How Cold Email Outreach tools automate the sales and outreach process easily


What is a Cold Email outreach tool?

Cold emailing has become an integral component of sales nowadays. You can’t ignore it or deny its importance. Unsolicited outreach campaign requires appropriate preparation before its launch. Most of us know that cold emailing is a budget-friendly approach to introduce you along with your services or products.

If your presentation is good and your luck is with you, then the prospects can be ready to set up a conversation session with you. During the conversation, you have a chance to demonstrate your product. Cold emailing is a convenient and better strategy than cold calling because emails don’t create an interference in the prospect’s workflow and thus it is a decent and effective option.

However, you can experience a range of challenges while launching a cold email campaign. For an instance, you might experience troubles in times of finding the correct email address of a prospect. Therefore, it is very important to use the set of appropriate cold email outreach tools to expect a successful campaign. Different types of outreach tools are available today.

Some tools are helpful in retrieving the email address in a blink of an eye after entering the URL of a company and full name of an individual (these tools have some limitations as well). Another cold email outreach tool allows the sender to send customized cold email outreaches to a large number of prospects in merely one click.

There is a minor difference between spam email and authenticate sales outreach. One type of cold email outreach tool provides a range of templates that can be readily used for the outreach purpose. An effective cold email campaign has a mandatory requirement of constant follow-ups, however, it can be a difficult task to reach a large number of new prospects on a daily basis. Another type of cold email outreach tool makes this particular work easy by automating this outreach process, as well as the follow-ups.

Sending personalized emails using cold email outreach tools

We already know that cold email is a useful and convenient way to send a business proposal to a prospect. However, if you are about to start your cold email campaign, you need to make sure to fulfill every requirement. One of the top requirements of cold email is personalization. You must not send the same email to multiple prospects.

Remember, for the email recipient, you are a stranger, so he/she is not bound to open your email. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to give him/her a vital and powerful reason for raising the interest and retaining the same. Almost everyone has some problem in life – maybe it’s personal or professional.

You need to find out the problems of your prospects (problems relevant to your field) and then prepare the solution based on your product. The same email for all makes it a generic email and big clients will easily recognize it and then simply discard it. Personalization eliminates that possibility largely.

First, include their problem and then state how your product or service is able to solve that. Don’t make it an overall sales email. No one will be interested to go through a complete sales email while a solution with a proper example can attract many.

The prospects will encourage your effort after realizing how much hard work you have put to collect all these information. However, in case of a large number of prospects, you might need a helping hand and it would not be better than a proper cold email outreach tool.

An example of such outreach tool is Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), helping in your cold email personalization. It helps you in sending personalized cold email outreaches to a huge number of prospects in just one click.

This tool is a Google Sheets extension. If you need to use this tool, first, you need to install the Yet Another Mail Merge add-on to your Google Sheets. After that, you may create a new Google Sheet comprising of the email addresses’ list to help you in the personalized fields (such as first name, name of company etc). Prior to sending out your cold emails to such prospects, you need to create a template and save it as a draft on your Google Mail account.

You can choose any draft, as per your choice and requirement (saved in the Google Mail account) to customize and send. For 50 emails a day, it is $0 and for more, it is $24/year. That means it is very cost–effective solution and a great help in your email personalization.

It’s just an example, you can go for an outreach tool of any other company as well. For an instance, SalesHandy is another popular cold email outreach tool. It helps cold email senders by automating personalized emails, as well as, the follow-ups. Now, it’s your responsibility to find out the correct outreach tool for your campaign.

In simple words, while you are running a big-sized campaign, it becomes tough to sort out everything manually. Personalization outreach tool is very important for every cold email sender.

Using In-built templates for your Cold email outreach

Do you know what your cold email all about is? It’s all about convincing. Straightforward selling has become obsolete because now people have ample amount of choices all around, therefore, they are always in search of something extraordinary and unique.

Cold email provides an opportunity through which you can start a conversation with an unknown professional. A cold email campaign is your initiative, so don’t expect anything from your prospects. It’s your responsibility to convince them and generate a positive impression and trust for you.

Nowadays, people first assess the importance and advantages of a product and then go for it. Gone are those days while product features are sufficient to attract lots of customers. Now, importance and benefits are more important then features.

No one will be interested to know about the features of your product rather they will see how your product can help them. The objective of a cold email campaign is the same that is to make the prospects aware of the benefits of your product.

Remember, big and renowned clients receive a large number of emails on a daily basis and to stand out from this crowd, you need to present yourself in a unique and outstanding way.  If you are going to launch this campaign for the first time, then it is very important to learn the style of the cold email.

Cold email templates are a great way to solve this problem. Templates can be of many types and you need to pick the appropriate one based on your prospect. Let’s catch some common cold email templates depending on varied situations:

If you and your prospect are from the same hometown or college:

How would it be if both of you are from the same place or same college? Great, isn’t it? Automatically, you will start feeling a bond with that person (although, you don’t know anything about that person apart from this information). It is termed as ingroup bias. It can pave your way to build a relationship with the particular person. If you are from same Hometown or Alma Mater or have mutual colleague or friend, hobby etc, then there is a great chance of receiving a reply from another side. You can use the following template in this scenario:

Hi {{first name}},

I saw on LinkedIn that we’re connected through {{mutual colleague}}.

