25+ Insane Sample follow up emails after no response from client(Bonus Templates)

What are Follow-up Emails?

Follow-up emails are emails you send to clients after sending the first email. Follow-up emails could be sent when there is no response from clients and follow-up emails can also be sent when there is a response from a client as a reply or update.

Here, we are going to focus on follow-up emails when there is no response from your clients. You may ask why should I follow-up when I’m not getting any response? What is the need? It may feel like a wasted effort initially and you might be frustrated.

But, if you are dedicated to your course and you keep at it, you will be surprised at the response rate you will get at the end of it all.

To know how important follow-up emails are, first, let’s take a look at some of the stats of follow-up emails.

Many people don’t have any idea about follow-up emails. It is assumed that you have already sent a cold email (correctly-structured) to one of your prospects but he/she hasn’t replied yet.

Now, after waiting for 2-3 days, it’s time to send your first follow-up email. Thus, you can be assured whether you would have to invest time in that prospect or not.

A worth noting fact is that salespeople spend around one-third of their day only communicating to prospects. Apart from phone calls, other initiatives include data entry, emailing, internal meetings, scheduling calls, and so forth.

Stats of follow-up emails


  • 70% of sales emails do not get any response in their first attempt
  • What does this mean? This means that a whopping 70% of sales emails are not responded to unless there are follow-up emails to increase the response rates. To increase the response rate, salespeople should always send follow-up emails at intervals.
  • Sales development representatives usually perform 94.4% sales-related activities in which 36.2% are emails, 15.3% are voicemail messages, 35.9% are phone calls, and 7.0% are social media conversations.
  • Without follow-up emails, you can reach a reply rate of 9% but with just one follow-up email, your reply rate increases to 13%.
  • With just one follow up email, your reply rate almost doubles. This is to tell you that follow-up emails works so well to increase your response rate.
  • You have 21% chances of receiving a response to your first follow-up email if you did not receive any response to your first email.
  • This means that when you send your first cold email and you did not receive any response, sending a follow-up email gives you 21% more chances to get a response.
  • A campaign with follow-up emails converts 22% more prospects than a campaign with no follow-up emails.

This shows that if you want to increase the number of prospects you will get from a campaign, you should leverage on follow-up emails.

These are some of the stats of follow-up emails that show you how important follow-up emails are. We are further going to take a closer look at the reasons why you should follow-up on your emails when you did not get any response.

Sample Follow-up Email Templates after no response from the client

Now, it will be more interesting to check follow-up email templates that you can use, as per your requirement.

Sample follow up emails after no response from client with 25+ Templates


Follow-up Email Template #1

Subject: Kickstart meeting action points – next steps for your project


It was lovely to meet you and the team today, and learn more about BUSINESS NAME and your goals with this project.

For your team:






Can you reply to let me know if I’ve missed anything?

I’ve got a follow-up meeting scheduled for 3PM Tuesday 21st. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Any questions, please ask away.



Follow-up Email Template #2

Subject: Got any questions about the proposal?


Last week I sent through the proposal doc you asked for as part of your website redesign project. I hadn’t heard from you since and just wanted to check you received it, and if you had any questions?

I’d like to organise a quick call to talk it over. Would Tuesday at 3PM work for you? I’m excited about the project and keen to get started!



Follow-up Email Template #3

Subject: Accounting package – I need these signed to get started


I’m keen to get started on your accounts. I want to make sure it’s all finished up in time for your deadline, but at the moment, we’re stalled.

In order to get started, I need the following documents/need you to fill out the following documents, which I’ve attached to the email.




Please acknowledge you’re working on these and that you’ll get them to me by DATE. If you have any questions or want some clarity around why we need these documents, I’m happy to jump on a call.



Follow-up Email Template #4

Subject: Late payment: Did you miss the invoice?


I’m just following-up on unpaid invoices and noticed you’ve yet to make payment on INV-0023, which was sent to you on DATE.

Since I haven’t received payment, I just wanted to make sure the invoice hadn’t got lost? I know sometimes they can get sent to SPAM or deleted by accident. I’ve attached it here again for your convenience.

As this invoice is now 15-days overdue, you’ll need to make payment within the next five days if you wish to avoid the overdue fee of X% added to the bill.

Yours sincerely,


Follow-up Email Template #5

Subject: Here’s that business guide we were discussing.


It was great to chat with you the other day and find out more about your goals for BUSINESS NAME.

