

Data from Hubspot showed that the open rates of emails increases after 12 pm of the day and the highest period between 2pm-5pm. This means that good timing affects the response rates of your emails.

You should send out follow up emails at the right time to experience higher open rates. Sending follow up emails to clients at the most active period of the day will greatly increase the open rates of your emails.

If you wait longer than 5 minutes to respond, lead qualification drops 10 times

A review made by Harvard business found out that if you wait after 5 minutes to respond, lead qualification drops 10 times. This means that you should not wait for more than 5 minutes before replying a lead.

The more you delay, the more it affects your result, hence it is advisable that you respond to leads as fast as possible to get better results.

Only 9% of sales emails are opened

Cold emailing will not provide your desired result as only 9% of sales emails are opened in the first email. As a salesperson, you need to increase your chances of open rates by using follow-up emails.

You can increase your chances of open rates by increasing the number of times you send follow-up emails.

21% of email recipients report it as spam even it if isn’t and 69% report email as spam based on the subject line

A study by Convince and Convert brings to notice that your email can easily be reported as spam if the subject line is not good enough. Most people receive a lot of cold emails every day.

It can be very annoying to receive tons of dozens of cold emails every day from people you do not know on a personal level. To prevent your email from been reported as spam, you can increase your chances by using a good subject line.

Also be careful with the rate you send follow-up emails. Do not send follow-up emails too frequently. Wait after some days, weeks or a month before sending another follow-up email. This will reduce your chances of been reported as spam.

Personalized emails can increase your reply rate by 100%

A study by Woodpecker showed that personalized emails double the response rates from contacts. They examined their email campaign and compared response rates. They found out that advanced personalized generated 17% response rates as compared to the 7% response rates generated from non-personalized emails.

To get more replies from your clients, you should always personalize your emails.

You can triple your reply rates by sending more follow-up emails

In a case study, two different email campaigns were conducted. It was found that email campaign with 4-7 emails per sequence got 3 times more replies than the email campaign with 1-3 emails per sequence.

27% reply rates were achieved with the email with a longer campaign as compared with the 9% reply rates that were realized with the shorter campaign.

With this data, it is obvious that reply rates increase exponentially with more follow-up emails.  

You can increase your open rate by 22.2% by including the name of your recipient in the subject line.

A study from Adestra showed that personalizing email by including the name of a recipient in the subject line can increase your open rate by 22.2%.

Including the name of your recipient in your subject line will get the attention of the recipient and it makes the email more personalized. Email recipients will not open and read your email if they feel that they are being sent mass emails.

Increase your open and reply rate by including the names of your recipients in your subject line. Even if you don’t have a very captivating subject line, just including the name of your recipient could do the magic.

Personalized follow up emails get 6 times as many transactions

The importance of personalized emails cannot be overemphasized. Personalized emails will yield results at every stage of your email campaign.

You can get 6 times as many transactions by personalizing your emails.

You can increase your

  • open rates
  • reply rates
  • sales

by personalizing your emails at every stage of your campaign.

You can personalize your email by including the name of your recipients, the company name, the position and any other important information about your recipient.

follow up Emails with questions generate 50% more responses

A study from Boomerang showed that emails that include questions generate more replies by 50%. Questions are ways to continue a conversation because your recipients will want to answer your question, thus increasing response rates.

Boomerang found out that emails with 1 to 3 questions receive responses by 50% more than emails without questions.

To increase your response rate, make sure you engage your recipients by asking questions. Ask questions that are related to the subject of your email. Do not ask questions that are not related to the subject of your email.

Note –

These statistics help provide you with a better understanding of follow-up emails works and what you need to expect in your campaign. Doing the right thing and applying all these tips will increase your response rate and increase your sales.

As a salesperson, your target is to make more and more sales. Do not give up in your quest to achieve your desired result. Be dedicated in your quest, follow up your clients, and apply the right tips.

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