Alternative, why Hupport is the Best Alternative Cold Email Outreach Software

Cold email outreach software is one of the most profitable and successful ways of reaching out to prospects. Cold email software doesn’t only help to reach out to prospects, it also facilitates conversions.

Businesses have been able to increase their customers through the use of cold email outreach software. is a cold email outreach software for automating emailing campaigns. Sincerely speaking, has great features but it looks too complicated for starters. Understanding the walkthroughs of the software is quite difficult.

We also checked the price plans and we think it is quite expensive, most especially for small businesses.

For these reasons, we are recommending a better, easy to use and cheaper alternative.

Hupport is a highly recommended alternative cold email outreach software. It is a software that can be used by starters because it is very easy to understand. It is not cumbersome and its interfaces are user-friendly.

So you can have a better understanding of the usefulness of Hupport and why we recommend it as a better alternative, we will highlight its many features and functions.

Features and Functions of Hupport

Hupport has many great features and functions that are very beneficial for any type of business. Features and functions of Hupport include:

  1. Content Promotion

Using Hupport, you can promote your contents with ease. It is a platform where you can get your content out to a large number of audience.

It doesn’t just allow you to promote your contents, it also comprises of several content promotion templates that you can choose from. This makes your content promotion campaign much easier and effective.

You don’t need to crack your brain or think too much of how to create good contents for your audience. It makes the process easy and time efficient. It reduces the workload with about 80%, thereby increasing productivity.

  1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a primary feature of Hupport. It increases the number of leads you are able to convert by providing different ways to with which you can reach out to prospects.

Using Hupport, you can reach out to prospects through emails, text messages, calls, and social media. It provides you with different channels with which you can automate your lead generation.

Most other email outreach software reaches out to prospects through email along but Hupport has provided four different ways to reach out to prospects.

If you can’t reach out to prospects using regular email, you can send text messages, call them or reach them through their social media pages.

If you don’t know how to create a good lead generation email, personalized templates are available for you to choose from. 

  1. Real-time Analysis

Hupport provides a real-time analysis of your campaign to improve and enhance it. When you are writing or creating your email campaign, its real-time analytical feature analysis every word.

It prevents you from writing words that are spamming so that your emails are not dumped into spam boxes. There are some words that trigger spam, real-time analysis helps to detect spam trigger words.

It also helps to write better professional contents so that your prospects can easily read and understand your contents. 

  1. Personal Campaign Review

Hupport is not only automated, you can also have manual one-on-one transactions and communication with its team of experts.

After creating your email, or any other kind of campaign, you can send it to one of hupport team of experts for review. An expert will review your campaign and send back a screencast video of all necessary amendments or corrections.

This is done so that you can come up with the best content for your campaign. With the help of an expert, you will produce campaigns of professional qualities. 

  1. View your campaign results

Hupport allows you to view your campaign results. You will be able to know the total number of emails that you have sent. You will also know the total number of emails have been opened and replied.

You will be able to know how well your campaign is doing and if you are achieving good results or not. 

  1. Automatic follow-ups

Hupport follows up on your email campaign even when you are not available. You can schedule follow-ups based on different triggers.

Hupport allows you to schedule follow-ups with link triggers. This means when someone clicks on a certain link, it automatically triggers a sequence of follow-ups.

Your prospects or leads are periodically being sent follow-up emails until they respond. Once they respond, the sequence stops automatically. This ensures that you get responses to your emails or campaign.

  1. Sending Controls

Sending controls means controlling how emails are sent. It optimizes how your emails are sent by scheduling your emails.

You can set your emails for specific days, hours of the day or specific time. If you want to send emails every day or three times a week, you can set it in your sending calendar. You can as well set specific times that best suit your campaign.

When you schedule your emails for specific times or days, they are automatically sent according to how they are scheduled. 

  1. Powerful Integrations

You can integrate Hupport with other sales tools to enhance productivity. This allows you and your team from other departments to work as one unit.

You can communicate with other teams at other departments through it. Collaborate on leads, campaigns and so on.


Hupport has proven beyond doubt that is one of the best cold email outreach software. Even as relatively new software, it possesses great features and functions that some other already existing cold email software doesn’t possess.

It provides all the necessary functionalities that you need as a business owner to increase your customer base. It generates prospects and converts them in a relatively short amount of time. It is user-friendly and easy to use.

It is very affordable and you can request for plans and rates that perfectly suit your size of business.


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