I’m just following up with a link to that guide for growing a successful small business we discussed on the phone. You can find it HERE. Based on what you told me about your marketing strategies this year, I think you’ll find section three particularly useful.

Let me know if you enjoyed the content!



Follow-up Email Template #6

Subject: Wanted to let you know about our 25% off offer


I hope you remember me – we chatted a few months back about accounting packages for your business, but you decided not to pursue.

We’re currently having a 25% off fees for the first three months for new customers, as a way to get small businesses off-the-ground in the new financial year. I thought you might like to know in case you were still considering our services – I’d hate for you to miss out.

Check out our packages HERE [link], and I’d be happy to set up a call to discuss your options.



Follow-up Email Template #7


I haven’t heard back from you about your project. I’m assuming your priorities have changed, and you no longer want to go ahead with this.

Keep us in mind if you want to move forward in the future.



Follow-up Email Template #8


I hope you remember me. We spoke six months ago about an accounting package for your business, but you mentioned you needed a few months to grow the business before you were ready.

I can see from your brand new website (great design, btw) that things are ticking over nicely.I wondered if you’d had a chance to look over the accounting package I sent you previously?

I’d love to book a time to chat with you about your needs. How does Tuesday at 3PM sound?



Follow-up Email Template #9

Subject Line: Great to meet you at {!Event}

Hi {!First Name},

It was nice to meet you at {!Occasion where you met}. I loved learning more about {!Something discussed}. I’m really interested to hear more about your role as {!Job title} at {!Company}, as {!Reason why you’re interested}. If you have time in the coming weeks, let’s {!Follow up action}. I’m generally free on {!Days of the week}, if that works for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Follow-up Email Template #10

Subject line: Just tried your line / next steps

Hey {!First Name},

I just left you a voicemail but wanted to drop a line by email in case this is more convenient for you.

I’m reaching out because it looks like {!Point of alignment between their company and yours}.

We’re {!Company pitch with value to them — include stat & customer name(s)}.

{!First Name}, I’d love to connect about your specific needs. I also have a suggestion about how you can {!Achieve desired result} (with or without us).

Give me a call back at {!Your phone number} if convenient, or feel free to reply to this email.


Follow-up Email Template #11

Subject Line: Are you there, {!First Name}? Dropping a line 

Hi {!First Name},

I hope this note finds you well. I want to follow up on an invoice I emailed on {!Date}. I haven’t received the payment yet, so I wanted to ensure the email isn’t lost somewhere in depths of cyberspace. Would you please check to see if the accounts payable department has received it? I’ll be happy to resend if necessary. Otherwise, I look forward to receiving payment within a week.

I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

Follow-up Email Template #12

Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, I know you must be busy as {{TITLE}}. Just wondering if you received the email I sent you – I was very much looking forward to hearing back?

Maybe it would be better if I contacted you next month?

Kind regards,

Follow-up Email Template #13

I tried to get through to you but no success so far. I hope you haven’t been trampled by a wild herd of rainbow unicorns.

Hi there,

I constantly review business relationships in my CRM. Typically if I don’t hear back from someone for 30 days, it means they’re either really busy or just not interested. 

If you’re not interested, please let me know and I’ll promptly close your tab in our CRM to never bother you with {{company}} sales emails again. 

Follow-up Email Template #14

Hi Julia,

I just tried to reach you on the phone and left a voice message.

Please contact me back ASAP at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you!

Paul Mitchel,

Sales Manager/<Company>

Follow-up Email Template #15

Hi Julia,

I enjoyed talking to you earlier today, and I hope our cooperation will improve your company’s efficiency and profitability.

As mentioned, I have attached more information about our top business values and the resources to review to reach your company’s objective.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, and I will be glad to assist you. If not, I look forward to talking again on [date and time].



Paul Mitchel,

Sales Manager/<Company>

Follow-up Email Template #16

Hi Peter,

It was nice to meet you at <event>. Thank you for the information provided. It was exciting to get to know about <topic of discussion>. I am interested to hear more about <topic you are interested in> and would be glad to meet again in a week. I am free on <date>. Does this date work for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!



Paul Mitchel

Follow-up Email Template #17

Hi Linda,

I am writing to you to check which of the five techniques you are currently implementing in your team <details of the information sent in the previous e-mail>. If you need any help or any questions appear, I will be more than happy to help you. Please let me know when you are available for a quick call. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



Paul Mitchel,

Sales Manager/<Company>

Follow-up Email Template #18

Hey Tom,

I have not heard back from you for a while. I am just wondering – did I do something wrong?

