Real Estate Email Templates to Sell more Properties 2019

Selling of properties has increasingly shifted from the traditional way of selling to digital. More buyers preferred to be contacted via email, homes can now be viewed via video, and documents can now be signed digitally.

This shift has made homes selling an easier and faster process. Today, 80% of homebuyers first conduct internet research when thinking of buying a house.

More homebuyers use the internet to find the best real estate agent.

Millennials, which are currently the largest group of homebuyers are more educated an informed, hence they prefer the digital way of buying homes rather than the traditional way.

Email campaigns or marketing is strategy real estate agents or realtors use in reaching out to prospective homebuyers.

With email marketing, real estate agents can reach out to more numbers of prospective homebuyers and complete deals in a relatively short time.

Writing an effective email that will produce good results might be challenging for some agents.

For your campaign to be effective and produce good results, your email should contain vital information and tips that are sure to capture the attention and interest of your prospects.

We have put together this list of some of the most effective real estate email templates that will help you to effectively reach out to prospective homebuyers and sell more properties.

Real Estate Email Templates to sell more properties

Under Contract Email Template

This is an email a real estate agent will send to a prospective homebuyer to inform him/her that a house is no longer up for sale but quickly provide an alternative.

It is a way an agent can systematically show a prospective buyer of list and pictures of houses that are available for sale.

The agent can also use this medium to create an urgency for the houses available as they can be sold to another buyer at any time.

Below is an example of an under contract email template:

Subject line: The home at [Address] went quick, however, I have more!

Hi [Prospect],

A debt of gratitude for making yourself available for Saturday’s open house at [address]. It was a delight meeting you. I’m sorry to inform you that this house is no longer available for sale.

I realize that can be frustrating, however, I have great news for you. There are other beautiful homes available for purchase at that same area. I’d be glad to organize an early showing for you so that you can check them out.

Homes at that particular neighborhood are in high demand, hence I will advise that you be ready to close a deal ASAP. However, I promise to do my own part to secure a beautiful home for you


[Your name]

New Listing Email

This is an email sent to prospects informing them of newly available homes that are up for sale.

Your email should be engaging and interesting. Add URL links of the properties you want to show to your prospects.

You need to know that your prospects can as well go online and check on sites that sell properties. To make your email more effective, you need to personalize your email to suit the need of your prospects.

Ask questions to know exactly the kind of homes your prospects want and make available what they want.

Below is an example of a new listing email template:

Subject line: Check out these fantastic homes you’d love!

Hello [prospect name],

I’m aware that you are in search of a [type of home] to buy. Here are some fantastic homes that meet your exact criteria.

Click on the link for each house to have a detailed view of each of the houses.

  • [Add link of house 1]
  • [Add link of house 2]
  • [Add link of house 3]
  • [Add link of house 4]
  • [Add link of house 5]
  • [Add link of house 6]
  • [Add link of house 7]

I am available to show you any of these houses at your convenient time. Let me know if you will like a private showing of any of these houses. I also have more available homes if none of these meet your expectations.

I will be expecting your reply.


[your name]

Low-Interest rate

This email is aimed at encouraging prospective homebuyer to make purchases by providing them with low-interest rates.

There are some prospective homebuyers that are willing to buy houses but are been discouraged by high-interest rates.

Making a prospective homebuyer feel at ease by providing a low-interest rate will definitely increase your chances of seal a deal.

Below is an example of a low-interest rate email template:

Subject line: Don’t miss this opportunity!

Hello [prospect name],

How are you doing?

You have a great opportunity to own a house with an interest rate as low as [%]. Sounds fantastic right!

I thought you’d be interested in this one in a lifetime opportunity to own a home. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting offer, feel free to give me a call at [insert number].

You can also check out some available homes and their prices.

Here are some beautiful homes you’d like:

  • [link to home 1]
  • [link to home 2]
  • [link to home 3]

I will be expecting your call.


[your name]

Testimonial email

This is a strategy used in luring prospective homebuyers to buy homes by leveraging on the testimonies of your other clients.

Most prospective homebuyers want to be sure that you are a reputable real estate agent and they can trust you. The reviews and testimonies from your existing clients will help them to make a decision to buy from you.

You can do this by linking them to your review pages and website so that they can read reviews of other homebuyers that bought from you.

Below is an example of a testimonial email template:

Subject line: A trial will convince you!