{{Write one sentence about why that connection is relevant}}.

Given your position, I think you may be interested in what my company does. {{Give your one to two sentence value proposition}}.

What does your schedule look like in the next few days? I’d love to jump on a quick call and see if it’s something that would be useful for you.

Thanks! {{your name}}



Show Your Authority and Build a Business Relationship

In case you don’t have any mutual connection, then you can show your authority heuristics to increase the chance of standing out. You can display a certification of your previous training (relevant to your product or service) to prove your authority. You can also specify any recognition or award that you have achieved for your excellence. If you have already gained a massive popularity, then it will become easy for you to win this opportunity.

Testimonials hold a great power. People attract towards those products that have already been used by a big personality. Don’t forget to specify the testimonial in case a reputed company or personality have used or endorsed your product.


{{Your Name}}

{{Your Company}}

{{Industry certification}}

P.S. Did you see we recently won the award for {{award in your industry}}?



The aforementioned two templates are just examples of two common situations. Underneath are some other examples of cold email templates, based on different situations. You can use it as per the requirement.

Hey {{First name}},

I know you’re probably challenged with {{pain point}} everyday. I just wrote a blog that I thought you would be helpful and wanted to pass it along.

{{Title of blog with linked text}}.

Let me know if you have any questions.


{{your name}}



Hey {{first name}},

Did you know that {{specific number}} {{type of person you’re selling to}} just like you are already using{{your company/product}}?

If you’re interested in{{specific benefit}}, let me know and I’d be happy to show you how it can work for your needs.

Is Wednesday afternoon a good time for you?

Talk soon,

{{your name}}




Hey {{name}},

Many other {{type of person/company you’re selling to}} are using {{your product}} to get {{specific results}}.

In fact, {{case study company and link}} is currently using {{your product}}. You can see exactly how they’re implementing it in this case study.

Let’s schedule a 10 minute call so I can determine if you can get the same results. When works best for you?


{{your name}}


Sending Follow-ups emails using outreach tools

We are already familiar with the introduction of outreach tools. Different outreach tools are used for different purposes and you need to choose the appropriate tool to increase the chance of success of your campaign.

After sending your first cold email, many people forget the approach called follow-up or they have perceived an idea that an opening message is sufficient for the success of their campaign. If you are one of them, then remember follow-up emails are also an important part of your cold email campaign.

As it is an unsolicited email campaign, a large number of prospects will not reply you back and you should send follow-up emails to those personalities (if you are confident about your campaign). If you are not convinced so far, then first you need to understand the importance of sending follow-up emails.

However, if you are dealing with a large number of cold email campaigns, it becomes difficult to manage everything. From this perspective, you will start realizing the importance of cold email outreach tools. Many popular tools are available to help you in following-up with your prospects.

You can’t avoid the load in your inbox. Sometimes, it becomes an overwhelming situation for you that can adversely affect your inbox management strategy. The cold email outreach tools will help you to stay organized. Let’s find out some these types of outstanding tools:


A cold email campaign does not only imply sending and receiving emails rather follow-up is also an integral part of a cold email campaign. It provides a convenient environment in a form of a dashboard. It provides you an access to various things like important follow-ups to forthcoming tasks. With this outreach tool, you can communicate a person (without reaching your inbox), review past interactions, and take note of your offline conversations (like meetings or phone calls).

The best part is all of these activities can be performed without even leaving the particular dashboard. It helps you to perform your work quickly while making sure a top-level of organization.

HubSpot Sales

You can send any number of emails but you also need to know what your prospect is going to do with your emails. HubSpot provides a great help by eliminating certain guesswork by giving you notification while an email is opened. For the sake of HubSpot, you will get a desktop notification whenever your prospect opens your cold email etc. After waiting for a few minutes, you can call your prospect or send him/her an email. It will improve the possibility of future conversation, a sale etc.

If you are using Gmail as a favorite email provider, then may be a great supporting system for you. It features multiple tools that can save your valuable time and maintain the organization of your inbox. It can easily schedule follow-up reminders (it will cancel automatically in case you get a response prior to the particularly scheduled reminder). It also performs various other activities. is a powerful, simple-to-use, and lightweight cold email outreach tool.

Now, you can conveniently continue your cold email campaign without taking much load on your shoulder. These outreach tools will share your work and yield the best result. It’s up to you which tool will fulfill your requirement.

How outreach tools Save time for Sales and business professionals

Cold emailing is a tremendously great way through which you can communicate with your dream prospect. However, operating a cold email campaign requires a considerable amount of smart work and hard work.

With the growth of a business, it becomes a tough job to handle everything manually. In this situation, professionals realize the importance and advantages of outreach tools. These tools are very beneficial in sharing the manual load and performing the work on behalf of that person. Let’s go through some of the outstanding benefits of cold email outreach tools:

You know very well that in case you start sending emails to each and every prospect, then it is going to take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the first advantage of an email outreach tool is that it is time-saving and convenient to use.


