If you just have launched your business, then it is very important for you to let your prospects to know about the services or products that you are offering. On the other hands, if you want to fulfill the dream of working with a big client, then you need to initiate a conversation.

In all of these scenarios, prospects are not familiar with you and so directly calling them can’t be a workable idea because most of the clients just ignore such types of calls. A breakthrough idea in this regard is to send cold emails to these prospects. However, it is crucial to hire an advanced and updated platform to accomplish this task successfully.

What is Mailshake.com?

Mailshake is a very popular and reputed email outreach tool that provides ranges of facilities that you have requirements for scaling white hat linking building. Mailshake emphasizes user experience and this quality has made it a great outreach tool on this contemporary market.

Mailshake makes of incredible facilities, such as mail merge as well as auto follow-ups for making the procedure of email outreach effective and fast. No live chat is there, however, a reliable and fast email support is there, accompanied by response time generally in 1-2 days. Users can choose from the collection of the vast range of pre-written messages (alternatively you can also save your own) of Mailshake. They will ask users a couple of easy questions and thus prepare a customized email for the campaign of the users.

Mailshake.com – Features

Mailshake is equipped with a number of great features, such as follows:

Automatic Follow-Ups:

Mailshake is able to schedule emails or follow-ups that have been prompted by link clicks. This incredible platform prevents the sequence after the detection of a reply. It manages to unsubscribe requests as well as it ignores auto-responders.

Built for Teams:

It can be connected to a number of teams, as per your choice and can send invitations to others for collaborating on the respective campaigns.


Mailshake makes use of merge fields for customizing your messages quickly. It can preview each and every email and perform edits in an efficient manner.

Sending Controls:

The feature of sending calendar helps in optimizing how emails will be sent. It also allocates the hours of the day, block out the weekends, and also set the respective spacing rules.

Monitoring Clicks, Replies, and Others:

Through the platform of Mailshake, you can observe stats and charts on the performance of your messages. You can also scroll through the present activity or observe any recipient for having an entire history, such as sent emails as well as replies that you have received.

Lead Catcher:

Mailshake is helpful in responding to leads straightforwardly inside Mailshake. It can configure that can count in the form of a lead (two opens, a reply, etc) and manage them in a particular single queue.

Powerful Integrations:

With the help of Zapier, users can get associated with Mailshake. It is capable of creating Google Form for sending Mailshake campaigns, for sending Mailshake leads into Salesforce and lots more.

An Incredible API:

Each and every team can make use of the enthralling API of Mailshake for adding recipients to campaigns, creating leads as well as giving the reaction in real-time to clicks, opens, replies, and so on.

Mailshake.com – Pricing Plans

The Pricing Plans of Mailshake are as following:

Basic: The price of this plan is $19 per mo/user. It offers the facilities specified below:

  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Customization
  • Email open, reply and click tracking
  • Advanced scheduling and throttling
  • Respond to leads (Lead Catcher)
  • CRM integrations via Zapier
  • Automated follow-ups

Pro: The price of this specific plan is $39 per mo/user. The facilities of this plan are as follows:

Each and every basic feature with A/B testing (coming soon), filter campaigns by the teammate, Higher API limits, Conversion tracking JavaScript, and 5,000 free list-cleaning credits each month.

Extras: This plan will clean the email lists for maximizing the deliverability. The price of this particular plan is $10 per 5,000 recipients.

In the case of the Yearly plan, the price structure is as follows:

The Basic plan will be at $17 per mo/user and the Pro plan will be $35 per mo/user.

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a great simple solution for the purpose of cold emails. It is capable of generating leads, building relationships, and promoting content. The only requirement is a Google account. The incredible features of Hupport are as follows:

Email Tracking:

Hupport provides the great facilities of Email tracking, reading notifications as well as Templates inside the Gmail and Outlook interface of the users.

Mail Merging:

Hupport sends customized emails to various prospects tirelessly and receives click through rate along with campaign performance reports.

Auto Follow-Up:

It is capable of sending automated follow-up emails at the maximum of 10 stages, accompanied by the facility of mail merging and users can expect to obtain up to 100% response rate.

Document Tracking:

It allows you in sending, tracking, controlling, engaging, and presenting collateral, accompanied by functional document analytics.

In order to achieve maximum success in a cold email campaign, it is crucial to choose a perfect cold email platform that can take of the workload regarding this campaign on its shoulder and help you in achieving a great success. Hupport is an ideal platform to expect a great result and reach the sky of success.

Why is Hupport better than mailshake.com?

The incredible platform of Hupport is a very budget-friendly in just $10/user. The Hupport is the cheapest platform that offers each and every feature without any restriction.

An online business has a great requirement of a successful cold email campaign, however, amidst so many works and tight schedule, it hardly becomes possible to manage cold email campaign individually. Hence, it is very important to choose a great platform for your cold email campaign and Hupport is an appropriate platform in this regard. Its incredible features, accompanied by a budget-friendly investment had made this platform a great one.

Getting success in a cold email is not much easy, however, with the help of an efficient platform like Hupport you can expect to achieve something big.

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