When you are sending cold outreach emails, you should also be aware that each host has its own limitation to sending the sending of emails. These Email sending limits can range from hourly limits, daily limits, as well as limits per minute.

So if you are sending cold outreach email without actually being aware of the limitations placed by your email providers, then your email account can actually be blocked by the email service provider without you knowing it.

Some email service providers will actually block your email account for 24 hours or more. So in order to smoothly run your email campaigns as planned,  you should be aware of your limits and set up the delivery time as well as the total number of emails and the targets that you wish to send to, keeping in mind these limits.

If your cold outreach emails are actually spam emails or if they are considered as spam by the recipient to whom you are sending these emails, then your email account will be automatically blocked before you can actually send your emails and reach your daily sending limit.

If you wish to avoid being blocked,  then to pay attention to the deliverability of your email.

So if you schedule several follow-ups during your email campaign, there will be both first touches cold outreach emails that are queued up every day, as well as they, will also be the follow up cold outreach emails queued up for the day.

You can be guaranteed that with all the overlapping of the scheduled types of cold outreach emails, the limits placed on the number of emails that you can send per day by your service provider will be easily exceeded.

The same thing happens if you are sending several email campaigns and cold outreach emails by making use of the same email address at the exact same time for all those emails.

The limitation placed by the Gmail service provider:

The daily limit set by the Gmail service provider is 500 emails per day. In regard to the cold outreach emails that can be sent every hour, there is no official information. However, it is best to send only 20 messages every hour from your free Gmail account, and not more than that.

Additional information in regard to the limitations and blocking of your Gmail account in case you exceed the limit:

In any event, if you exceed the limitations placed by an email service provider in sending cold outreach emails as mentioned above, then your Gmail account will automatically be blocked for a maximum period of 24 hours.

It is generally not recommended to send cold out read emails and to plan and organize email campaigns from just a regular free Gmail account.

However, it is best recommended to set up your own address on a separate domain by employing the services of G suite. G suite is Google’s business email service provider.

This offers you much better opportunities in terms of the volume of cold out treats emails that you can send and it also offers you much better control over your emails as well as the settings for email sending.

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