Replyify alternative, why Hupport is the best alternative cold email software

Cold email outreach is a smart strategy in which marketers, business owners, salespeople and other professionals use in reaching out to prospects and generating leads.

Marketers have taken the initiative of using cold emails to reach out to more audience and market their products & services.

Cold email software are tools used in automating cold email campaigns for effective and efficient results. With the use of cold email software, it is easy and fast to generate more leads and be more successful in your cold email campaign.

Replyify is a cold email software used to automate cold emails and follow-up emails. It is a cold email software used for marketing campaigns to generate leads and increase sales.

You can personalize your cold emails with Replyify and it helps to follow up prospects. It is a good software to use for your cold emailing campaign.

However, there is even a better cold email alternative you can use for your cold emailing campaign. It is called Hupport.

You may ask, why Hupport?

We are going to show you why Hupport is a great alternative for your cold emailing campaign.

Hupport has some great features that will be of great benefits to you in your cold marketing campaign. We are going to take a look into those features so you can have a better understanding of how Hupport works.

Features and Benefits of Hupport

  • Easily integrate and works perfectly with Gmail – Hupport integrates easily and works perfectly with Gmail. To use Hupport, all you need is a Gmail account. You can integrate it with your Gmail account and use it straight from your Gmail.
  • Availability of cold emails and follow-up templates – Hupport has more than a hundred different cold email templates you can choose from for your campaign.

These different templates include templates for guest posts, templates for content promotions, templates for lead generations, templates for PR- pitches, templates for Link-building, and so on.

From all these different templates, you can choose any template that best suits your campaign. It also has different follow-up templates that are in line with the cold email campaign.

  • Generate Leads – Hupport helps you to generate leads better than any other competitive software out there. It focuses on not only generating leads but generating quality leads. It generates leads that are of benefits to your campaign.

This means leads that have a greater probability to be converted to customers.

It does this by analyzing the behavior of prospects from what they check online, the forms they fill and other online activities they engage in.

It also sends personalized cold emails to different prospects and sends cold emails that are of relevance to different prospects. These increases its ability to generate quality leads which are easily converted to customers.

  • Intelligent auto-follow ups – Hupport has an intelligent auto-follow-up feature whereby follow-up emails are triggered by link clicked, emails opened, emails not replied and so on.

This means that once a lead clicks a link, opened an email or did not reply an opened email, the system will automatically trigger a follow-up email. This auto-follow-up system sends follow-up emails in sequence and at different designated times.

The system also detects when someone has replied and it stops the sequence of sending follow-up emails. It can also detect auto-responders and ignores them.

  • It assists sales team to be more efficient – Hupport assists your sales team to be more efficient in their job by to do all their sales email activities within the software.

From a single page, sales team can reply emails, forward and send emails with great ease. Different contacts can be easily replied and attended to from a single page within the software. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity.

  • It is easy to use – This software is very easy to use. It has easy interfaces where you can easily know what to do without any supervision. You do not need any special skill to be able to use this software.
  • It is flexible for any type of business – Hupport is flexible for any type of business. Whether your business is a start-up, growing business or big business, cold email is a great use for your campaign.

Hupport is a great use for marketers, PR personnel’s, Salespeople, Business owners, Business executives and other professionals.


Hupport is a great tool for all your cold email outreach campaign. It is used by over 150 businesses with a response rate of over 35%. This is excellent for a relatively new cold email software that is gaining so much momentum. Over 50 other organizations have partnered with Hupport and they also resell the software to other clients.

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