If you are an online entrepreneur or an online service provider, then you might know very well that the enhancement of the business relationship is very important to popularize your brand and to grow your business. However, to initiate the communication with prospects or make them familiar with your products or services, a proper mode or medium is required.

Earlier, cold calling was there to make prospects aware of the new arrivals, useful products, initiate business communication, and so on. However, people nowadays are so much busy in their work that they are not interested in receiving and answering unknown calls. Therefore, it can be concluded that the cold calling strategy has become somewhat obsolete now.

Here, a big question is how can you initiate the conversation? One of the smart ideas is cold emailing. A properly customized and perfectly written cold email is one of the ideal ways to start a conversation with prospects because it wouldn’t interrupt him/her in their busy schedule and the respective prospect can check and reply (if he/she wants) that email, as per their schedule and convenience.

Another noteworthy point to consider here is that achieving success in a cold email campaign is not as easy as a breeze. It requires proper strategy and correct implementation and after handling so many business-related works, it seems to be difficult for a person to handle an overall cold email campaign. So, it’s significant to go for a proper and workable cold email campaign tool. A good number of tools are already present in the market and so one needs to be very careful before making the selection.

What is Klenty?

Klenty is a reliable and reputed software product that is helpful in several activities like prospecting, outreaching, and following-up so that they can be performed in a disciplined way. Through its utilization, the sales team of the respective users can expect to improve sales conversions with alleviated manual hard works and it can result in more leads.

With the help of Klenty, its users can seamlessly search as well as build the prospects’ list, discover their official email ids, dispatch customized one-to-one cold emails, set follow-ups (automated) at scale, track email clicks, opens, replies, and so on.

Klenty- Features

Klenty provides a lot of facilities to its users and let’s check them one by one:

Klenty is able to greatly manage its users’ prospects as well as their leads.

It can track each and every prospect of its users. This cold email campaign tool provides the facility of duplicate detection that is helpful in preventing the same prospect from getting duplicated by the respective team of users.

Klenty also offers collision detection facility to prevent from contacting the identical prospect simultaneously. It offers the facility of dashboards to check the status of each prospect.

Klenty offers the feature of unlimited custom fields and tags for each and every prospect. It also offers the feature of custom filters and so on.

Klenty also helps in importing and exporting prospects

Native CRM Integrations:

Klenty makes integration natively with CRMs, such as Pipedrive, Freshsales, Salesforce for helping its users in importing or exporting prospects effortlessly.

  • Google Sheets: Users can also connect their Google Drive to Klenty. They will be also capable of importing prospects from Google Sheets.
  • Push from CRM to Klenty: The users of Klenty can easily make use of the useful Klenty Chrome Extension.
  • CSV Files: Klenty is able to import its user’s prospects from any CSV file.

Klenty- Pricing Plans

The price structures of Klenty are as follows:

TALL: The price of this particular plan is $30 user/month. It is a plan that a person needs in the beginning phase of his/her career. To get started with the activity of email prospecting, Klenty has designed this particular plan. Its users will receive the following facilities:

  • Email Cadences or Automated Followups
  • Gmail Plugin
  • Addition of Prospects From Google Sheets or CSV
  • Detect Replies Automatically
  • API Access
  • CRM Import or Export: Pipedrive And Freshsales CRM
  • Slack Integration
  • Zapier Integration

GRANDE: The price of this specific plan is $60 user/month. It is the most famous plan of Klenty. It is equipped with various features designed for high-performance sales teams. The price of this plan is $60 user/month. It provides the following facilities to its users:

Every feature in TALL and the additional facilities:

  • Import or Export From Salesforce
  • Start Cadence From CRM
  • Features of Advanced CRM Integration, including CRM Actions and Klenty Triggers
  • Calendly Integration
  • Click To Call (Beta)
  • Map Custom Fields
  • Advanced Cadence Features (Beta)
  • Automatic Timezone Detection (Coming Soon)
  • Account Based Prospecting (Coming Soon)

VENTI: The particular plan is suitable for advanced teams and it is featured with personalized reporting as well as high volumes. The price of this plan is $100 user/month. The features of this plan are as follows:

  • Every feature of the GRANDE plan along with the following facilities:
  • It can connect 2 Additional Email Accounts at the maximum for each user
  • Custom Reports
  • Website Tracking
  • Prospect Enrichment (Coming Soon)

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a great cold email campaign tool that is tremendously useful while it comes to increase the possibility of a cold email campaign. This particular platform offers ranges of great functionalities to its users. Let’s these features:

You can know what will happen following the clicking of ‘Send’:

Hupport can track email opens and also link clicks, reply rates, presentation pageviews, and attachment opens. These are all valuable pieces of information, helpful in identifying the ideal possible message for each and every step of the particular sales procedure.

Reliability of your Salesforce Data:

This very useful cold email campaign tool is capable of logging activity data on an automatic basis on each and every sales email sent, received, and opened. It can also record every downloaded attachment, scheduled meeting, presentation viewed and all of them in real-time.

Automate the Outreach:

Hupport can set up email drip campaigns to maintain the involvement of prospects and never miss any follow-up.

Getting Stronger and Tremendously Predictable Deal Flow:

It can customize outbound campaigns at scale for getting more meetings as well as delivering a superior experience to its users’ prospects. It really sounds like a human, not like a robot.

Gaining Improved Visibility into What Performs:

Hupport can analyze the efficacy of each of the sales activity in the progress of the users, ranging from emails and calls to handwritten notes and social channels. It can continuously test to acquire insights and enhance the outcomes.

Why is Hupport better than Klenty?

Hupport is a very efficient cold email campaign tool, equipped with a number of incredible features and facilities. The best part of this tool is its price structure and it is only $10/user. It is the most affordable cold email campaign tool in the market, offering all the required and useful features, without providing any type of restriction.

A cold email campaign is very important for your business success and a proper tool in this regard can greatly increase the possibility of a cold email campaign’s success, as it can share a huge workload and perform it on behalf of you.

Hupport is a great cold email campaign tool for beginners and experienced alike. With its incredible features, simple-to-operate user interface, and an affordable price structure are suitable to every user. So, here, we can end up by concluding that Hupport is the best cold email campaign tool available in the market.


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