If you are thinking of communicating with an unknown client, then it will not be that much of easy for you because there is no assurance that the person on the other side would be equally interested to communicate just like you. However, for business growth, it is very important to increase the level of popularity so as more and more prospects can be aware of your offerings.

If you want to communicate with your dream clients, then also you need to initiate the communication, but the same problem also lies here, that means the possibility of failure in the conversation initiation.

Traditionally, cold calling approach was there to make people familiar with different products and services. But, today the scenario has somewhat become changed. Nowadays, people remain so much busy in their working schedule that they don’t have sufficient time or intention to receive or respond to any unknown or cold call.

However, a wise and smart strategy is also there to initiate a business relationship with the prospects and that strategy is cold emailing. A properly customized, brilliantly written, and incredibly value-added cold email can tremendously increase the possibility of success of a cold email campaign.

Nevertheless, it will be a great idea to utilize an appropriate cold email campaign tool so that the workload can be divided and the overall work can be handed over to a proper tool.

Although, there is no guarantee of success in a cold email campaign, however, a great and workable cold email campaign tool can increase this possibility to a great extent. So, it is very important to go for an appropriate cold email campaign tool after a great analysis.

What is Yesware?

Yesware is a reputed and popular email tracking tool, providing salespeople with a real-time opinion or whenever prospects start opening their emails. The Open Event tracking facility of Yesware performs its work by inserting an extraordinary pixel into the bottom part of the respective email message. Whenever the particular email recipient opens that email, the tracking pixel will load and Yesware will record the particular Open Event.

Thus, the users of Yesware will obtain a notification via a pop up notification (in case the pop up notifications have been toggled on via the Yesware Preferences) on the left hand side of the Gmail and Yesware will list an event within the Yesware dashboard that can be accessible via the top left corner of the Gmail.

Link tracking facility of Yesware creates a particular link in a place of the URLs that you have attached in the email.

Once the email recipient clicks on the respective tracked link, the Yesware server will get pinged with the respective IP address so that it can provide its users with relevant information regarding the recipient like the location of the email opening, the time of email opening, and through which device the email had been opened.

Yesware- Features

Yesware is featured with a number of features and now it’s time to check the striking ones:

  • Know the happenings after the click send:

    Yesware can greatly track email opening and reply rates activities. Apart from that, it can tack link clicks, attachment openings as well as the activity of presentation pageviews. These are all valuable piece of information that will be helpful for the users in identifying the best possible email for all the steps associated with the sales procedure.

  • Prospecting has been made Simple:

    This particular email campaign tool can set up a straightforward email touch pattern, automated drip campaigns along with social selling for targeting busy decision makers from each and every perspective.

  • Have a Faith Your Trust your Salesforce:

    Yesware can automatically record activity data on all sales emails sent, received, and opened. It can also record every downloaded attachment, meeting scheduled as well as presentation viewed for the proper record and that is all in real-time.

  • Automate the Outreach:

    Yesware can structure email drip campaigns with the help of Yesware Mail Merge for maintaining the involvement of prospects so that even one follow-up will not be missed.

  • Send Better and Faster Emails:

    Yesware can create email templates in Outlook or Gmail for spending less time in rewriting the heavily utilized messages of its users. Through the automatic tracking facility of open and reply rates, its users can A/B test the presented templates and can get to know which messages have got the best outcomes.

  • Automatic Follow up:

    Users can make use of the Mail Merge facility of this particular cold email campaign tool for sending a group of customized emails to the respective prospects on an automatic basis, straightforwardly from their

Users can also use Touchpoints for operating multi-channel sales campaigns through the utilization of phone calls, email, social selling, and drip campaigns along with other custom outreach.

  • An Efficient Inbox:

    The send later facility of Yesware allows the users to delay in dispatching an email, according to their preference and choice. They need to straightforwardly schedule an email in Gmail and the rest work will be taken care of Users can also add a Reminder to emails that they want to recall to follow up in future.

  • Easy Integration of Salesforce Email and Calendar:

    Yesware can synchronize each and every email, meeting, or attachments of its user automatically to the proper Salesforce.com record in real-time. Users can make use of the Salesforce Sidebar to observe the most recent contact activity as well as create new tasks and that is without leaving their inbox.

Yesware- Pricing Plans

The pricing structures of Yesware are as follows:

Pro: This particular plan is an email productivity toolkit, designed for busy professionals. The price of this plan is $12 per user/ month (billed annually). The facilities of this plan are as follows:

  1. Real-time email tracking
  2. Personal templates & reports
  3. Presentation tracking & analytics
  4. Book A Time
  5. Send Later & Reminders

Premium: This specific plan is about shared email insights as well as collaboration for data-driven teams. The price of this plan is $25 per user/ month (billed annually). The facilities are as follows:

  1. The features of the Pro Plan and
  2. Mail Merge Campaigns
  3. Role-based permissions
  4. Team template sharing and reporting
  5. Centralized billing

Enterprise: It provides a sales productivity platform, integrating with Salesforce. The price of the ‘Enterprise’ plan is $55 per user/ month (billed annually). The facilities are as follows:

  1. The features of the Premium Plan and
  2. Salesforce inbox sidebar
  3. Touchpoints campaigns
  4. Email and calendar CRM sync
  5. Bidirectional Salesforce synchronization

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a very efficient cold email campaign tool that offers a lot of advantages to its users so that their success in the respective cold email campaign can get increased.

Hupport performs its works like a second brain and helps a large number of customers. It is helpful in finding the appropriate audience, make involvement with their customers, and improve their brand awareness.

Hupport offers a lot of features and functionalities to its users. Let’s check the incredible features of this platform one by one:

Send Sophisticated Emails:

In the question of selling products, sharing some big news, etc, the great campaign builder of Hupport has streamlined the procedure of creating a cold email marketing campaign, as per the suitability of users’ message.

Automating Marketing:

The pre-built feature of marketing automation creates a space to concentration on a particular strategy. Users can welcome, re-engage as well as follow up with the individuals, who are important prospects (according to them).

Place the Data to Work:

Hupport can make integration of each and every major e-commerce provider so that its users can utilize their purchase data to dispatch customized campaigns and to better understand the influence of marketing to the bottom line.

Find the Audience:

Hupport greatly helps its users to reach each and every audience because it is very important to analyze the desired prospects prior to the starting a cold email campaign.

See the Performance:

Achieving perfection is a matter of great dedication, hard work, and patience. This specific cold email campaign tool is helpful to display the performance of the respective cold email campaign.

Why is Hupport better than Yesware?

The most significant benefit of Hupport is its incredible price structure and that is $10/user only. It is the most affordable cold email campaign tool available in the market. That means both beginners, as well as experienced personalities, can easily use this platform and for the sake of its brilliant features, they can expect to get a great success in their cold email campaign.

A cold email campaign can bring lots of great opportunities to you with which you can grow in your life and reach your goal. So, take help from Hupport and start your journey today.

Hupport is a great platform for launching a cold email campaign. For the beginners and experienced alike can utilize this amazing platform without the worry of a vast investment unlike the rest of the cold email campaign tools. Now, you might have understood why Hupport is the best and appropriate cold email campaign tool in the market.

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