Cold Email Outreach Tool ContactMonkey Alternative, Why Hupport is better than ContactMonkey

If you want to contact unknown prospects to make them aware of your products or services or to get opportunities to work with big clients, then launching a cold email campaign is one of the appropriate and well-known options.

However, no guarantee is there for the success of a campaign, but with a good strategy, you can expect to get a big success and fulfill the dream of reaching the sky height in the respective domain.

In the beginning, it might be easy for you to send emails to a small number of prospects, but slowly the numbers can get increased and it might start difficult for you to manage everything on your own and from this point, you will start realizing the importance of a good cold email platform.

What is ContactMonkey?

ContactMonkey is a popular email tracking software that is used for tracking and monitoring sales leads. This particular platform is capable of integrating with CRM’s, such as Salesforce to have the maximum sales possibility.

Contact Monkey performs its work in a real-time manner that means its users will never lose to cultivate a lead, interested in your products or services.

It will show you who has opened your email along with the pieces of information that from where and when the email had been read along with the device type of the recipient in this regard. You will receive desktop notifications whenever you will be opened.

ContactMonkey – Features

ContactMonkey is a greatly-designed tool for the purpose of sales professionals as well as internal communicators, delivering advanced email automation, Salesforce integration, and email tracking straightforwardly to the particular inbox.

The features of ContactMonkey are as follows:

  • Email Tracking: This platform is able to track each and every email on an automatic basis, straightforwardly from the respective Outlook or Gmail inbox. Its users will obtain real-time desktop notifications whenever your emails will get clicked or opened. You will also get the information the location, time, and device from which the particular email gets opened.
  • Salesforce Integration: It provides the facility of one-click to add emails to any custom or standard object. Its users update, access, and handle the respective Salesforce data from the particular Outlook or Gmail inbox. This particular platform also offers unlimited email tracking facility. The users can also send mass customized emails and sync them automatically to Salesforce.
  • Mail Merge: ContactMonkey is capable of sending mass customized emails to thousands of contacts, prospects or clients while maintaining the same feeling of a one-on-one email. This incredible platform is available for Gmail and Outlook.

ContactMonkey can also able to track each of the emails by opening and link clicking that has been dispatched in your email and it can also merge on the basis of real-time. It can also add attachments to the respective mass messages so that everyone can view your proposal.

  • Internal Comms: ContactMonkey can schedule, dispatch, and track each and every employee-related emails right from the respective Outlook inbox. Users can import their individual responsive HTML email templates or plain text right to Outlook. It can also send brilliantly-designed HTML emails from Outlook without adjusting or altering the particular and existing designs. It is very simple.

ContactMonkey– Pricing Plans

Professional: This plan is for $10 per user, per month, annually or $15 per user, per month, monthly. The facilities are included in this particular plan are Real-Time Email & Link Tracking, Personal Email Templates, Desktop Notifications, Mail Merge, Analytics Dashboard, Send Later, and Self-Serve Help Center. Support is not included in this plan.

  • Team: This particular plan is for $15 per user, per month, annually. Each and every feature from the Professional is included and as additional benefits, you will get the facilities of Team Analytics, Team Management, Team Email Templates, Email & Phone Support, Centralized Billing, etc.
  • Salesforce: This specific plan is for $25 per user, per month, annually. All the features from the Team plan are included along with the added facilities of Salesforce Side Panel, 1-Click Email/Calendar Sync to Salesforce, Salesforce Templates in Outlook & Gmail, Custom Objects in Outlook & Gmail, Salesforce Campaigns in Outlook & Gmail, Dedicated Account Manager, and BCC to Salesforce.
  • Internal Comms: You need to contact ContactMonkey to get more information and for the initiation of the Free Internal Comms Trial. You will get the facilities of Microsoft Outlook Integration (2010/2013/2016), Personalization Of Email Subject Line & Body, Real-Time Email & Link Tracking, Outlook Distribution List & Contact Group Support, Detailed Aggregate & Individual Mail Merge Analytics, Attachment Support, Import HTML and plain text templates, Dedicated Account Manager, and Customer Success Support.

Hupport- Features

You should also choose an advanced, updated, and supportive cold email platform so that the possibility of success in the cold email campaigns can increase.

Hupport is such type of platform incorporating all the features that you need to get the victory in such campaigns.

Hupport is able to send approachable follow-up messages to the respective email recipients on behalf of its users. Such automated emails are personalized in such a way that it will appear as if a user him/herself has sent that email.

Users of Hupport can also track and assess each and every follow-up emails with the respective Hupport account.

Let’s check the incredible features of Hupport:

  • Email: The users of Hupport can straightforwardly install the Hupport extension to their respective browsers. After that, they can add Hupport to an email prior to sending.
  • Relax: Users can have a sigh of relief because Hupport is there to take the workload of their cold email campaigns. It can monitor the email thread. In case of non-appearance of a response, this brilliant platform will send followup emails on an automatic basis.
  • Get Replies: Hupport will keep on sending custom followup emails that are at specified intervals and will stop after getting the response of the recipient.

Why is Hupport better than ContactMonkey

The brilliant platform of Hupport is a greatly affordable platform with just on the investment of $10/user. It is the cheapest alternative available, providing the facilities of all the important and required features without any limitation.

A cold email campaign is very important to achieve success in business. Getting opportunities are not that much simple, as it takes proper strategy building and its appropriate implementation.

A perfect cold email platform provides an ideal solution in this regard, however, you also take care of your estimated budget while having the facilities of incredible features.

After looking at all these aspects, it can be concluded that Hupport is the perfect platform for your cold email campaigns.

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