We are well-versed with the importance of brand awareness in the way of the success of a business. However, a noteworthy point here is that people always get inclined towards those products or services with which they are already familiar.

So, it needs a proper strategy and its perfect implementation to popularize a new business among prospects. Nowadays, people mostly tend to reject sales calls and from all such viewpoints, you can realize the importance of cold emails.

A cold email can pave the way for a great and long-lasting business relationship and fulfills one’s dream to work with a big client.

Nonetheless, achieving success in terms of receiving replies from the recipients or prospects are not a very simple task and it also much hectic for a person to handle the cold email campaigns like sending cold emails, keep on waiting for the reply (s), sending follow-up emails, and all.

To share the workload, it is critical to take help from an advanced tool for your cold email campaigns. So, be careful while choosing a platform in this regard because it can prove as wastage of your money, time, and effort.

A great cold email platform always provides required support, accompanied by an array of useful features and that is too in a budget-friendly investment. Therefore, take your time and always go for an appropriate cold email platform.

What is FollowUp.CC?

FollowUp for the purpose of the email is a popular lightweight productivity suite, keeping the tasks as well as conversations in an appropriate way.

It is equipped with a number of incredible facilities. If you have a requirement of a simplified way for reminding yourself as well as others regarding follow-up on email messages, then FollowUp.cc is tremendously helpful in automating reminders at the particular interval that you have specified.

FollowUp.cc enables its users to place their follow-up command within the CC: or BCC: slot, based on the fact that whether or not the users want the recipient to receive the reminders also.

FollowUp.CC- Features

Now, let’s have a look at the incredible features of FollowUp.CC:

  • Relationship insights wherever they are the requirements: CC displays essential information regarding the people to which you are sending emails while you navigate through the respective inbox.
  • Perform Appropriate Action: CC is a useful cold email assisting tool that is also capable of adding the next phase of each contact and it never forgets to communicate with the important individual. Users can view their history for observing the large picture.
  • Tags, Notes, and Contact Details: CC is able to write tag contacts, notes, and update profiles for providing a subject for each relationship so that its users never fail to remember the particular details.
  • Simple Reminders: This particular platform is able to specify reminders with one click. Choose whenever you are interested to get reminded and thus you can free yourself from the particular matter until that period.
  • Follow up if no recipient replies: It can well schedule follow-ups for making sure that the respective conversations don’t go wasted. The follow-ups procedure of CC will cancel in case its users receive a response prior to their scheduled time.
  • Open Tracking and Live Activity Feed: You can receive real-time notifications whenever the respective recipients open your cold emails. Through the utilization of such insights, you can arrive at the perfect moment.
  • Link Tracking: You will be able to know who is getting involved with your email and who has the requirement of a poke. The link tracking facility of FollowUp.CC enables its users to know the time whenever the respective recipients click on their links.
  • Automatic Follow-up: CC can schedule emails for sending them on an automatic basis in case the particular recipients doesn’t give a reply. You can frame them yourself. Alternatively, you can select from the expert templates of FollowUp.CC and modify it, as per your requirement.
  • Send Emails in the Correct Time: Although email is a part of the online world and most of the people get involved with the inbox throughout the day, however, a suitable time is there to read emails from unknown senders. Therefore, it is very important to send your cold emails in a specific time and schedule them accordingly whenever you hope that they will be gone through. CC will appropriately help you in this regard.
  • Remember Everything: You can make use of the particular cc button for specifying reminders for particular web pages, a social media profile or online convos.
  • A Smooth Flow: This respective platform enables recurring reminders for streamlining the things that you experience routinely on the basis of daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Day in a Snapshot: Users of cc can keep an overview of the forthcoming reminders. The respective users can browse, reschedule or cancel them in the particular sidebar.
  • Don’t have any regret for the email you sent: You can observe the email that you have scheduled to send as well as update or cancel it quickly. 

FollowUp.CC- Pricing Plans

The plans for FollowUp.cc are as follows:

Starter: This particular plan is a straightforward and simple plan to provide great help to its users to perform smart work instead of hard work. The price of this plan is $23/month (for monthly basis) and $18/month (billed annually). The facilities of the Starter plan are as follows:

  • Follow-up reminders
  • Limited Email Open / Click Tracking
  • Send Later
  • Snoozing Email
  • Tags for Contacts
  • 2 Email Aliases

Professional: This particular plan follows up on an automatic basis and learns more about contacts of the users that is without leaving the platform of Gmail. The price of this plan is $36/month (monthly basis) and $29/month (billed annually). The facilities of the Professional plan are as follows:

  • All Starter features
  • Email Open / Click Tracking
  • Auto Follow-ups
  • Attachment Support
  • Daily Summary
  • 5 Email Aliases

Salesforce Edition: This plan is capable of leveraging the Salesforce data of the users. CRM input need not have to be monotonous. The plan is for $50/month (monthly basis) and $40/month (billed annually). The facilities of Salesforce Edition are as follows:

  • All Professional Features
  • Email Open / Click Tracking
  • Team Reports
  • Auto-add to Salesforce
  • Salesforce Tab
  • 5 Email Aliases

Hupport- Features

You should always remember that a good cold email platform is all you need to expect a big success in your cold email campaigns. However, you should also think about your budget. Hupport is an appropriate cold email platform that offers great facilities while remaining on your budget. Now, let’s discuss the great features of Hupport:

Mail Merging with Google Sheets: Hupport is capable of making a connection to Google Sheets for sending a customized mass email through the utilization of any column within the respective spreadsheet.

Mass Email Depending on Search Results: You can make use of the robust search feature of Gmail for discovering messages that contain recipients to whom the users want to send emails. After that, click on the Build Email List button for loading a Compose window that contains the email addresses that have been found in those particular messages.

Receive Emails that have been sent as replies: You can select the mode through which you can receive emails that have been sent as new messages or in the form of replies associated with the last conversation that you had with every recipient. The latter option will create a positive impression that you have replied manually and typed a message individually to that particular recipient. As a result, you can expect to improve your rate of response.

Why is Hupport better than FollowUp.CC?

The Hupport is a great platform that is equipped with incredible features and facilities, however, the best part is that you can use this platform at a budget-friendly price and it is $10/user only.

It is the cheapest platform available in the market that offers each and every essential and required feature, without posing any limitation.

A proper cold email platform is very important to expect a huge success in a cold email campaign. Hupport is an appropriate platform for all users.

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