In the business world, it is very important to increase popularity in terms of the business relationship or brand awareness. However, in the beginning, it is somewhat difficult to acquire customers due to the lacking of popularity. A cold email campaign is very helpful in this regard. It is used to communicate with one or a set of unknown personalities. It is a fact that you can’t expect anything after launching your cold email campaign, but through the utilization of an appropriate tool, you can increase the possibility of your success in the respective cold email campaign.

Another important aspect is to choose a proper tool from the activities linked to cold emails. Always go for an advanced and updated cold email tool so as to get the maximum benefit out of it.

What is Reply?

In the question of inbound, outbound, existing customers, or new user trials, Reply places the email outreach of its users on autopilot, simultaneously maintaining the privacy of the respective conversation.

Reply– Features

The features of Reply are as follows:

  • Outbound Sales: With the help of Reply, you can place the respective outbound outreach on autopilot for scaling your sales significantly and empowering the growth of revenue.
  • Inbound Sales: Users can make use of this particular tool of Reply for keeping on communication with their prospects and thus they can expect to achieve more inbound deals.
  • Account Management: Users of Reply can communicate with their clients on a personal level. Through the utilization of Reply, users can maintain their relationships with the existing accounts.
  • HR & Recruiting: With the help of this tool, users can provide support to their existing staff and try to make a communication with potential employees and that is too in one click. That means, no need of unsuccessful cold calling is required from now onwards.
  • Business Development: Reply allows its users in building relationships with potential partners. By using this tool, you can initialize outreach as well as follow-ups in order to create strategic scopes for the long-term growth of the business.
  • Fundraising: Reply also provides the opportunity to its users in creating campaigns to encourage in their present fundraising venture. They can discover contacts, reach out as well as watch their goals that they should reach faster than always. – Pricing Plans

It is also very important to find out the appropriate package of a tool for your business success. You need to go for that package that performs the best, according to your requirements. All of the plans of Reply incorporate free trial of 14 days, expert support team as well as the product expert, who will provide you with the appropriate support any time.

Individual: This particular plan initiates automating outreach of its users and also prepares their establishment for actual growth. The Individual plan is suitable for start-ups, individual users, and professionals. Users of this particular plan can contact 3000 people per month by investing $70 per user. Several members\teams receive a discount.



  • Duplicates detection
  • Upload contacts through API, CSV file, or Zapier integration
  • Automatic detection of time zone
  • Draw contacts from CRM


  • Reply, click and open tracking
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Email copy A\B testing
  • Automatic classification of replies
  • Advanced detection of reply
  • Custom delay between sending each email
  • Pausing of contacts that will reply on an automatic basis


  • Customize each email
  • Out of Office and detection of Bounce replies
  • Creation, edition, and sharing of email templates
  • Making a connection with several email accounts
  • Gmail, Mandrill, Exchange, and other famous email servers support
  • Connection to custom email server through SMTP/IMAP

Reports & Tracking

  • Observation of the performance of your campaign with the passage of time
  • Observe the performance of your team members
  • Discover what email templates perform best
  • Receive statistics at each level
  • Daily or weekly or monthly reports on performance in the respective inbox

Team Functionality

  • Sharing of Templates, Contacts, and Campaigns
  • Team reporting
  • Admin access to team accounts


  • Scheduled duration for sending emails
  • Sending emails, as per the time zone of contacts
  • Breakout of email counts sent daily
  • Discrete delivery windows for first step emails along with follow-ups

Safety Settings

  • Prevention of adding same contacts to separate campaigns
  • Prohibit sending emails to the same recipient so frequently
  • Duplicates detection
  • Prevention of sending emails with absent template variables
  • Restrict the email counts for a single contact/ day or week


  • RESTfull API for accessing statistics and managing contacts\ campaigns\templates
  • BCC emails to CRM
  • Integration with 300+ apps through Zapier
  • io, Salesforce, Pipedrive native integrations (that is available in Business plans only)
  • Synchronizing contacts statuses, accompanied by CRM (available in Business plans only)
  • Mark as read Out of Office along with Bounced replies in the inbox of users
  • Automatic drawing contacts\ leads from CRM depending on filter criteria (available in Business plans only)
  • Gmail plugin for the addition of contacts in order to auto-follow-up campaigns from the inbox of the users

Business: This particular plan will scale the outreach of the users and automate client communications to perform more with less. It is appropriate for developing establishments, ready for scaling. This specific plan is further divided into three plans- $200 MONTHLY, $300 MONTHLY, and $500 MONTHLY. To know about their facilities, you can visit their website.

Market Leader: This plan can improve the performance of the users’ establishment, accompanied by enterprise-level attributes for automating customer communications. You need to contact the support team of Reply to find out the possibility. To know more about this plan, you need to contact the Reply support team.

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a great cold email platform that offers incredible facilities to its users for enhancing the expectation regarding the success of their cold email campaigns. Now, let’s discuss its features:

Mail Merging with Google Sheets:

This incredible platform can make a connection with Google Sheets for dispatching a customized mass email through the utilization of any of the columns in the spreadsheet of its users.

Messing of email depending on Search Results:

Users can make use of the robust search feature of Gmail for finding out messages that contain recipients to whom they want to send an email. After that, they should click the Build Email List button and then, a Compose window is going to load, comprising the email addresses discovered in such messages.

Having Emails sent as Replies:

You can go for either receives emails sent in the form of new messages or in the form of replies to the last conversation that you performed with every recipient. The latter one creates a more positive impression that you have replied and typed a message manually to that recipient on an individual basis for which you can expect to improve the response rate.

Why is Hupport better than Reply

The icoldemail is an incredible cold email platform featured with various helpful features. Nonetheless, the good news is this platform has come at a great budget-friendly price – $10/user only. Hupport is the most affordable platform that is available within the market, offering a range of important features, without any restriction.

Cold email campaign’s success mostly depends on the efficiency of the utilized tool and therefore, it will be a wise decision to choose a reliable and effective cold email tool that can also suit your budget. Hupport is an appropriate cold email platform that provides great facilities without burning a hole in your pocket.



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