Outlook Read Receipt without a Recipient knowing

An Outlook read receipt is a notification feature in outlook that notifies or request a recipient to send a read receipt to the sender.

It allows the sender to know if the email sent has been opened by the recipient.

If you send an email to someone, the read receipt is a way that Outlook informs you that the person has opened your email.

It could get annoying when a recipient keeps receiving a read-receipt request all the time.

The recipient will have to click “Yes” all the time to give permission to Outlook to send a read receipt to you.

Your recipients could find this annoying any may opt-out of your mailing list.

There is a way you can prevent this by setting up a read receipt without your recipient knowing.

This can be known as the anonymous way of tracking emails.

You will be able to track all your emails anonymously without your recipients knowing about it.

The tracking runs silently at the background without notifying your recipients.

Your recipients do not need to give permission to track the emails you sent to them.

They do not need to give permission for a read receipt to be sent to you.

Before we go further, let’s look at the reasons and benefit of tracking emails.

Reasons and benefits of tracking emails

1. It allows you to know who opened your email

Sending emails to your email list is one thing but if your recipients do not open your emails, you will not achieve any good results with your campaign.

With email tracking or read receipt, you will be able to know who opened your email and the number of recipients that opened your emails.

It also allows you to know the kind of contents or emails that have the highest open rates.

It helps you to know what your email recipients are more interested in.

For example, if you observe that a recipient always open emails on properties, mortgage loans, or realtors, it could be a sign that the person is interested in purchasing a property.

2. It helps you focus on hot leads

If you do not track your emails, you will not know who is interested or not.

Sending emails to tens of thousands of people will take a lot of time and resources.

When you track your emails, you will be able to know prospects that are interested.

It will also help you to know the most active prospects or leads to focus on.

This helps you to save time and be more productive by focusing on positive leads.

A recipient that opened your email more times and click on a link is hotter than a recipient who does not open your email or only opened once without clicking on a link.

Focusing on the hot leads save you time, resources and energy.

3. It provides you with insights on how to improve your campaign

Have you sent emails to your list and after some time you observe you’re your subscribers are reducing?

Did you notice a decrease in the numbers of subscribers after sending a particular content?

This could be a sign that most of your contacts do not like the information you are sending to them or they are not interested in what you are offering.

It may also be that you are not doing the right thing.

By tracking your email, you will be able to know how your prospects interact with your contents over a period of time.

You will be able to know if the numbers of opened emails were increasing or decreasing during a specific period and what could possibly lead to increment or reduction.

It may be that you are not providing quality contents, your designs and layouts are not impressive or you are not offering the right services that your recipients need.

It provides you with insights into the things you are not doing well and how you can improve.

4. It helps you take the right actions at the right time

At what point did you observe an increase in the open rates of a prospect?

What is your next course of action when a prospect opened your email?

By tracking your emails, you will be able to know the right actions to take at every given point in time.

It helps you take the right actions at the right time so that you don’t miss an opportunity.

For example, when a recipient opened a cold email, this gives you a heads up that it is the right time to send a follow-up email.

5. It increases your conversion rates

Tracking emails increase your conversion rates by helping you to focus on positive prospects.

It takes a longer time to convert a prospect that is not interested in what you are offering but a shorter time to convert an interested prospect.

When you track your emails, it helps you to focus on leads that are interested in what you are offering and convert them to customers in a relatively short time.

How to read receipt on Outlook without recipients knowing?

You can track an email anonymously in Outlook without requesting a read receipt from your email recipients.

This process is very simple, all you need to do is simply tick the Track Email and Track Hyperlinks at the top left side of your Outlook page.

After you tick on them, you can type your email and send to your recipients.

You will be notified in real-time when someone opened your email on the new sidebar at the right side of your Outlook.

You can as well untick the Delivery and Read receipt confirmation under Tracking.

You can do this by following these steps below:

Step 1: Open Outlook, on the File menu, select Options and click on Mail.

Step 2: Under Tracking, untick both checkboxes, which are the “Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient’s e-mail server” and the “Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message”.

Step 3: Click “OK”.


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