5 Follow up email case studies Templates that will get responses

Writing anyhow follow-up email won’t produce the required result. You need to write a follow-up content that best suits the purpose of your cold email campaign.

It is not enough to just follow-up, what matters is the content of your follow-up email and how best it relates to your recipient’s needs.

Most marketers, products promoters, and business owners do not know the best follow up email templates that best suit their cold email campaign. This affects the response rate from their recipients.

If you are in this category, we are going to help you out by outlining some useful follow-up email templates that will get you more response.

  • Follow-up email template to re-engage with prospects that have gone cold.

Once, twice or even more times you might have experienced a promising prospect that was once showing a great interest goes cold all of a sudden. This can be very frustrating as you might not have any idea why the sudden change.

Don’t lose hope, a prospect who went gold all of a sudden can be revived back and get re-engaged.

All you need to do is to write a well-crafted follow-up email to re-engage him/her.

Here is a good follow-up template to re-engage with cold prospects

Hi [recipient name]

I hope you are doing great. It’s been a while we got a response from you. Our company [your company’s name] is devoted to all prospects and we make sure to serve you better.

Is there any reason you suddenly went cold? We would love to know and re-connect back with you.

We have been of immense value to some other known companies such as [company name 1], and [company name 2] by helping them increase their productivity.

It would be great to have a quick chat with you before the end of the week. I would like to show you how our services will be of great benefit to your company.

How do [Day and date] sounds? I will be available to chat between [time frame].

A well-personalized follow-up email for decision making

The reason why your cold email was not responded to might just be because it was not personalized and it felt like a generic email to your recipient.

Generic emails most of the times does not address the recipient’s problem and it does not benefit them. In a situation like this, your cold emails won’t be responded to and you can’t blame anybody except yourself.

Personalize your email, make it look like a hand-written email sent directly to a particular person and let your email address your recipient needs. This will enable your prospect to make a positive decision.

Example of a well-personalized follow-up email for decision making

Hi [recipient name]

I know you are the head of Sales in your company and as I result you will know all the sales processes in your company

We are a sales-driving company and we use the newest market technology to increase sales for start-ups, small and growing businesses.

Companies such as [company name 1] and [company name 2], have benefitted from our services.

We made some research about your company and we noticed that your company has been facing a decline in sales. We have sent you an email before regarding this but we did not get a reply from you, hence we thought to contact you again.

From our little research, we noticed that [state a problem and how you can help solve it] and [state another problem and how you can help solve it].

We will be pleased to help with these problems and any other sales-related problems your company might be facing.

[recipient name], it will be great to have a one-on-one chat with you.

How do [date and time] sounds?

  • Follow-up email to remind a recipient who has not opened the first email

A good cold email software will track your cold email campaign and you will know how many emails have not been opened by your recipients.

Writing a follow-up email to remind a prospect that he/she has not opened your email is pretty straight forward. You do not need to say so much. You only need to remind them to check their inbox for your email.

Here is a good example of a follow-up email to remind a recipient of a previous email.

Hi [recipient name]

Hope you are doing great! I tracked the last email I sent to you on [date] and I discovered that you have not read it.

I know you might be busy on that particular day and so you did not have time to go through your inbox.

It will be wonderful if you can check your inbox and go through the content. We have some very great services that will be of great benefit to you.

We will be expecting your response ASAP.


  • Follow-up email to remind a recipient who has opened the email but no response

There are situations where recipients open the email but do not reply to you. This may be due to different reasons such as they were busy at the time, they were not in a good mood, they are not interested, and so on.

When your cold email has been opened that means you are one step ahead, now you need a response. You need to send a follow-up email to remind your prospects to respond to you.

Here is an example of a good follow-up email for this.

Hi [recipient name]

Hope you are doing great. We observed that you’ve read the previous email I sent to you concerning [previous email info] but I did not get your response.

I guess you were busy at that time. It is over a week now and I thought to remind you.

I will be glad to hear from you and connect with you.


  • Follow-up email after several attempts but still no response

In case you have sent follow-up emails for more than 3 times and still no response then it is quite obvious that your prospect is not interested.

In such a situation don’t just lose hope and forget about the whole thing. You need to send one last follow-up email which we can call the bitter end.

Most people will change their mind when they know that this is the last chance they have. When they realize that this is the last email from you, chances are they will change their mind.

It is a psychology of the human mind.

How to write this kind of follow-up email

Hi [name of recipient]

I have made several efforts to try to connect with you and get your response regarding [name your services/products].

I guess you are not interested. If this is the case, that’s OK.

Should in case you changed your mind, do get back to me.

This will be the last email I will be sending to you. If you change your mind, give me a reply and we will reconnect.


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