Last time we spoke, we talked about <topic you discussed>.

If I did something wrong, please let me know ASAP, and I will be glad to fix it.



Paul Mitchel,

Sales Manager/<Company>

Follow-up Email Template #19

Hi Julia,

Thank you so much for your time during the interview. I was excited to learn more about your company and department you are hiring. I would be happy to get a job offer and become a member of your corporate family.

I believe <Company’s name> is the company everyone dreams to work for. It offers professional growth opportunities for staff, friendly environment and gives employees the benefits they value. The opportunity to work with such a reputable organization is exciting, and I am confident I am the candidate you are looking for.

I am attaching my portfolio, which I mentioned during the conversation.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Paul Mitchel

Follow-up Email Template #20


I’d like to discuss your lead gen efforts.

We’re helping other [industry] companies collect their prospects straight from professional social networks and import them directly into their CRM (adding phone numbers and email addresses).

Quick question: can you put me in touch with whoever is responsible for new prospecting and revenue­ generating tools at {company}?

Follow-up Email Template #21

Hi {name},

{myName} from {myCompany} here.

Companies make more sales with consistent marketing. {myCompany} can put proven sales tools into the hands of everyone who sells your product.

If that sound useful, I can explain how it works.

Follow-up Email Template #22

Hi {name},

I’m trying to figure out who is in charge of [leading general statement] there at {company}.

Would you mind pointing me towards the right person please, and the best way I might get in touch with them?

Follow-up Email Template #23


I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is (or is not) a need for [insert your strongest pain point].

Could you please help me by pointing me to the best person there for a brief discussion?

Follow-up Email Template #24


I’m sorry to trouble you. Can you tell me who makes the [insert pain point here] decisions at your company and how I might get in touch with them?

Follow-up Email Template #25


We have a service that will help you [insert quick one liner about the value your service delivers].

Would you guide me to the person responsible for [insert the relevant department or task your service empowers — “marketing, sales, pipeline building”] and let me know how I might get in touch with them?

Follow-up Email Template #26

Hello {name},

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get {company} it’s next [100 best clients].

I recently used this idea to help our client {competitor} almost triple their monthly run rate.

{name}, Let’s schedule a 10 minute call so I can explain. When works best for you?

Follow-up Email Template #27

Hi {Prospect’s first name},

I recently came across {blog post title} that you/your company wrote/shared/posted on {social media platform}. {Topic of blog post} seems like an interest that we share. In fact, {one sentence comment on/reaction to blog post}.

I work for {your company} and we {your company’s value proposition}. {Referral} recommended I reach out to you with ideas on how to solve [problem your product addresses]. I’d love to get some time on your calendar to discuss these ideas and {topic of blog post}. Are you available for a 10/30/60 minute call on {date}?

I look forward to talking soon.

Significance of Follow-up Emails?


Sample follow up emails after no response from client with 25+ Templates

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Follow-up signifies maintaining communication with potential prospects. Follow-up emails are mainly sent following a meeting or after sending more than one emails to a prospect, has not yet responded.

The prime objective of such emails is to remind your prospect about your existence, give more clarification about your service or the values that they would get.

Important Points on Follow-up Emails

Sample follow up emails after no response from client with 25+ Templates


It’s obvious that you think twice before sending a follow-up email to your teacher, as you don’t want to make him/her bothered.

The situation is the same for most of the online businesses. According to research, 81% of sales are successfully performed following the fifth contact with a potential prospect. Getting success after the first email is very rare (2%) because in that case, you have to be an already popular name in the market.

Your prospect doesn’t know you as a person. Hence, it takes some time to build up the trust and reliability. People will buy your service when they want to buy and not when you want to sell. That means you need to send follow-up emails to such prospects to remind them about your best deal.

It might be the case that your prospect is also equally interested in your deal. But, the whole situation will proceed towards uncertainty when you don’t receive any other words from the opposite side after 2-3 days of the first conversation.

Now, it’s obvious to start wondering about the reason for this scenario. Whenever a prospect doesn’t communicate after 2-3 days, then it can lead to doubts.

The importance of follow-up emails has been stemmed from this situation. Thus, you can know about the actual reasons for not contacting (in most of the cases). In case a prospect doesn’t response after 2-3 of sending several follow-ups, then it will be better to focus on other prospects.

However, it’s very important to maintain politeness while writing your follow-up emails. Prospects are not bound to send responses.

Why don’t Prospects response after the first email?