The users of the appropriate email outreach tools get several outstanding advantages, such as massive business lead, as well as, outstanding relationship with customers. The particular tool is used to write and design good templates and themes. It always helps to generate good and positive impression on the client.


In case of an individual marketer, this particular email outreach tool provides a great help in the marketing and the complete marketing strategy.

Various tools are available in the market nowadays, however, some of the automation tools has come with advanced and incredible features accompanied with a user-friendly interface.


A lightweight cold email outreach tool is very useful for marketers. The user-friendly outreach tool provides a smooth interface to its users. If you are using such type of tool, then you can easily explore the useful features of it. This particular tool is helpful in completing the specific target in an effortless manner.

The cold email outreach tool can be very helpful in case of inbound sales, recruiting procedure, outbound sales, business growth, account management, and fundraising.

The professionals can save a significant amount of time in sending and writing cold emails to their targeted prospects. For an instance, ‘Reply’ is an outstanding email outreach tool that performs its work perfectly without the utilization of third-party email client. So far, a large number of users have given positive feedbacks for its user-friendliness and flexibility. This tool is tremendously prominent among the marketing experts. We will discuss ‘Reply’ in the upcoming part.

A good email outreach tool is also helpful providing convenient email sending features and capable of responding automatic emails through the dispatch of personalized and well-managed templates accompanied with themes. It can follow up emails automatically and easily.

Different types of cold email outreach tools are available to speed up your performance. Whenever your business starts growing, then it will become crucial to take help from these outreach tools. You might have already understood how these tools are useful in saving time for different professionals.

Now, it’s your responsibility to pick the appropriate set of outreach tools for your work. The best collection of tools can help reach your product or service to a new height.

List of Cold email outreach tools available

Email outreach tool is a specialized automation-marketing tool featured with predefined templates and themes. Through these useful and convenient tools, professionals can send emails easily and automatically to their targeted clients on a daily basis. These tools are also helpful in keeping track on open rate, bounce rate, replies, and sending reminders to your prospects automatically. However, most of these outreach tools have a restriction in the counts of emails (per month).

Nowadays, a large number of marketers make use of such tools for business leads, as well as traffic. If you start searching cold email outreach tools, then you will find both free and paid basis. However, if you are serious about your business and having a long-term business idea, then you should use the paid ones. Now, let’s look some of the outstanding cold email outreach tools for your business:

Mixmax: It is a top-class tool, useful for outreach and email-based sales. The particular tool comprises of several features, such as email templates, ‘open tracking’, as well as, scheduled email delivery. It boasts an amazing scheduling feature. It is helpful for you in sending a complete copy regarding your availability (to your sales prospects, product demos, other meetings etc).

It is possibly the best tool for managing the activities without every time switching the context. No one likes to open many tabs. Certain add-ons are just outstanding for improving one’s productivity. For an instance, creating a poll or adding a ‘call to action’ to the messages are now a matter of one click.

Autopilot: This particular outreach tool helps the users to automate their email outreach along with response procedure by sending personalized and automatic follow-up emails once a prospect completes the form fill up process on the particular website or if he/she replies to one of the cold emails.

This tool is also helpful in dividing your viewers depending on respective behavior or amalgamations of particular field values to receive effective, more targeted lists of customer and prospect.

It also boasts reporting features for providing help in the tracking progress while individuals convert from sales prospects into paying clients. Autopilot also holds outstanding Insights feature for assisting in the tracking of the sales progress and keeping on with motivation for reaching the goal of the particular monthly targets.

Reply: It is an amazing lightweight email outreach tool, helpful in automating the email outreach procedure. For its sake, you can write and send emails quickly while making a connection with huge crowds, as well as, potential clients.

For the purpose of outbound sales, this particular tool helps you in automating various things from the first personalized outreach emails to follow-ups, as well as, responses. Thus you can save your valuable time and balance your campaign arrive more individuals.

For the purpose of account management and inbound sales, this outstanding tool makes the task easier to make a response to clients by saving the users’ email templates and offering a 360° view to the history with each and every contact. It is also useful for different other purposes.


Cold email is a powerful strategy to create a business relationship with a large number of prospects (with whom you don’t have any prior relationship). However, achieving success in a cold email campaign is not an easy task, as it requires extensive hard work and smart work. Lots of aspects should be taken into consideration prior to launching a cold email campaign.

In simple words, if you are conducting a large cold email campaign, then it might be difficult for you to sort out everything manually. From this point of view, you can realize the importance of cold email outreach tools. These tools share your workload and provide a great help to make your campaign a great success.

When you start searching, you will find a vast range of outreach tools, however, without utilizing, you can’t measure their usefulness. To solve this problem, you can ask an expert which tools can suit your purpose perfectly. Budget estimation is also a considerable criterion in this regard. Check thoroughly which tools will come under your budget and then pick them accordingly.

It is expected that your hard work will influence your prospect and help you in gaining positive impression. Rest is your luck.

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