Cold email is one type of communication approach that is involved with communication via emails and the recipients will be someone, who is not familiar with your offerings (your products, services, or skills). It is somewhat similar to the approach of cold calling, however, cold emailing is a more convenient option than cold calling.

The open rate for emails with a customized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% that were without any customization in the year 2016 (according to reports).

The concept of cold email is a great strategy to start a business communication with a set of prospects so that more and more individuals can be aware of the offerings of a particular business.

As per the report, email has a 122% of a median ROI that was more than four times higher, as compared to other marketing formats, paid search, direct mail, and social media.

A properly personalized, value-added, and properly researched cold email can be a great effective way to increase the awareness of your brand. It is a great workable strategy through which you can expect to increase the success possibility of your cold email campaign.

What is PersistIQ?

PersistIQ makes a great amalgamation of sales communication as well as workflow into a particular easy-to-use system. The robust technology of PersistIQ provides its users with an appropriate balance between the human touch and sales automation.

From team reporting to database management, PersistIQ is helpful for sales teams in launching customized outbound campaigns with various touchpoints. The particular application provides automatization tools to sales teams so that they can communicate prospects and leads at the correct moment for the sake of the proper message.

PersistIQ compatibles with sales workflows and it can integrate with a number of CRM’s, Salesforce, and marketing automation systems.

PersistIQ provides coverage to a database and lead management. It enables sales groups to import the lists of lead in order to design custom database fields and for the detection of any duplicate leads.

It also synchronizes email history along with already-present leads for making sure that they have not been incorporated in campaigns.

It helps in the improvement of sales campaigns by the facility of following up of reminders and through the improvement of email templates.

To provide great help to teams in selling faster and smarter, PersistIQ can incorporate team collaboration tools, including database and template sharing, and team reporting for identifying problems.

Managers can design team dashboards as well and thus they provide all team members a global vision regarding the procedure of sales as well as the pipeline.

PersistIQ- Features

Some of the incredible features of PersistIQ are as follows:

Get Powerful and Tremendously Predictable Deal Flow:

PersistIQ can customize outbound campaigns at scale for acquiring more and more meetings and delivering a superior experience to its users’ prospects. It works as a human, not like a robot.

Gaining Improved Visibility into the Present Works:

This particular tool is capable of analyzing the efficacy of each and every activity of sale in the progress of its users and it ranges from emails and calls to handwritten notes and social channels.

It can test on a continuous basis for acquiring insights so that the results of its users can get improved.

Intelligent Automation accompanied by Flexibility:

PersistIQ can dial in the correct automation level at each and every step. It greatly supports several sales strategies, persona-based outbound, development of account-based sales, and following up with proper inbound leads.

Control and Consistency at Every Step:

PersistIQ can greatly focus on the correct sales activities at the correct times. It makes use of smart controls for ensuring that its users’ provide their clients and prospects with a great experience so that they can stand out from the crowd.

Bringing the Human Resource Back to Sales:

It can leverage the capability of automation, simultaneously providing its users with great flexibility of easily customizing every touch. As a result, its users will become more effective with the help of outbound sales.

Fully Customizable:

PersistIQ can maintain full control at all stages of the selling procedure.

Semi- or Fully Automated:

The users can dial in the correct amount of automation for a personality-based customization or selling for account-based selling.

Detailed Analytics:

This particular platform is capable of scientifically testing and measuring the performance of tasks, templates, calls, and campaigns.

Template Manager:

It can design appropriate messages and manage their organization for effortless management.


PersistIQ can diversify its users’ outbound sales channels through the construction of various touches all around the workflow.


This particular platform is capable of incorporating calls in its users’ sales workflows and automatically recording completed calls, results, and notes to their CRM.

PersistIQ- Pricing Plans

The plan-wise price structures of PersistIQ are as follows:

Lite: The price of this particular plan starts from $40 / month per active user (billed annually) or $50 billed / month.

The particular plan hosts a lot of power and it is compatible with individual sales professionals.

Starter: The price structure of this specific plan starts from $60 / month, per active user (billed annually) or $80 billed / month.

This particular plan equips with an accessible package and that is compatible with small sales teams.

Pro: The price of this particular plan starts at $450 / mo, 5 active users included and free admin users (billed annually). It is compatible for proactive sales teams.

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a great platform that offers lots of functionalities and facilities to its users. Now, let’s its features one by one:

Growing Its Users Email List:

The users of Hupport can select from a large number of ready-to-utilize sign up form templates and also they also add their own branding without knowing any coding skills.

After that, its users can watch prospects to subscribe to their blog posts, website, social media posts, and other places, where their audiences can hang-out.

For the purpose of next-level list growth, the users can operate A/B tests for learning how their choices if the design and word influence signups so that they can perform more effectively.

Display Subscribers the Value of Your Product:

You can make use of email automation for dispatching welcome emails, email courses, product launch sequences, and so on. This particular tool can also design greatly sophisticated marketing funnels with the help of Hupport.

For the improvement of the performance, you can make use of tags for segmenting the respective subscribers, depending on the links whatever they have clicked and the emails whatever they have opened and then send the proper message to the appropriate person exactly whenever they feel its requirements.

If you are experiencing issues regarding email marketing, then you can contact the expert support team of Hupport.

Formation of Good-Looking Emails for Great Results:

You need to always make sure that your subscribers don’t miss any segment with one-time broadcast emails, such as product promos and newsletters. With the help of the mobile-ready templates of Hupport, you can dispatch great-looking email newsletters to the respective list.

Track Your Performance:

With the useful platform of Hupport, you can easily track different engagements, such as opens, bounces, clicks, sales, complaints, and so on. Through the utilization of such a feature, you can figure out the issues that are pulling you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Why is Hupport better than PersistIQ?

Hupport is an incredibly useful platform for beginners and experienced ones alike. This great cold email platform provides great facilities and that is also at a great affordable price structure- $10/user only. You will be amazed to know that Hupport is the most affordable cold email campaign platform in the present market that offers a range of facilities without any restriction.

With a proper cold email campaign strategy, you can expect to get a great success in your business career. However, you need to be very focused on your product quality because unless your services or products offer an incredible value to your prospects, you should not hope for a big success.

Hupport is a great cold email campaign tool that is suitable for every kind of users – may it be a beginner or an experienced one. It is the best tool available in the market today.

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