Suppose you have had a wonderful meeting with your prospect. They are very much interested in your deal and start working as early as possible. But, when they suddenly stop communicating, it might be havoc for you.

The reality is even if a prospect is super enthusiastic on your deal, they have also many other things to handle like their own business, own base of clients, personal commitments along with many other works. Naturally, all these works are on preference in their lives.

Big prospects receive around hundreds of emails regularly and sometimes it obvious to forget about the whole conversation. They might have also listed the future communication as their to-do list but they simply forgot it later.

It might have also happened that they are facing some adverse situations that were not in place when they responded to you on the first day. These are some of the reasons for which your prospects are not able to respond to you on time.

Which factors do you need to consider before sending follow-up emails?


Sample follow up emails after no response from client with 25+ Templates


The major things that you need to consider before sending follow-ups emails to your prospects are as follows:

Don’t Be Annoying:

Most of us are very busy with our regular works and the same thing is applicable to your prospects as well. Many times, people go through emails to check their contents but forget about them later. In this situation, a follow-up email will be really helpful in reminding your prospects about your deal.

However, you shouldn’t be over enthusiastic to get responses. If you feel they are busy at this moment, don’t start calling them. Don’t send them follow-up emails too frequently, it can make them annoyed and the prospect can get a bad impression.

Don’t hesitate to speak on the phone:

A large number of service providers maintain all of their client communications via email. Although, it is a suitable mode of communication in most of the cases, however, when it comes to the question of following-up, email might not be a good option always.

The reason is that emails can be easily overlooked. But a phone call can sort out all the uncertainties within minutes. Thus, you can save your valuable time waiting unnecessarily.

Automation is recommended:

You also have to look after other things in your business other than sending follow-up emails.

Automation can save lots of time and so more and more professionals nowadays rely on the top-class automation software. You can also utilize your CMS software or others in order to automate your follow-up emails.

Always attach a call-to-action with every follow-up email:

Call-to-action would help you in drawing your prospect’s attention towards your deal. Always make everything simple and clear for your prospects.

It is recommended to attach call-to-action as straightforward as possible. You have to imagine your goal first and if it needs a short meeting, then request for the same in your follow-up email.

Feel the Importance of sending follow-up emails:

It’s very important to check whether you have overlooked or missed your prospect’s response or not. It is possible that someone else from that organization has tried contacting you. Don’t forget to check your trash and spam folders. That means first you need to feel the importance or urgency of following up.

How can you structure your follow-up emails?

You might have mastered the skills of cold email structuring but you have to also master the structure of follow-up emails. Here are some valuable tips and 50 follow-up email templates are given from which you can get a good idea of the overall concept.

How long should you wait before sending your first follow-up email?

Actually, it differs for different projects and it is somewhat difficult to figure out the exact time of following up. You don’t want to lose the opportunity and also you don’t become annoying to your client. So, you need to choose the time wisely. Send properly-structured follow-up emails and hope for the best.

You have sent a Project Proposal but you get no response from the client

Perhaps, the client has structured their current project and asked you to give a project proposal by using proposal management software. But after sending a project proposal, you have never heard from them again.

Now, if you think it will be a good opportunity for you to work with them, then you can wait for the response for 3-4 days. But, in case you feel that you don’t want to invest time further on it, it’s up to you. In the former case, after waiting for a considerable period, you can start structuring a follow-up email.

This email should be in a friendly and polite tone to remind them about your proposal. You need to also include further that it’s up to them whether they want to stop here, move forward or change their project requirements.

This kind of follow-up email might make the respective prospect feel that you are really interested in their project. If they are not anymore interested to move their project further, then also they would let you know about their decision.

You are about to start working on the Project but the client hasn’t sent the required details or documents

In most of the projects, some initial information or documents are required to onset the project. But, you have waited for 2-3 days but they haven’t sent it yet.

In this case, your follow-up email should express that urgency and remind the client of sending the necessary details.

Is your payment getting late?

Follow-up emails are not only required in the scenario of cold email but it’s equally important in case of the late payment. Many people feel it uncomfortable to send follow-up emails about their payment.

It might be the situation that the client has simply forgotten about clearing your payment. One or two follow-up emails will be helpful for both of you.

When you have sent a cold email in order to generate sales

Nowadays, cold calling has become a somewhat obsolete idea. However, it hasn’t lost its efficiency completely.

