20 networking cold email subject lines that gets 90% or more Open Rate

Writing an email subject which will make your audience to open the mail is like an art.

The subject is the first aspect that a person notices in a mail. If the subject is weak, then there is more probability that, that person won’t even open that mail because he or she won’t be interested in it.

Hence, you will have very little space to attract their interest in order to open that mail.

Otherwise, all the efforts that you are putting in the mail will be wasted even if the body of that mail has every relevance to the target audience. Following are few tips by which you can write a subject that will create enough interest in the mind of the reader so that he will open the mail.

This factor becomes more important in case of networking emails as in order to continue the growth of the community, you have to add more users taking the reference of the existing one as the base more or less. Hence, you will need to be very careful while writing the mail so that, these emails are opened, and the recipient is interested in the body of the mail instead of just considering it as spam and throw it into the trash bin. Following are few email subjects which will intrigue any user to open and read the mail.


Networking cold email subject lines #1: “Referred by [name] to discuss [topic]”:

The key to attracting the attention of the user is to keep it on a somewhat personal level. When you are mentioning a friend or relative or a colleague of the recipient, then there’s an already established connection due to which the receiver of the mail will be interested to open the e-mail. This is how most e-mails nowadays try to engage more user. Since there’s already some friends or the family in that platform, there’s more probability that the recipient of the e-mail will also join the platform since there are already similar figures there. This not only helps in increasing the opening rate of the emails, but it can also help you in getting lots of new signups for your platform.

Networking cold email subject lines #2: “Follow [name] from your college:

This is the type of emails that one should adopt while sending out for any type of social networking. We always have an attachment towards the school or colleges that we once studied and we like to keep in touch with the people who we have studied on most occasions. By this mail, you are sending out the opportunity to make a communication with the friends again. Generic social networking may not have much effect but when you name someone with whom the recipient has studied or gone to college in the past, it will surely make the great case for opening the mail and then make the follow-up.

Networking cold email subject lines #3: “Fellow [name] who would love to connect:”

After a user joins the platform, you can send out different emails with his name on referral. For example, if you have a social networking platform, then you can send e-mails with him as the reference. As it has been already mentioned above, a generic mail may not create that much of interest in the mind of the reader but if there is any type of personal element associated with it, then you can be almost sure that the person will open that mail. This is the beauty of having a personal element associated with a mail. Even if the person isn’t the type who opens mail, if there is any type of personal aspect associated, he will open it.

Networking cold email subject lines #4: “Hey there, [name]!”:

Sometimes you may want to keep things simple and follow a straight forward approach. In a busy schedule, people often have less time to go through all the emails and if it is too lengthy, then they may skip it altogether. Straight-forward emails do come handy in these scenarios. They are very easy to spot on and by keeping things simple, they attract the users. You may not need to send e-mails with complexity in it every time. In certain scenarios, a simple one is enough to send the message. Especially if you are doing a follow up of another mail.

Networking cold email subject lines #5: “Aspiring [Position]—Would Love to Ask You a Few Questions”:

For career networking platforms, the secret to success lies in the factor of engaging the users with various types of information in both the ways. You will have to give out some information based on his field and also seek various feedback from him or her. In this way, you can have to build a bond with the users. This type of mail will be opened by people who are searching for greater opportunities and wouldn’t mind giving a bit of time in order to answer various questions regarding the subject.

Networking cold email subject lines #6: “Let’s get social:

For social networking, the opening rate goes much higher with two types of components in it. First one is if you can refer to someone personal of the recipient and the second one is to keep the things simple enough to get the conversation going. You can simply use “Let’s get social” or “let’s get social with [name]” which will create enough interest in the mind of the reader to open that mail just by reading the subject. It is a very effective technique which has a very high chance of the mail of opening up.

Networking cold email subject lines #7: “We’re on [platform name], are you?

After establishing the brand, you can use that brand image to attract even more users. Upon establishing, there will be a buzz among the people and over the progress of time, even people who are unaware about you will start to develop to a certain level of curiosity. This is the phase when sending out these emails will greatly benefit you. Since they are already curious about your brand, this e-mail will give them the push that they might have required in order to join. Hence, via this, you aren’t only influencing in the mail opening rate but you have the potential to earn even more users.

Networking cold email subject lines #8: “What’s happening @[name]”:

Similar to above, this subject line also has tremendous potential to open up the mail. You do not require to put everything on the subject line itself but you will want to create a sensation of mystery so that one is curious enough to open up the mail. This e-mail subject along with the buzz that is associated with the brand will attract users.

