If you are not familiar with the requirements and importance of a proper cold email campaign tool, then you will start realizing it with the increasing load associated with the campaigns. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to start utilizing a proper cold email campaign tool so that a vast amount of work regarding the launching of your cold email campaign can be handed over to it.

You are very much interested about your product, as you have invested lots of time, perspiration, and energy to develop the particular product or the respective skill and you are really confident about the value of your product. However, a carefully-designed and brilliantly-crafted sales email that you have spent a long time in its designing are associated with the chance of less than 24% of getting open in the first campaign.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, it is very important to make thorough research before making a decision regarding the selection of a cold email campaign.

A proper cold email campaign tool needs to be tremendously advanced and updated so that its users can get the maximum benefit from that particular tool and that particular tool should also offer an array of incredible features to its users.

You will be amazed to know that 35% of email recipients usually open emails, depending on their subject line only.

However, prior to the reaching of the inbox of a prospect, the particular email needs to overcome an array of hurdles, such as obtaining the correct email address. 17% of Americans create a new email address per six months, whereas, 30% of subscribers alter email addresses on an annual basis.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a reputed and popular email marketing tool or autoresponder for any business. Regardless of the niche, the autoresponder can be used in maintaining a better relationship with the clients, followers, and prospects.

Launching and selling are two important aspects of the segment of email marketing. You need to discover your audience, construct a relationship as well as sell your services or products. You should make business goals and continuously make efforts to reach those goals.

Aweber provides assistance to small businesses in constructing their audience, obtaining more clients, and making successful to the dreams of its audiences. It can set up a series of automated email to involve the subscribers at the correct time.

It is capable of promoting the product for the sake of one-time broadcast emails, such as promos and newsletters. It is capable of saving time and framing mobile responsive emails and signing up form templates.

Aweber provides its help through live chat, email, and unlimited phone and from an expert team that has been committed to its users as well as its business. The users of Aweber can get access to all features from the first day itself that ranges from segmentation, reports, autoresponders, and integrations.

It helps optimize its users’ emails for the purpose of getting delivered to the respective inbox. The users can also get access to Aweber’s video library, educational guides, knowledge base, blog, and lots more to provide assistance to its users in mastering email marketing.

Aweber- Features

Aweber offers a range of features and facilities to its users and these are as follows:

Growing the Email List of the Users:

Users of Aweber can choose from a number of readymade sign up form templates and they can also add their own branding- that is also without the requirement of coding skills.

After that, they can expect people to subscribe to their website, social media pages, blog posts, in-person events, and any other places that their audiences usually hang-out.

For the next-level list growth, users can operate A/B tests for learning how their design and word choices can influence signups so that they can do more productive and fruitful works.

Make familiar Subscribers about the value of the Product:

The users can make use of email automation for dispatching welcome emails, email courses, sequences of product launch, and so on. They can also design advanced marketing funnels with the easy-to-use builder of Aweber.

For the improvement of performance, they can utilize tags for segmenting the subscribers of Aweber, depending on the links they have clicked as well as the emails that they opened and can dispatch the proper message to the correct individual exactly when those persons required it. The users can connect to the expert team of Aweber, who can be helpful in improving the level of email marketing.

Design Emails of Good Appearance for acquiring Results:

It is very important to make sure that subscribers don’t miss a single thing ever with one-time broadcast emails, such as product promos and newsletters. With the mobile-ready templates of Aweber, users can dispatch on-brand as well as the attractive email newsletters to their list. They just need to drag, drop, and modify text and images until it gets perfect.

Blog broadcasts are capable of extending the reach of their blog by converting their latest posts into emails automatically. They can also schedule broadcasts for immediate dispatching after publishing and that is at a preferred time or the publication of the group of posts.

Track Performance for Better Planning:

It is always essential to track performances to make better plans. Therefore, analytics and reports play crucial roles in tracking various aspects of involvement, such as clicks, opens, sales, complaints, bounces, and lots more.

Through the utilization of such insight, they can expect to break different obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their business goals.

In the mobile state, users can go for AWeber’s Stats app for staying updated on their scheduled emails, subscriber list as well as performance.

Aweber- Pricing Plans

$19 / mo. (for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails): The facilities of this particular plan are as follows:

  • The users can get access to the email experts of Aweber to get help in their growth.
  • Easy-to-use tools for helping users in crafting emails, signing up forms, and lots more too so that they can involve with their subscribers.
  • Industry-leading deliverability for providing assistance to make sure that their emails can successfully reach the inbox.
  • Simple email automation facility is there so that the correct message can be sent to the correct person at the correct time.

To know about other plans, one can contact the Aweber support team.

Hupport- Features

Hupport is a great and superbly useful cold email platform tool that is equipped with many incredible features. Let’s have a look:

  • Dispatch Better Emails:

    You might have some products to sell or some big news to share, or a story to tell, then the campaign builder of Hupport makes it effortless to design a great cold email marketing campaign that is best suitable to the messages of its users.

  • Automate the Marketing of its Users:

    The pre-built marketing automation of Hupport is capable of creating room to maintain the focus on the particular strategy. Thus, users of this cold email campaign tool can welcome, re-engage as well as can follow up with the important prospects. Users can also take guidance from the expert team of Hupport if you have just started the journey in the domain of marketing automation.

  • Compile all Data to Work:

    This incredible cold email campaign tool can integrate each and every major prospect so that its users can make use of their purchase data for the dispatching of customized campaigns. Thus, they can better understand how their marketing is influencing the overall process.

  • Know about the Performance:

    The reports of Hupport display its users how greatly they are making connections with their prospects and clients and how much profit they are making.

Why is Hupport better than Aweber?

Hupport is a great platform that is compatible with both laymen and experienced people. It offers a number of crucial and necessary features and the most important part associated with this tool that it has come at $10/user only and that’s why it has become the most affordable tool in the market, offering a great range of facilities without any restriction.

Cold emailing is a great strategy through which you can expect to get tremendous success in your business career. There are many tools present in the market, but Hupport is the best among all of them in terms of price structure and features.

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