MixMax alternative, why Hupport is better than MixMax

A cold email campaign works as a great approach to popularize a business, its services, products, and the overall brand among people. The cold call has somewhat become obsolete now because nowadays people don’t have sufficient time to pick-up calls and talk to sales representatives.

Cold emails can ensure more success because recipients can open their emails anytime they want, according to their convenience. However, getting success in a cold email campaign is not so much easy because the competition is very tough nowadays and more and more people are utilizing this approach to achieve success. To increase the success possibility of a cold email campaign, it is very important to select a proper tool while taking care of your budget as well.

What is Mixmax?

Mixmax is popular software, enabling its users to improve their productivity. This incredible cold email campaign platform enables the respective users to track emails in a precise manner, set up meetings instantly, save time with proper email templates as well as schedule emails that would be sent later.

Mixmax improves the strength of emails as web pages by enabling activities, such as completion of purchases, making confirmation of expense reports, answering surveys, and also by scheduling events.

Mixmax is a well-known Gmail extension, Inbox by Google as well as a Salesforce that combines an array of the latest features, such as one-click meeting scheduling, templates, and the capability of scheduling emails to such tools (with the support for Outlook that has been scheduled for Q4 of 2018). Along with that, this particular cold email campaign enables users to track easily whenever emails get opened that links individuals clicked, etc.

Mixmax – Features

The features of Mixmax are as follows:

  • Know exactly who is opening Your Email and When:

    For the sake of the email tracking facility, the users of Mixmax will be informed once someone has opened their message. If the email has been sent to a group, then this incredible platform will show them once individually opened their email, so that they can follow up in an accurate way.

  • Schedule Conversations in one email other than ten:

    With the help of one-click scheduling, the users of this particular platform can book meetings in merely one email other than ten. Guest of the users can choose a time straight in the email itself and the rest of the work will be performed by No requirement of double bookings is there.

  • Design the Appropriate Email with One-Click Templates:

    You need to write an email greatly every time without thinking about manual copying and pasting. With the help of Mixmax templates, the correct message for every event will be just one click away.

  • Write Now, Send Later:

    If you are writing an email at this moment, then you can schedule it for sending it automatically (if you wish) when you think the respective recipient will open and go through it.

Mixmax also provides the facilities of web previews, polls, surveys, integration, undo send, Giphy Integration, code snippets, multiple signatures, and custom branding.

Mixmax – Pricing Plans

Starter: The price of this particular plan is $9 Per user/month (Billed annually). The important features of this plan are as follows:

  • Unlimited email tracking
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited send later
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Per-recipient tracking
  • Unlimited public appointments calendars
  • Unlimited reminders

 Small Business: The price of this plan is $24 Per user/month (Billed annually). The facilities of this plan are as follows:

Every feature included in the Starter Plan along with the additional facilities below:

  • CRM integration through auto BCC
  • Shared templates
  • Template and sequence stats
  • Click and download tracking
  • Unlimited sequences
  • Double-booking protection
  • Schedule on shared calendars

Growth: The price of this plan is $49 Per user/month (Billed annually). The facilities will be as follows:

Every feature included with Small Business Plan and also you will get:

  • Salesforce API integration
  • Round-robin team calendaring
  • Rules and automation
  • Sidebar with social info and Salesforce data
  • Reports on basic team performance
  • Custom branded emails and landing pages
  • Shared sequences

Enterprise: You need to contact the team of Mixmax to know about custom pricing. The facilities are as follows:

Every feature that is included with the Growth Plan along with the following facilities:

  • Salesforce and Greenhouse automation
  • Advanced reporting and insights
  • Saleforce tasks in Sequences
  • Delegated sending
  • Organization-level settings
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Salesforce tasks dashboard

Hupport- Features

It is very important to go for such a cold email campaign platform that will provide all the required facilities without burning a hole in your pocket. Hupport is such a platform that offers incredible facilities. Now let’s check them one by one:

  • Data for making better decisions: This incredible cold email campaign tool always provides reliable Salesforce reporting, accompanied by automatic synchronization to CRM.
  • Tool for initiating action: It provides the facility of email automation as well as sales prospecting, accompanied by Touchpoints campaigns.
  • Know what will happen once you click send:

    This particular platform can track the opening of the emails and also the reply rates. It can also track link clicks, the opening of attachments, and pageviews of presentation. All of these are important information that will be helpful for you in identifying the best possible email for each step of the sales procedure.

  • Easy Prospecting:

    It can set up a streamlined email touch pattern, automated drip campaigns as well as social selling for targeting busy decision makers from each and every point of view.

Hupport can automate the outreach of its users.

Why is Hupport better than Mixmax? 

The Hupport is an incredible platform, involved with great facilities and that has come at an affordable price and it is $10/user only. It is the most budget-friendly platform that is available in the market. It provides all the required and crucial facilities without any type of limitation.

Hupport is an incredible tool for providing an array of facilities to users without a vast investment. A cold email campaign can provide you with high success in your business in terms of popularity and sales. Therefore, don’t think too much and go for Hupport to enhance the possibility of your success.

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