Many people are aware of the terms ‘cold email’, but they can’t measure the importance and benefits of the same. When it is limited to sending emails to a small number of people, then you might not experience that much difficulty that you will in times of sending emails to a huge number of prospects.

A cold email campaign tool is capable of handling the daunting tasks required for launching a cold email campaign. Therefore, it is wise to go for a dependable tool that can expertly handle the tasks of your cold email campaign. Otherwise, it seems to be a difficult work to handle everything related to it while managing your business. It is also very important to choose a proper platform for cold email campaigns.

What is Woodpecker? is a popular and reliable follow-up automation SaaS that has initiated its journey in the year 2015. It is an international team consisting of 40 members. Their objective is to enable every B2B company to make connections with their prospects. Woodpecker has been designed to share the workload of customers.

Woodpecker is helpful in automating in the dispatch of customized emails as well as the follow-ups to prospects executing the approach of Predictable Revenue methodology along with an account-based sales development. This particular cold email campaign platform can send emails along with follow-up sequences from the mailbox of its users on an automatic basis.

Woodpecker can synchronize every contact of the users in a bidirectional manner throughout Base and Woodpecker so that the requirement of entering the customer data can be limited to only once.

Woodpecker is great cold mailing software that allows its users to customize and automate their cold email campaigns so that they don’t need to get involved with the manual emailing approach to their prospects. Users also don’t get involved in follow-up sending activity. This particular platform can make integration with any of the e-mailing systems and it also allows its users in exporting the leads’ data to their CRM systems.

Woodpecker– Features

Let’s discuss the features of Woodpecker:

  • Follow-Up Automation: The users of Woodpecker can set a number of days following which they want to send a follow-up automatically.
  • Reply Detection: After receiving the reply, follow-ups will be stopped automatically. Apart from that, replies from a separate address, autoresponders, and forwards will also be detected.
  • Cold Email Personalization: The users will be able to contact prospects (of the unlimited number) on a daily basis with customized cold emails and also construct Predictable Revenue.
  • Teamwork Security: The users and their teammates will not send email to the same recipient twice in case you don’t want that.

Woodpecker can integrate the mailbox of its users in seconds.

Woodpecker– Pricing Plans

  • Start-Up: This particular plan includes the fundamental features for smaller teams at the price of $40per seat/month.
  • Team PRO: This specific plan offers the advanced features for larger teams at the investment of $50per seat/month.
  • Enterprise: It offers custom integrations for an enterprise. You need to contact the Woodpecker team to know about custom pricing.
  • Agency: It is an ideal plan for B2B lead generation agencies. Contact the team of Woodpecker to know about custom pricing.

Hupport- Features

It is very important to go for an appropriate cold email campaign tool to expect a great success in the respective campaign and that’s why the particular tool should be advanced and updated. However, the budget is also an important criterion that you need to consider while choosing a platform. Hupport is a cold email campaign platform that greatly fulfills both of these criteria. Now, it’s time to discuss the incredible features of Hupport:

  • One-To-One Custom Campaigns: The facility of in-line editing enables the users of this platform to personalize their campaigns for the respective key prospects. They can also add quick customization to their touchpoints. Alternatively, they can also write a new message from scratch.
  • You can work Everywhere: The users of this particular platform can initiate campaigns from any contact page or lead within Salesforce or from their inbox.
  • Customized Messaging: With the help of Hupport, its users can customize their outbound emails. This particular cold email campaign tool is able to create unmatched templates for every segment that they have defined, define custom merge tags, etc.
  • Instant and Incredible Feedback: It can track crucial campaign along with segment-level metrics. Its users can also view opens, link clicks, replies, bounces, etc and all of them on an independent prospect level.
  • Effortless Follow-Through: It can look after prospects with in-thread follow-ups, reply-based list management on an automatic basis etc.

Why is Hupport better than Woodpecker

The Hupport is an incredible platform, providing a number of important functionalities and features to its users and that is also at an affordable price- $10/user only. It is the most budget-friendly platform, available in the market that offers each and every great feature without any restriction.

A cold email campaign can do wonders, but it should be properly executed. An appropriate cold email campaign tool can greatly help you in achieving fruitful results. Icoldemail is a great platform that ensures incredible functionalities in at an affordable price. Therefore, it can be concluded that Hupport is the ideal cold email campaign tool.

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