However, there is a strong possibility to lose a prospect if you don’t follow up with them within a couple of days after the first conversation. The respective prospect can give a response whenever he/she wants to do but you have to perform your duty by sending properly-customized follow-up emails.

This particular email helps to continue the project conversation and thus you can increase your reliability and trustworthiness. It might be the case that they don’t want to purchase your service at this moment but in the future, they can do so.

To revitalize cold leads

If a lead has been marked as cold, then it’s difficult to bring it back to its previous state. But, once this particular client considered your services and now you might be feeling the importance of contacting them again.

To get the best results and draw their attention, you have to include an exciting offer. It might attract your old clients once again to your services.

Termination of the loop

If you have already made several attempts to reach out a prospect by both following-up and calling and if he/she hasn’t given a single response, then it’s time to close this loop. Otherwise, it might be an unnecessary wastage of time.

It might be the case that the prospect might have already started work with your competitor or have closed the project without any notification.

However, if you have decided to end up this conversation, then you can send the last email or call your prospect to give that prospect a last chance to make up his/her mind. You will be astonished to know that many businessmen have got success in closing a deal after sending this type of email.

You can check again in Six Months

You will be wondered to know that sometimes an unresponsive prospect might give a response. It might be due to the reason that the specific project has been delayed or they have made some changes in their strategies or project requirements.

Following up with Shy Clients

Some clients might be too shy to communicate on the phone. In this scenario, you need to mandatorily send follow up emails.

Some Common Mistakes in follow up emails that you should avoid after sending 1-2 emails you have stopped contacting:

It’s natural to think that the prospect might feel it annoying after getting one or two follow-up emails. But, it is not mandatorily true in all cases.

Perhaps, your prospect has overlooked your last messages by mistake. In some cases, clients might need around three months and so forth before making a final decision. That means, sending 4-5 follow-ups won’t make much difference but don’t send them one after another or too frequently.

Proper Call To Action:

Already you have gone through the importance of Call To Action in your proposal. It provides encouragement to your prospects to act instantly otherwise it would be just waste of your effort and time.

Consequences of Wrong Subject Line:

What the statistics are saying is that the decision of 35% prospects about opening a cold email depends on its subject line. Clients don’t like generic subject lines and this rule is not only valid for cold emails but also for follow-up emails.

Always avoid a long or misleading subject line. The subject line of an email has to clearly convey its synopsis. Many times clients just test the seriousness of the workers and it will be proved by your brilliantly-written follow-up email. Thus, there would be a huge possibility of closing the deal.

Frequent Follow-Up isn’t good:

Your prospect might have some genuine reason for not responding. If you are thinking to send follow-up emails, then it shouldn’t be multiple times a day or every single day in a week.

First, you need to decide whether you want to follow-up with that prospect or not. If yes, then send a perfectly-structured follow-up email every 2 to 3 days for one to two week. After that time, you should start concentrating on other prospects.

Don’t send follow-up emails after the denial:

If you have already received a response, stating a straightforward ‘NO’, then don’t send any more follow-ups. It will be then annoying that can worsen or destroy your reputation in the business world. Until receiving ‘Not Interested’ message, you can continue following up, as per your preference.

Avoid Flash-Based Emails:

With the advancement of smartphone technology, most of the professionals prefer to check emails on their phones. Hence, it’s better to avoid flash-based e-mails. These emails take more time in loading and people are too busy to wait for it.

Mass Emailing is not recommended:

You have to always customize a message before sending it as your project proposal or follow-up email. It’s crucial to do sufficient homework about a prospect before sending your email to him/her. Generic emails are generally deleted within seconds.

Incorrect Recipient:

Sometimes, in a hurry, you can send follow-ups emails to a wrong addressee. Hence, check properly before click ‘send’ so that your messages can be sent to the correct recipient.

Excessively Long Email:

Don’t include a description of your work strategy, goals, and so forth. People are very busy in their working schedules and are least interested to go through thousands of lines. Just include the major points and send it to your prospect.

Be Professional: Don’t add exclamation mark or smileys, as many clients don’t like such a casual attitude. You should have a professional approach that should be reflected in your email.

The Bottom Line

When you don’t get any reply from your client, you have to think of some different angles. Perhaps, your prospect is busy with his/her own business and forget to reply to your queries. However, most of the clients appreciate the follow-up message, as it reflects your seriousness about your work. So, follow-up emails are as equally important as the project proposals or cold emails.

With properly-structured follow-up emails, the rate of success of closing projects would get increased. Writing follow-up emails is an art and these above 50 templates will help you in this work.

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