Hi [Prospect name],

I am aware that picking a real estate agent can be intense and finding the correct fit is a standout amongst the most significant choices you can make.

Real estate agents toss around a lot of details about purchasing and selling homes, however, it comes down to individuals searching for the best homes to build a family.

To help you better understand how this process works, I needed to share a story from a client, (client name).

(Insert customer testimonial)

You can also check my Yelp review page to view more of my happy client’s review. [insert Yelp link].

In case you’re keen on figuring out how I can enable you to locate an ideal fit as I did for (client name), let’s schedule a meeting to discuss more on this.

How does next week Friday, from 4 pm – 5 pm sounds?


[Your name]

Thank you Email

As a real estate agent, you can make more sales by creating loyal clients through a thank you email. People that bought houses from you have choices to buy from other real estate agents but they choose to buy from you, so you should be grateful and thank them.

You can also use the opportunity to ask your clients to refer more buyers to you. Happy customers will gladly refer other people to you, hence you should always thank your buyers and ask them for referrals. This is a strategy you can use in making more sales as a real estate agent.

Below is an example of a thank you email template:

Subject line: Thank you for your patronage!

Hello (client name),

How are you doing? I hope you’re settling well into your new home and enjoying the environment.

I want to thank you specially for choosing to buy your property from me. It is an honour and a pleasure having you as a client. I hope this is the beginning of more business deals between us.

If there is anything you’d like to know or you have any questions, do feel free to contact me at any time. As a happy client, I presume you will have some friends that are also looking for an opportunity to own a home. Please, do refer them to me and for every house they buy you will get a commission.

Once again, it’s a pleasure doing business with you. Do enjoy your new home.

[your name]

Follow-up email

Maybe you met a prospective homebuyer at an event, a house opening or you had a brief meeting with him/her, a follow-up email will further help in securing a closed deal.

If you met at an event, reference the event so the prospective buyer can know where exactly he/she met you. If you already had a brief meeting concerning the purchase of a house, reiterate on the topic and continue on your course.

The idea of this email is to prompt the prospective buyer into buying by hinting on the benefits and advantages of buying the house.

Below is an example of a follow-up email template:

Subject line: Nice to meet you at [event]

Hello [prospect name],

It was nice to meet you [date] at [event]. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it and you learned a lot.

From our last conversation, I understood that you are interested in acquiring a [house type and description]. I am glad to let you know that I have a house that perfectly fits into what you want.

Would you like to go check out the house?

I will be available this Saturday from 3 pm – 5 pm. Will you be available at this time?


[your name]

Asking Questions Email

This is an email you send to a prospective homebuyer asking him/her or making inquiries of the type of house he/she is looking to buy.

In this email, you ask the prospective buyer what he or she wants. You have the opportunity to show the prospective buyer your expertise and assure him or her that you can make available the type of house he/she desires.

Here is an example of such email template:

Subject line: What type of house is your dream home?

Hello [prospect name],

It was great to meet you at the open house at [address] [date].

I’m aware you will like to own a house. There are a few beautiful houses I will like to show to you but first I need to know the kind of house you desire.

Could you please answer these few questions to help me learn exactly the kind of house you are looking for?

  • What type of house do you prefer?
  • How many rooms are you looking at?
  • What are the amenities do you desire in the house?

If there are any other things you will like do feel free to let me know. All this information will help me in providing you with a house that is a right fit for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Here’s my phone number [insert phone number].


[your name]

Referral email

Here, you are sending emails to clients, prospective buyers and other people asking them to refer people who are interested in buying a house to you.

As a real estate agent, you can’t know everybody that is interested in buying a house. There must be somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that wants to buy a house.

A referral email campaign will help you connect with prospective buyers more than you can do all by yourself.

In your referral program, you should provide incentives that will encourage your recipient into referring a buyer to you.

Below is an example of a referral email template:

Subject line: Refer a buyer and get 5% commission!

Hello [name],

I’m a real estate agent and I’m conducting a referral program that will benefit you. All you need to do is to refer a buyer to me and you get 5% commission of the cost of the house.

It may sound too good to be true but it is 100% genuine. Refer friends, colleagues, family members and anyone whom you know wants to buy a house and you get a commission of 5%.

If you like to learn more about this, please feel free to contact me. Here is my phone number [insert phone number].


[your name]


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