How to use PS in emails and how to write PS in Sales Emails

What is the meaning of PS?

PS stands for Postscript. It is an additional statement that is written after an email or a letter has been completed.

It is an important statement that is written after the body of a letter or an email.

A postscript is written for it to be taken note of. It is separated from the body of a letter so that it can be easily noted and remembered.

Postscript can also be added at the end of a letter or an email.

It is an important afterthought that is added for emphasis.

PS spared us from editing or revamp a whole letter just to incorporate a vital bit of hindsight.

In any case, email enables us to return and alter before sending. In fact, we could stay away from the utilization of PS by and large in electronic correspondence.

PS is as yet valuable for impact, and it’s an incredible method to get a particular point took note.

Despite the fact that the Internet has made us a culture of skimmers instead of individuals who read things like email in exactly the same words, we will in general notice what’s toward the start and end of a content.

Would you be able to think about when you didn’t peruse the PS in an email you thought enough about to open?

Insights once demonstrated that individuals who opened a standard mail letter would peruse the PS first.

How to use PS in emails

PS is used in emails for different purposes and reasons. Marketers, salespeople and so on, add PS to their emails for different reasons.

Let’s take a look at the purposes of PS in emails.

  • To create urgency

You can use PS to create urgency in an email. Maybe you are sending an email as a marketer to prospects and you want your prospects to check out your website.

If you just write an email without a PS, your prospects may read the whole email and not take proper notice of your intentions.

Adding a PS at the end of your email clearly and stating what you want, your prospects will more likely visit your website.

The urgency of your postscript statement will prompt your prospects into immediate actions.

  • Additional thought that stands out

Maybe you have one noteworthy objective for your business at some random time.

It may build offers of another item, increasing online life devotees, changing over email supporters into steadfast clients.

Whatever that objective is, you ought to always be moving in the direction of it.

Be that as it may, it isn’t constantly conceivable to bring it up normally inside the body of an email.

So when you utilize a P.S, you can include an additional thought that doesn’t need to essentially fit with the primary message.

  • Use as a Hook

Postscript can also be used as a hook to get your recipient to do the things you want him or her to do.

It can be used as a bait to catch your email recipient.

In every email, the two centers of attraction are the beginning of the email and the end of the email.

Use postscript as a hook by adding a URL link that when your recipients clicks on it, it takes them directly to your website page.

Your postscript should be clearly written out to easily get the attention of your reader.

  • Use for promotions

P.S can as well be used to promote your products and services.

It helps to keep things afresh in the mind of your email recipients. If there are any special offers or promotional activities, it is an avenue to better relate them with your recipients.

Promoting your product and services using P.S increases the emphasis placed and enable your recipient to easily take notice.

  • Use for plea

P.S can be used as a smart move to seek for favors from your recipient.

Maybe you want some donations for a course or you want to raise funds to finance something very important.

Asking for donations is never easy. A well-crafted P.S can increase your chances of success.

Clearly make your intentions known and put all your words into writing.

  • To share testimonials

P.S can also be used to share testimonials about products and services.

Most buyers need to see good testimonials before they will decide to make a purchase.

You can use P.S for your advantage by sharing testimonials about your product and clearly stating its benefits.

It is an effective way to increase sales.

How to write PS in sales emails

Here are some ways on how you can write PS in sales emails;

Example 1:

Subject Line: Check this out!! – A 100% regular healthy skin item

Hey [recipient’s name]

Our organization is [company name], we are into production of healthy skin items that are produced using 100% characteristic assets.

We are a standout amongst the best normal healthy skin generation organization and our items are altogether appraised astounding.

As somebody that pays attention to her skin, we figure you may be particularly inspired by our item.

A preliminary will persuade you. You can approach us on [your office line]. On the off chance that conceivable, we will be happy to convey our items down to your office.

P.S: Check out our products on [URL link]

[Your name]

Example 2:

Subject Line: Proposal to build up a business computerization apparatus your company

Hi [Your beneficiary name]

We are an I.T organization that is into the improvement and formation of cutting edge computerization programming that mechanizes distinctive hierarchical exercises to spare time and increment profitability.

As the executive of offers in your organization, we thought to get in touch with you concerning utilizing our business computerization device to streamline your business exercises, increment profitability and spare time.

We completed an examination on your organization and we discovered that your business exercises are as yet being run physically.

This has extraordinarily backed off profitability and decrease deals in your organization.

We are sending this email to you to advise you that we are all around furnished with the freshest I.T advancements and we can help robotize your business exercises to expand efficiency.

You will encounter immensely deals in a brief timeframe.

P.S: We can talk about further on this by having a one-on-one meeting with you. You can also contact us on [business line]

[Your name]

Example 3:

Subject Line: I guarantee this will be of extraordinary advantage to you

Hi [name of recipient]

Our organization [name of your company], is engaged with [what your organization is all about]. We have been instrumental in the accomplishment of our organizations, for example, [name other companies].

As a developing firm, we recognize the way that you are achievement centered, this is the reason we are sending this email to tell you that we can be of colossal help to the development of your organization.

We made satisfactory research and we discovered that a few regions in your organization, for example, [areas that need amendments] have a few difficulties which should be taken a shot at. We can give satisfactory answers to those spilling zones.

P.S: Here are some testimonials from some of our clients [ testimonials URL link]

[Your name]

Example 4:

Subject Line: Have you Tested our Live Chat?

Hi [name of recipient]

We are software developers and we develop software that improves productivity for both start-ups and big companies.

As an SEO-based company, you can boost your conversion rate by using our live chat enabled tool.

It can be integrated on your website. You will be able to have personal one-on-one chats with your website visitors. This can increase your click-through rates and conversion rates.


[Your name]

P.S: You can get more insights on how this works on [URL link]

Example 5:

Subject Line: A novel you will like to get

Hi [recipient name]

Here is the framework for my proposed new novel titled “The deep blue sea”. It’s a decent long diagram, running admirably more than seventy pages.

I surmise you can’t pitch it to any distributor until I compose a bundle of test sections, yet in any case, this is what I’ll be really going after for a long while.

On the off chance that you’d like to indicate that would obviously approve of me.

Something else, cling to this layout while I proceed from my carbon.

Tell me what you consider it, and in the interim, I’ll update you as often as possible regarding how I’m accompanying the novel itself.

[Your name]

P.S. This is one of the best novels ever composed.


P.S can be used for different purposes and in different emails. It lays emphasis on the body of your email and better swift your recipient into action.
It is an effective email sales and marketing strategy that you can leverage on for a better result.

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