Cold Email vs. Cold Call, Which is best in Response rates and ROI

Cold Email vs. Cold Call

A cold email is an email which has sent to a person you’ve never met nor have any prior relationships with that person.  These are different from Spam emails. These are unsolicited email, sent without prior information or contact.

Cold call refers to telemarketing, but can also involve door-to-door services. It includes calling to a person with which company/salesman has no prior contact for the selling of products or service. It also includes contacting individuals who have not previously expressed interest in the offered products or services.

ROI refers to return on investment. It measures the gain or loss from the investment of some resource or product they sold. It can also be said that it is a ratio between net profit and cost of investment in the product. It also deals with the money you invested in the company or products. A market formula for calculating ROI is dependent on how you track revenue, profit, and expenses. A person can use ROI in his/her company in some different ways. Now the question arises which is the highest ROI?

The investment done by one on him/her includes the highest ROI. A fact “Highest ROI always comes with a good amount of risk.”

What is Cold Call?

Making Unsolicited calls to a person in seek of generating a sale, investment or donation, which is now illegal in many of the countries whereas warm calling is solicited where a person has been previously contacted, and he/she is interested in the investment. A person can do a good cold calling with the help of strategies.


 5 Strategies for a Cold Call

  •    Smiling before Dialing:  Recent research and studies have proven that if a person will keep smiling while talking on a cold call, he/she has more chances of getting the deal. As by smiling a person give positive energy to another person.
  •    Body language: While talking on call a person can’t see your body language but he/she can feel your body language by the way you are talking. So before calling be confident and comfortable.
  •    Take a look on your loved one’s pic: Before talking if you’ll take a look on the pic of your loved ones makes you feel happier and confident too and makes you less prone to anxiety.
  •    The way of Speaking: It matters the most as if uh will keeping on talking and talking then the person will get irritated so be calm speak 1-2 sentence at a time. Let the other person also say something. This will give a positive impression.
  •    Taking rejection as a motivation: It’s essential for a cold-caller to know why because if a person rejects you, then taking that rejection as a motivation will help you to talk more confidently with the second person.


What is Cold Email?

Cold emails are the online equivalent of cold calling, contacting different persons in order to establish their business relationship, often sometimes including a sale. Well, email marketing is one the best way to sell online but to a limit. Effectively turning the email viewers to pay customers is all dependent on how you represent your email in front of the customer. There are many types of email that a person receives and way of writing is different for every mail.


Strategies for a cold email

   Using 3P’s: Here 3P’s refer to praise, picture and push

Praise: A person should start an email with praising word and respecting the reader.

Picture: Show them how your product works with the help of different paintings and pictures.

Push:  Create a suspense ending so that reader communicates again is willing to know more.

   Plan 3-B: Here 3-B represents Blunt, Basic and Brevity

Basic: Keep the content in a way a person smiles.

Blunt: write point to point things.

Brevity: Make it short but attractive and catchy.

  •    AIDA

Attention: grab the reader’s attention by using some attentive content.

Interest: Make the reader interest in your email.

Desire: Write something for which a person has a desire

Action: Say the reader to respond if he finds us interesting or not.

Cold call vs. Cold email response percentage

On an average basis, cold call receives just only 1-3% success rate for getting an initial appointment. Whenever there is some referral, the chances jump up to 40% or sometimes more than that also.

On the other hand, cold email receives 10% of responses in the form of yes or no. Rest of the 90% is just left after seen. Email receives more responses than that of calls.

Cold Call Cost vs. Cold Email Cost:

Cold call cost is the 30% of the total income of the company. On an average basis, there is a target for the company to complete a number of calls in a limited period of time. Each year the cold call cost varies from income to income.

Cold email costs differ from site to site. There is no fixed price for cold email. For ex- plenty gives $30 pack for a new user. Some even provide some days free trial pack. It is very cheaper compared to cold calling.

Why cold email is better than a cold call in getting a response from busy people

People easily get annoyed by cold calls, and they find them disturbing and get irritated due to which they get a low response. When it comes to cold emailing people, see them less intrusive and undisturbed.

As today people are more towards the internet and work on the internet. So, emails have more chance of getting a response than compared to cold calls. Professionals prefer email over calls. Emailing allows a person to reply in his own time but in case of call they might pick, but due to a busy schedule, they might not pay attention to your offer.    


By the above information provided a person can easily prefer what’s better. Cold emails prefer to be better from cold calls, but cold calls are going on for a very long time which cannot be stopped.


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