Networking cold email subject lines #9: “Completely Agree With Your Thoughts on [Topic]:”

Acceptance is the key to establish personal strings which eventually helps in further communication. When you are appreciating someone with any type of element that is associated with them for example, perhaps an article they have written, then there is a higher chance that they will open up the mail and further communication will flow naturally. Hence, referring with work of someone is a great way to inspire someone to open up the mails.

Networking cold email subject lines #10: Looking for advice from an [industry] expert:

Excluding the typical social networking, there are also other communities which are specific to the particular industry. These networkings are based upon some specific subject, for example, programming or learning a language as such. In these cases, most people are there to help each other. And you can make further communication by asking any queries. This will not only boost the opening rate but you can also make a way for further communications with the recipient.

Networking cold email subject lines #11: “Your friend [name] has just joined [platform]:

You can send out invitations via mail when someone signs up to the platform. The subject line in these emails will contain the reference of the person who has just joined in. This way, you can differentiate your mail from thousands of others out there and it will look more of a personal rather than looking spammy. And this will also enhance the chance of opening up the mails.

Networking cold email subject lines #12: “[name] has shared some interesting [stories/photos] on….”

People are always interested in what’s going around them especially if it is about someone they are closed with. In various social platforms, users often upload pictures or other stories and also share them. You can use this aspect in the subject line of the e-mails so that you can also take a part in the process. When it is about some stories or maybe pictures that someone close have uploaded, then it generally creates a curiosity feeling and this will propel the user to open the mail.

Networking cold email subject lines #13: “can you help [name] on [question/query]?”

This subject lines especially holds true for networking which has question/answer type of architecture. As it has been said above, people in this platform are there to share knowledge about various subjects and hence, by mentioning a topic that the recipient might have interest in, you are inspiring the reader to open up the mail. This way, you are also building your userbase including the content in your platform. As more users will rush in, there will be unique contents available in your platform which will bring traffic of more new users.

Networking cold email subject lines #14: “Loved our chat. Just following up from [place]”

Follow up of various previous mails is as important as the new ones as these follow up emails will get the conversation going. In networking sites, be it social or professional, there will be various interactions that will take place regarding various queries be it technical or non-technical. Follow up emails with reference to the previous conversation is always a good point to start.

Networking cold email subject lines #15: “Follow [name] on [platform]:”

As it has been already mentioned, you can create a buzz with the subject line such as this. As friends or relatives will join the platform, you’ll have more chance of other people opening up the mails when you can refer the ones that are already on the platform. It is important to convey a personal touch when you are sending those emails in order to make yourself different from others out there.

Networking cold email subject lines #16: “Met you at [event]. Let’s connect!”

For events where you have previously met someone, you can offer to meet them again with an eye catchy subject. Since there’s already some level of communication happened before, these emails have a better chance of opening up by the potential readers. This helps in increasing the base in a social networking platform where various events are also held from time to time. As time progresses, there will be some amount of commitment will also be developed which will make it easier for any follow-up.

Networking cold email subject lines #17: “[Topic] is a passion of mine, too!”

While sending out the e-mails to the recipients, you will want to gain the attraction by mentioning something in the subject which will make them interested in the mail. Sharing some common interest or topic is always a great place to start with. Via this, you can influence the person to open up the mails since he will also be interested in those same topics.

Networking cold email subject lines #18: “Hey [recipient’s], this is [your name]”

If you have previously met someone, then this subject line in the email will be perfect for you. You can refer to the previous interactions in the body but most importantly, since there’s already an established communication, these emails are opened by the recipient.

Networking cold email subject lines #19: “[Referrer] recommended I get in touch:”

When you mention a referrer, you always increase the chance of opening up the mail. Since the recipient knows the referrer already, he will have a tendency to follow-up it via opening the mail after reading the subject. Hence, when you can, you can always make a connection with the referrer so that the recipient has some interest in the mail.

Networking cold email subject lines #20:“Fellow [university] alum looking to connect”

friends from school/college will always have a special place in anyone’s life. When you are mentioning the college or school or university that the recipient went, there will be an increased chance of opening up the mails.

Generally, it is a bit hard to differentiate any mail to the thousands of others out there. But by writing creative subject lines such as above you can differentiate yourself from others and hence, will also encourage the recipient to open it.

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