How to cold email a recruiter | Recruiter cold email templates

Getting a promising job is the desire of every career-driven individual. Whether you are a fresher or a professional with some years of experience, all career-driven individuals aspire to get a job better than their present one.

Due to the high rate of job seekers, available jobs are not enough for job seekers. Demand is higher than supply.

For you to be able to get that job you so much desire, you need to be proactive. You need to do what other job seekers do not see the need of doing. You can do this by sending cold emails to recruiters.

Sending cold emails to recruiters is a way to be proactive. You will have a better opportunity to get a job when you send cold emails to recruiters compared to other job seekers that did not.

Sending cold emails to recruiters is a form of pitching yourself to companies. It is reaching out to recruiters and telling them that you are available for a job opening and you are qualified for the position.

To successfully send a cold email that will get you the response you desire, there are some important things you need to do.

You need to know how best to cold email a recruiter and the vital things you should do.

How to Cold email a recruiter


Identify the right person

The first step to sending a cold email to a recruiter is to first identify the person in charge of recruiting.  

If you send a cold email to someone that is not in charge of recruiting, you may have just succeeded in wasting your time and effort.

Identifying the right person also give you a better chance to personalize your cold email. A personalized cold email increases your chances of getting a response.

To identify the person in charge of recruiting, you will need to do some little research. LinkedIn is one of the best way to search for staffs and personnel working in a particular company.

You can search through LinkedIn to know the people working in the company you are interested in. Check their profiles to know their different positions. HR’s are the personnel’s in charge of recruiting in a company.

Check for the HR of the company and find his/her email address. In case you can’t find HR on LinkedIn, you can check through the company’s website on their “About” page.

If you still can’t find the email address of the recruiter, you may try using tools used to extract email addresses. These tools can extract the email addresses of staffs and personnel’s working in a particular company.

Use a perfect and compelling subject line


Well-written and compelling subject lines have been known to increase the open rates of cold emails. Your subject line should not be too short or too long but it should be captivating and compelling.

The first thing anyone reads in an email is the subject line. It is the subject line that summarizes the whole email. Your subject line should not be boring to read.

Coming up with a perfect and compelling subject line for a cold email to send to a recruiter requires more research. You need to research on the company and the position you want to fill.

Your subject line should be based on the position and the company. Impress the recruiter through your subject line.

Keep your email short


Long emails will always produce negative results. The cold emails that get replies and always short, concise and straight to the point. Most people find it difficult to read long emails, hence they stop reading halfway through.

Recruiters most especially, do not have the time to read emails that are too long.

When writing a cold email for recruiters, focus on 3 paragraph writing. The first paragraph for a short introduction of yourself, the second paragraph should be about the purpose of your email, and a call-to-action for the third paragraph.

Provide reasons as to why you should be hired. State the position you are interested in, your skills, your years of experience (if any).

You can further impress the recruiter by providing some vital information about the company. This will make the recruiter know that you have done your research about the company.

Sell your strengths


This is the point where you make a recruiter know what you can do for the company. A recruiter will want to hire you if he/she knows that you will be of benefit to the company.

You need to sell your strengths to the recruiter by telling the recruiter your skills, experience. What are the relevance of your skills and experiences to the job you are requesting for?

You can link the recruiter with jobs that you have done before. It is also necessary to add the company you have worked with, what you did and how you can apply your knowledge to the growth of the company.

Don’t ask for too much


You have to bear in mind that the recruiter does not know you and does not owe you any favors. When writing a cold email for a recruiter, try as much as possible not to ask for too much.

What does this mean you may ask? Do not ask for favors that seem difficult to fulfill. For example, do not ask a recruiter to hire you immediately. It is better to first ask for a meeting with the recruiter.

Asking for a meeting or an interview will be much easier for the recruiter to fulfill rather than asking to be hired. You have many chances of getting the job if you ask for a meeting rather than asking to be hired.

Add a Call-to-action


Adding a call-to-action at the end of your email will better prompt the recruiter into action. You can ask the recruiter for a meeting at a particular day or any day of a particular week.

You can as well ask the recruiter to give you a call through your phone number. Call-to-action prompt people to do things at the required time.

Follow up with your recruiter


Follow up is a way to increase the success rate of your cold email. You may not receive a response to your first cold email after some days or weeks. You need to send a follow-up email to remind the recruiter that you are still expecting a reply.

The recruiter might be busy at the time you sent the first cold email. She may have had tons of emails in his/her inbox and have not been able to go through yours. Follow up email will better increase your chances of getting a reply.

Do not send too many follow-up emails frequently, as this may annoy the recruiter.

Recruiter cold email templates

According to the points above, we are going to show you some very good cold email templates that produce results.

Here is an example of a cold email template for professionals

Dear [Recruiter’s name],

My name is [your name], currently working as [your job position] at [your company name]. I came across your job listing for the position of [name job title], on [the website and URL].

I am interested to work in your company as I have the required skills and experience for this job. I will like to share with you my job portfolio. I have previously work for [name companies and positions held]. I have helped [company name] with [your achievements] and has led to [benefits]. You can check out some of my job portfolios for yourself; [Add URL].

My vision for [recruiter’s company name] is to help achieve [benefits] through [your skills]. I am looking forward to having a meeting with you to personally communicate my ideas with you.

Let me know when you will be available for a chat. You can also give me a call; [your phone number]

Best Regards,

[Your full name]


Here is an example of a cold email template for fresher’s

Dear [Recruiter’s name],

My name is [your name], I am a fresher from [the name of your university], graduated [the month and year you graduated], with a CGPA of [your CGPA] in [your course of study]. I came across your job posting for the position of [name job title], on [the website and URL].

I have always had a great interest in [job position], and I have admired [recruiter’s company name] on its achievements and success over the years. I have studied about [recruiter’s company name] for over 4 years in my university days and I have come to understand that it is a company that strives on excellence. I would appreciate an opportunity to show my level of dedication and my willpower. I have gained skills such as [name skills] during my university days.

My vision is to help the company reach its goals and make more ground-breaking records through active dedication to work.

An interview with you will be great! How does next week sounds?

Thank you for your consideration,

[Your full name]


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