If you have started the journey of becoming the best online entrepreneur, then first you need to popularize your brand in the world of the internet. You should make people familiarize with your products or services, otherwise, you could not manage to stand out from a large number of competitors.

Remember, all of your competitors keep on designing their business plan and so you also need to take some initiatives to attract your prospects towards your brand so that they don’t enter the websites of your competitors’.

To become successful in popularizing your products or services, the cold email campaign is one of the best and smart ideas. Many people opine that unknown messages are involved with the possibilities of deletion by recipients.

However, if you can take help from an advanced and updated cold email tool, then the chances of success will increase tremendously. If your cold email is informative, useful, value-added, and properly customized, then you can hope for the best of your victory.

What is Easysendy?

EasySendy Pro is one of the reputed and reliable context-based tools for email marketing. It is capable of connecting more than 12 cloud SMTP relay servers (according to its users’ choice) for dispatching emails. It can make a connection with Amazon SES, SendGrid, Aritic Mail, Sparkpost, Elasticemail, MailGun, SendinBlue, Leadersend, TipiMail, MailJet, and Dyn.

With the help of this great email marketing tool, users can be able to divide test email deliveries throughout the relay servers. And they can also track email clicks, check reports, the opening of each and every email campaign.

EasySendy Pro also hosts a smart and advanced autoresponder as well as the facility of an updated email list segmentation, depending on the interactions of subscribers with the particular email campaign. It is helpful in sending properly targeted email campaigns via Aritic Mail, Amazon SES, SendGrid, and MailGun.

Delivering emails via multiple SMTP relay server tremendously improves the delivery of email inbox and it also improves the rate of email opening that eventually results in increased ROI in the domain of email marketing.

Other striking features of EasySendy Pro include web forms for the purpose of email capture, email template editor, custom subscriber pages, tracking domain setup, auto bounce, custom fields, subscriber segmentation, RSS or JSON feed emails, API, complaint handling setup, Zapier integration, and Google Analytics and WordPress.

Easysendy – Features

EasySendy Pro offers the facility of a great range of features to its users. Let’s take a look some of them:

  • Micro Segment Subscribers and Dispatch Targeted Email Campaigns:

    EasySendy Pro can divide email subscribers automatically, as per the requirements of your business along with several other categories, including name, location after opening the emails or clicking the links.

According to classified email contacts, this particular tool can dispatch targeted customized context-based emails to the respective subscribers.

  • Improvement of Email Open Rate with the help of Re-engagement Campaign:

    The great facility of Campaign Re-engagement enables the users of EasySendy Pro to provide their subscribers with a prompt so that they can be reminded of the new emails (from those respective users) and in this way, the possibilities of email opening will be improved.

  • Optimizing Email Delivery with the facility of Multiple Cloud Transactional Email Services:

    EasySendy Pro can optimize the procedure of email delivery along with the cost of context-based email marketing through the addition of one or several transactional email server, according to the choice of its users. It allows them to dispatch email campaigns via vast IP Pools, such as Aritic Mail, Amazon SES.

  • Addition of Custom Domain Policy for Delivery Servers:

    For the improvement of the email delivery at a specific mailbox of ISP, this particular tool can configure as well as route email deliveries via a proper SMTP relays.

It is possible for the users for this tool to route the emails of gmail.com via one delivery server and yahoo.com emails via other SMTP delivery server. This facility becomes more workable whenever users have a requirement of delivering emails to nation-specific providers of the mailbox.

  • File Manager for Uploading of Image and Management: EasySendy Pro hosts a built-in feature of file manager for uploading as well as adding the image to email templates in an easy manner. Through the utilization of this particular file manager, users can effortlessly manage images that they have a requirement of embedding in email templates.

Easysendy – Pricing Plans

The price structures of EasySendy Pro are as follows:

$19/mo: This particular plan provides the facilities of 10000 Subscribers, 5 Emails/Second, and 2 Delivery Servers.

$59/month: This specific plan provides the facilities of 100000 Subscribers, 15 Emails/Second, and 2 Delivery Servers.

$89/mo: This specific plan offers 150000 Subscribers, 30 Emails/Second, and 4 Delivery Servers.

$119/month: It offers 200000 Subscribers, 30 Emails/Second, and 4 Delivery Servers.

$349/mo: It offers 1000000 Subscribers, 30 Emails/Second, and 10 Delivery Servers.

Each and every plan of EasySendy Pro provides the facilities of Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited Email Templates, and Unlimited Lists.

Hupport- Features

Hupport is an incredible cold email campaign platform that can completely understand the requirements of a cold email campaign and it provides the facilities accordingly. Now, let’s discuss the features of Hupport:

  • Customer Solutions: Hupport provides great assistance whenever its users have a requirement of it through unlimited phone, email, and live chat from a team that had been promised to those users as well as their business.
  • All Facilities Included: The users of Hupport can get access to all of its users from the first day itself, such as segmentation, autoresponders, integrations, and reports.
  • Deliverability: The emails of the users’ will get optimized for getting delivered to the inbox.
  • Educational Content: The users of Hupport can easily get access to their video library, blog, educational guides, knowledge base, etc that will help them in grasping the approach to email marketing.

Why is Hupport better than Easysendy?

Hupport is a great and heavily useful cold email campaign platform, featured with incredible facilities to its users. It has come in an affordable price structure and that is just $10/user. It is the most budget-friendly platform available in the market, offering all the required features without any restriction.

After taking a look at the excellent and useful features of Hupport, it can be hoped that you have realized the importance and benefits of a great cold email campaign platform.

After managing a lot of works in your business, it is very difficult to manage the part of your cold email campaign. Therefore, make a wise decision and select the best tool (like Hupport) for launching your cold email campaigns.


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