If you are thinking about growing your business, then you need to make aware more and more people about your offerings. We are very well-known about the fact that most of the people don’t interested in receiving and responding to cold calls. Then, how can you accomplish the task of improving your brand awareness? One of the great ways is by launching cold email campaigns. A cold email can greatly serve your purpose without disturbing your prospects.

A well-written and nicely framed cold email is more likely to attract your prospects towards your business than a cold call. Nevertheless, the achievement of success in a cold email campaign requires a proper strategy and constant analysis, but most of the business owners don’t have that much time to manage every bit of their cold email campaign.

A proper cold email campaign tool is very helpful in this regard. It is able to manage most of the activities connected to your cold email campaign so that you can expect a big success in the respective campaign. However, before choosing a tool, you need to be careful about its facilities and price structure alike. A proper cold email campaign tool should be updated and advanced so that you can get most of the benefits from it.

What is Streak?

The primary objective of Streak is to enable organizations in order to collect definite data linked with the success of their each and every sent email. It can track whenever an email that has been sent through Gmail is opened by a recipient.

Streak streamlines the management of the cold email campaigns of its users, as it is capable of integrating into Gmail straightforwardly. It also provides a great help in organizing the email data for the utilization of users.

This popular email organization suite informs its users whenever an email is read and also it provides the facility of a timeline view so that you can get the information who, when, and on which device has sent that message.

Streak – Features

With the help of the platform of Streak, you can operate your whole business straight from your inbox. Let’s take a look at the incredible features of this cold email campaign platform:

  • Straightforward Collaboration: It is capable of collaborating in merely one click. It is also able to share email, files, contacts, and other important aspects that are needed to execute this particular task.
  • A Multipurpose Platform: Streak is able to handle its users’ deals and support queue (etc) inside Gmail. And you will be capable of replacing various external systems with the help of Streak.
  • Works with Google Apps: This incredible platform is able to connect with Google Apps in a secure manner. It also uses work, personal along with school Gmail accounts.
  • Simple Implementation: No consultants or engineers will be required to appoint for implementing Streak. By downloading the extension, users can start work within a minute.
  • A Cloud-Based Platform: The users can access their information in Streak from any of the computers and they can continue their work through the utilization of their useful mobile App.
  • Adaptable Structure: Streak users can alter their workflow without the need of any coding. You can change the process with the progress of your business.

Streak – Pricing Plans

Streak has come in three plans that also include a full free plan. You might also go for its free trial for 14 days for examining the features of this platform to find out which plan will suit your workflow and business.

Personal: It is a free plan that includes the following facilities:

  • Email Power Tools
  • Basic features of CRM
  • Unlimited Boxes within Private Pipelines
  • 200 Tracked Emails per month
  • Maximum 50 Boxes within Shared Pipelines

Professional: The price of this particular plan is $49/user/month (billed annually) or $59/user (month-to-month). The features of this plan are as follows:

  • All the features of Personal Plan
  • Advanced API Reporting
  • Premium Email Support
  • 900+ Integrations through Zapier
  • Full CRM Features
  • Unlimited Boxes within Shared and Private Pipelines
  • Unlimited Email Tracking

Enterprise: The price of this plan is $99/user/month (billed annually) or $129/user (month-to-month). The facilities of this plan are as follows:

  • All the features of the Professional Plan
  • Unlimited Email Tracking
  • Custom Permissions
  • Minimum of 10 Users
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Unlimited Boxes within Private and Shared Pipelines
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Premium Phone Support
  • Data Validation

Hupport- Features

Maybe you have realized the importance of cold emails in the development of your business. However, a cold email campaign tool decides the success or failure of the respective campaign to a great extent. It means with an appropriate tool, the possibility of the success of your cold email campaign can increase a lot.

Along with the convenience of lots of features, you need to also think about your budget. Hupport is such a platform that fulfills both of these criteria. Now, let’s check out the incredible features of Hupport:

  • Smart Database:

    You can make use of Hupport in the form of a smart database for maintaining your prospects’ list, accompanied by the history of engagement.

  • Cadences:

    This great cold email campaign is capable of scheduling sequences of Emails, Tasks, and Followups for reaching the respective prospects with the help of automatic Reply Detection.

  • Management of Prospects:

    The users of Hupport can use this platform in the form of home for the database of your prospects. It greatly helps in building a great business relationship.

  • Email Finder: This particular cold email campaign platform is able to find precise email addresses for the respective prospects.
  • Gmail Extension: It can make use of Reminders, Templates, Email Tracking, and Send Later straight from inside Gmail.
  • Custom Fields: It can design unlimited custom fields for the respective prospects. Hupport can also store relevant information.
  • Email Tracking Facility: This particular platform can track email opens, clicks, replies and so on. It can personalize the communication of its users, depending on the engagement.

Why is Hupport better than Streak

The Hupport is a very useful cold email campaign platform, associated with great functionalities and facilities and that is also at a budget-friendly price structure- just $10/user. The Hupport is the most affordable platform that available within the market, offering all of the important and necessary features without providing any restriction.

Cold emails are great ways to make your prospects aware of your services or products. A cold email campaign can be greatly advantageous for you in enhancing your business network and going for Hupport means receiving great facilities without burning a hole in the pocket. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to go for Hupport.


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