How to Follow Up with HR and Recruiters After a Career Fair

Career fair and networking events allow you to meet with recruiters and HR of different companies.

When searching for a job, career fairs are places you can have the opportunity to meet with HR’s and recruiters of different organizations.

As a fresh graduate, it can be difficult to get jobs online because you may not have the experience that qualifications that was stated as a prerequisite to get the job.

When you attend career fairs, you meet HR’s and recruiters face-to-face. You communicate with them and as such, they access your suitability for the job on a personal level rather than paper qualification.

Career fairs provide you with the opportunity to impress recruiters with what you know and with what you can do on a personal level.

You have more chances of securing a job when you attend a career fair rather than applying online because a lot of people are also applying online, increasing the competition and reducing your chances.

You may also not hear back from the company you applied online too.

It is easier to make a personal connection with HR’s and recruiters in a career fair.

At a career fair, you can personally tender your resume to recruiters and they will personally see to it that your resume is attended to.

For you to increase your chances of securing a job, you need to follow up on HR’s and recruiters after a career fair. This is because they are busy people and might forget about you if you don’t keep them reminded.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can follow up on HR and recruiters after a career fair:

Properly Introduce Yourself

The first thing you need to do for recruiters to easily remember you when you follow up is to properly introduce yourself to them when you are at the fair or event.

HR’s and recruiters are going to meet many people at the fair, people will be introducing themselves to them and they will be overwhelmed.

You need to properly introduce yourself and bring up conversations at are meaningful and interesting so that you will catch their attention.

Apart from mentioning your name and your qualifications, you should bring up a topic that distinguishes you from the crowd. Say things that will easily make the recruiter remember you when you are following up.

Do not forget to ask for their business card so that you will have more information about them and how to contact them directly.

Take a few notes after your Conversation with the Recruiter

After your conversation with the recruiter, take a few notes.

The note will serve as a reference to the recruiter when you are writing your follow-up email.

Recruiters will talk to many job seekers and you will also talk to many recruiters at the fair.

Taking notes will make you remember exactly what you and a particular recruiter talked about, which will help you in your follow-up later on.

Reflecting on the conversation will trigger new questions you may want to ask the recruiter and also the recruiter will easily remember you.

Explore the Company’s Website to find Additional Information

Before a recruiter will hire you, he/she will first access how well you know about his/her company.

A recruiter wants to be sure that you have done your homework and research before considering to hire you.

This is why before you follow up after meeting a recruiter at a career fair, you need to do research and explore the company’s website to know what they do and their mode of operation.

You can get up-close and personal by writing down the names of directors and managers of the department you want to work in. This will give you an added advantage over other job seekers.

Write a Professional and Personalized Email

After you have explored and research deeply about the company, then you need to write a professional and personalized email.

Here are the things that should be contained in your email:

  • First, create a specific and professional subject line. This will make the recruiter, know exactly what the email is about.
  • Use a professional opening and mention the name of the recruiter. For example, “Hello Mr. John”.
  • In the first paragraph, you need to mention the name of the career fair where you met with the recruiter. You also need to mention your name and something you talked about with the recruiter. Thank the recruiter for the time he/she spent talking with you at the fair. This will remind the recruiter who exactly you are.
  • If you told the recruiter at the fair that you will be sending your resume, state it in the email and let him/her know that you have done that. Your first passage ought to be 2 or 3 sentences.
  • In the second paragraph, make any inquiries you have dependent on the discussion or data you assembled from exploring the company’s site.
  • In the event that you don’t have any inquiries, notice specific things that intrigued you and clarify why. Your second section ought to likewise be 2 or 3 sentences.
  • In the third paragraph, let the recruiter know the particular position you are applying for. Mention some important qualities or skills that you think make you a befitting candidate for the position. Also, note that your resume is attached for their reference.
  • In the last paragraph, include a closing by saying thanks to them once more. Let the recruiter know that you will be expecting to hear from him/her and you will also check back with him/her

At the end of the email, use a professional closing, then go down two lines and write your full name.


Attach Your Resume

After you have written your email, then attach your resume.

Your resume should be in the form of PDF. Even if you have given your resume in paper form to the recruiter at the career fair, it is advisable to attach it to your email because the recruiter might have misplaced it.

Send Follow-up email within 48 hours of the Career Fair

Don’t wait for too long before sending a follow-up email because the recruiter might have given the job to someone else by then.

Send a follow-up email within 48 hours of meeting the recruiter at the fair.


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