If you have started your business journey, then you need to create brand awareness first, as it is very important to popularize your products or services amidst prospects. Another scenario can be like this, you are seeking opportunities to work with big clients but they don’t know you. How can you contact your prospects in both cases? The ideal way to contact them is to send cold emails in a proper way.

However, many people are familiar with the terms ‘cold emails’, but they are not sure how they will manage everything because launching a cold email campaign and achievement of success in that campaign needs proper smart strategies that sometimes not be possible to make for busy businessmen.

To streamline the overall procedure, cold email campaign tools are very helpful, as these tools are capable of handling and managing most of the works linked to this campaign.

Before launching your cold email campaign, you need to make appropriate strategies and a perfect cold email campaign tool will take up and perform the majority of works on behalf of you. Therefore, it is critical to go for an appropriate cold email campaign tool, so that you can expect a great success (in your cold email campaign).

What is Gmass?

GMass is a newly-launched email marketing extension, performs its work with any Gmail account. It has been designed by an expert programmer as well as email expert, who had a dream to revolutionize email marketing that would be different, as compared to the other programs, a platform that could achieve real outcomes for users.

Many individuals don’t have good opinions regarding email marketing, as one aspect is associated with it – spam. However, GMass aims to send targeted e-mails that are designed to reach prospects with greatly structured personal message linked to business, event, etc.

GMass has been designed for sending an array of emails to prospects while it also encourages its users in performing the required tasks, such as the utilization of personal greetings as well as an opt-out option (to stop receiving emails if they want) in a cold email campaign. GMass has already gained great popularity and responses from people.

GMass is a great email management app, designed properly into Gmail and Google Inbox. For the sake of this platform, its users can send emails in high volumes along with follow-up automatically with emails to those people, who have not opened or responded to the previous email.

Gmass– Features

The features of GMass are as follows:

  • Compose Window: With the help of GMass, you can structure your emails in the very much familiar Gmail or Inbox interface. Each and every functionality and feature of Gmail will be utilized, such as inline images and attachments.
  • Test Mode: Users of this platform can design email campaigns and then save those as drafts. They can also edit them, according to their preference. Also, they can delete them or just check each and every feature of GMass.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Users of GMass will be capable of saving data from their email campaigns in Google Sheets. Pieces of information, such as name, company, email address, etc can be gathered.
  • Scheduling: Users of this particular platform can design their email campaign and set that for sending any time later (later time or date).
  • Tracking: With the help of the incredible tracking feature of GMass, users can now track the personality, who have opened their emails or who have clicked on those links associated with their emails, who has unsubscribed to their emails, and so on.
  • Email List Builder: GMass users can design an email list by finding out the respective older conversations. For instance, if you are searching for a particular occasion, then you will find out a list related to past conversations with those respective keywords. Then, you can design an email list of those people to whom you have contacted about that occasion.
  • Reports: This particular feature provides you with a descriptive picture of the performance of your cold email campaign. It displays the email counts that you have sent, the number of opened emails, how many individuals provided responses, how many emails got bounced, etc. You can download reports in a CSV format as well.
  • Automatic Follow-ups: Users of the specific platform can also automate follow-up emails that have been dispatched to prospects, who have not opened or provided replies to the respective emails.

You can also determine the time of the follow-up emails that are to be sent. For instance, you can make a decision to send the first follow-up after 2 days of sending the original message and then send the second follow-up email after 1 week of the original email.

  • Overcome the Sending Limit of Gmail: Gmail provides the facility of sending 500 outgoing emails on a daily basis (that’s the limit) and it is 2,000 for G Suite users. However, GMass provides a great solution to this and so it can send emails on behalf of its users over several days for 10,000 recipients at a maximum.
  • Customization: Sending bulk emails can lack in customization. But, with the help of this platform, you can customize the emails with proper introduction. Introductions are information inserts, such as {FirstName} {LastName} and {EmailAddress}. Whenever the users of this platform include emails with insertions, GMass catches those customizations in times of dispatching the emails.

Gmass– Pricing Plans

GMass provides free limited facilities at a maximum of 50 emails/day. However, in case of the requirement of more emails on a daily basis or in the requirement of premium features, you can opt to a paid monthly plan. You need to subscribe to a plan. Three plans are there from which you can choose the suitable one for you:

  • Basic ($6.95): Under this plan, you can get facilities of unlimited utilization of every feature other than the removal of “GMass” footer as well as no follow-ups will be there.
  • Standard ($8.95): This plan allows unlimited use of every feature. Although “GMass” footer will not be there, however, you will not get the facility of follow-ups.
  • Premium ($12.95): It provides unlimited utilization of each and every feature and no “GMass” footer will be there. You will also get follow-ups functionality.

Hupport- Features

While choosing a perfect cold email platform, it is obvious that you would check its facilities, functionalities, and features. However, it is also very important to check its price structure. It does not mean that great functionalities can only come in return for high investment and Hupport justifies it to a large extent. It is a great and affordable cold email campaign platform. Now, let’s discuss its superb features:

Simple Collaboration:

It can collaborate with just a single click. It can share email, contacts, files, and others that are required to accomplish the task.


This great cold email campaign platform is capable of managing the support queue (and lots more) inside Gmail and deals. Users can also replace several external systems with the help of Hupport.

Performs with Google Apps:

This particular platform can securely make a connection with Google Apps. It can make use of personal, work, and school Gmail accounts.

Easy Implementation:

No expert is required to operate Hupport. You can download the respective extension and start working in less time.

A Cloud-Based Platform:

Users can access their information within Hupport from any computer and it is a great feature for its users.

Flexible Structure:

With this incredible platform, you can change the respective workflow, without a requirement of coding. You can change your approach along with the advancement of your business.

Why is Hupport better than Gmass

The Hupport is an incredible platform, providing a number of great facilities and features. However, the good news is that this particular platform has come at an affordable price structure and that is only $10/user. The Hupport is the most budget-friendly platform that is available within the market with the offerings of all the important facilities, without any restriction.

A proper cold email campaign tool provides great help for enhancing the possibility of your success in the respective cold email campaign. Hupport is a great tool that offers great facilities and that is at a budget-friendly price. Therefore, whenever you would think about initiating your own cold email campaign, then don’t forget to consider Hupport.

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