Growbots alternative, why Hupport is the best alternative cold email outreach software

Reaching out to prospects and converting them through a process until they become active customers is the primary duty of every sales and marketing person.

Growbots is a cold email software for reaching out to prospects and automate outbound sales. According to their website, Growbots automate outbound sales in three steps before you are able to improve your campaign results by just 40%.

Going through three steps on a campaign just to get a less than average result is not encouraging judging from every standard.

For this reason, we recommend a better and best alternative cold email software.

The best alternative cold email software we recommend is Hupport.

Hupport is a relatively new cold email software that provides excellent results for your cold email campaign. It has a lot of great and profitable features that facilitate your cold email campaign to yield far more than average results.

It doesn’t only help to generate large numbers of leads, it also helps to build and solidify relationships so that your customers remain loyal customers.

It doesn’t just focus on sales alone, it encompasses marketing, sales, public relations, customer satisfaction and so on.

To have a better knowledge of what Hupport has to offer, we are going to look at its many great features.

 Features and functions of Hupport

Hupport has different useful and profitable features. It’s several features and functions include:

  1. Lead generation

The primary feature and function of a cold email software is lead generation. Hupport is a cold email tool that focuses on generating large numbers of leads in a short period of time.

It reaches out to prospects through different means such as email, text messages, phone calls or through social media. It provides multi-channel ways of reaching out to prospects, hence increasing the chances of converting prospects to leads.

All cold emails are personalized. This assures every individual prospect that each email was specifically sent to them. Personalization is well-known to increase conversion rates by a larger percentage.

It combines multi-channel means of reaching out with personalization of emails to generate large numbers of leads.

  1. Availability of different useful templates

It comprises of different useful templates for different campaigns. Even if you don’t know what to write or how to create campaign contents, Hupport got you covered. It has several templates for every campaign that you can select from.

Templates are available for content promotion, lead generation, Guest posts, link-building, PR-pitches. Whatever campaign you want to engage in, there are available templates to help you maximize results.

Let’s assume you want to promote your content but you don’t know exactly what to write, all you need to do is select from the available templates on content promotion.

It is as easy and straight forward as it can get. Simple and easy to use even by starters. You don’t need to be a professional to use it, everything is made easy for you. Even as a starter, you get your campaign done in a professional way.

  1. Expert advice for your campaign

The team at Hupport doesn’t just leave you alone to wallow in uncertainty, we provide professional advice for your campaign. We provide assistance both with our real-time analysis and a manual review of your campaign.

Our real-time analysis offers ways on how to improve engagement when you are composing your campaign contents so that you aren’t marked as spam.

You can also request for manual review and evaluation of your campaign. In this process, an expert who is part of our experienced team will provide you with professional advice and walkthrough via video.

With our expert advice and walkthrough, you have a greater chance of achieving excellent results in your campaign. You are not doing guesswork but sure of what you are doing.

  1. Automatic follow-ups

Follow-ups are made easy, efficient and effective. Everything about follow-ups in your campaign are all done automatically.

You can schedule follow-ups that are triggered by link clicks. You can set link clicks depending on your campaign so that when clicked, it automatically triggers a follow-up email.

When a reply is detected, it stops the sequence of the follow-ups. It continues to send follow-ups in a particular sequence until a prospect replies.

It also ignores auto-responders and handles unsubscribe requests. It is able to detect when replies are coming from automated machines and ignores them.

With a follow-ups system like this, you are sure of increasing your response rate by a greater margin.

  1. View your campaign results

You can view and monitor your campaign. You are able to view charts and stats on how well your emails and messages are doing.

You will be able to view history of your campaigns. You will know how many emails you have sent and how many replies you have received.

Your campaigns are monitored and analyzed by Hupport, hence you have an actual result of how your campaign is doing. This will provide you with insights into what you need to do to improve your campaign.

  1. Respond to leads

You can respond to lead right from its dashboard all in a single queue. You are able to communicate with your leads to know what exactly they want and their needs.

Communication builds relationships, this is why Hupport has made it one of its priorities to improve communication between businesses and potential customers.

As a business owner, marketer, or salesperson, you can communicate with leads right from within the software. This streamlines all communication routes into one channel for effective communication.


Hupport is unlike any other cold email software, it is more than just a software, it is a system. It comprises of both automation and manual ways of achieving excellent result in your campaign.

Whether you are in sales, marketing, or HR, it makes your campaign easy and productive. By putting in a little effort, you achieve an excellent result.

If you are looking for good software for your emailing or sales campaign, we highly recommend Hupport.


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