20 Follow up email subject lines for sales

Sales follow up emails are very important in following up on prospects and customers.

Most prospects and office executives may not respond to your first email; they need some extra push to respond.

Some people may be very busy at the time you sent them an email.

They may not be able to respond at that time and might forget to reply.

A follow-up email will serve as a reminder to them and prompt them into responding.

To increase your sales, you need to follow up.

Study has shown that 80% of sales requires up to 5 follow up calls after the first meeting.

Follow-up emails provide greater response rates than the first emails.

A study showed that the first email sent got a response rate of 18%, the fourth got a response rate of 13%, and the sixth follow-up email got a higher response rate of 27%.

This shows that the more the follow-up emails, the higher your response rate.

Another study showed that 50% of sales happen after the 5th follow-up.
60% of customers say no 4 times before saying yes. This means that if you do not follow-up on customers you will lose sales opportunities.

How to write sales follow-up email subject lines with examples

Writing sales follow-up subject lines is different from writing sales cold email subject lines.

You need to be aware that you have already contacted your recipient before, so your follow-up email is to follow-up on your cold email.

Your follow-up email should link with your cold email; you should not say things that are entirely different from what you said in your cold email.

Below are some ways on how to write follow-up subject lines with examples:

Sales follow up subject line that serves as a reminder

This is the sales subject line when there is no response from an email recipient.

You have waited for days, weeks and even months but still no response, you need to follow-up to remind the recipient of the email that has not yet been responded to.
Maybe you have contacted a prospect through an email about a particular product but you have not gotten any reply from the prospect.

You should not give up; you need to follow-up on the prospect until you get a reply.

A study showed that 60% of customers say no 4 times before they finally say yes.

This means that persistence pays off when it comes to sales.

You need to be persistent and dedicated by following up.

Here are some examples of sales subject lines that serve as reminders when there is no response:

  • Are you still interested in our product?
  • I am still waiting to hear from you
  • Any update for us?
  • This serves as a reminder
  • Following up on my previous email

Follow up subject line after an event

This is a follow-up subject line sent to a recipient after you have had a brief discussion with him or her at an event.

Maybe you attended a conference, seminar, workshop and you met a prospective client at the event, you had a brief discussion and the person gave you his or her contact.

You need to follow up to secure a sales deal.

Most salespeople get a high number of clients and customers from events they attend.

Events are a good avenue to network and establish business relationships.

When you meet a prospective customer at an event, you already have a leverage to secure a sales deal.

All you need to do is to follow up at the right time. Do not take too long to send a follow-up email.

Ideally, you should send a follow up email the next day after meeting a prospective customer.

Here are examples of follow-up email subject lines after an event:

  • Following up on our last discussion
  • I’m contacting you in respect to our previous discussion
  • Reminding you of our previous discussion
  • You requested I get in touch
  • Any thoughts concerning my proposal?

Follow up subject line after a sales pitch

A sales pitch or sales demo is an avenue where you can showcase your products and services for potential customers to see.

It is an avenue where you can get the email address and contacts of potential customers.

After a sales pitch, you need to follow up on all your potential customers to be able to seal a sales deal.

Sales pitch has the potential to secure a lot of sales deal for salespeople if they are able to take adequate advantage of the opportunity.

Most people that attend a sales pitch are interested in the product or services which are being pitched. They only want to see the benefits and how good the product is for themselves.

As a salesperson, it is best for you to take advantage of the opportunity and follow up on all potential customers that came for the sales pitch.

Here are some examples of follow up subject lines after a sales pitch:

  • What are your thoughts on our products?
  • After our sales pitch, we are confident you will be interested in our products
  • Will you like a personal sales demo at your office?
  • A trial will convince you

Follow-up subject line after a meeting

After you have had a sales meeting with a potential customer, you need to follow up to be able to secure a sales deal.

A higher percentage of customers need to be constantly followed-up before they can finally make a decision to make a purchase.

Following up on a potential customer after a meeting is to better assure the potential customer of the good in purchasing that particular product.

As a salesperson, you should know how to make a potential customer say yes.

Most potential customers need an extra push to make a purchasing decision.

Let your potential customers see reasons to purchase your product and services by providing them with solutions and benefits they stand to gain.

Here are some examples of follow up subject lines after a meeting:

  • In respect to our previous meeting…
  • I got your request approved
  • What next!
  • Just making sure you are interested!

Follow-up subject line after a sales call

After you have made a sales call to a potential customer, it is important to back it up with a follow-up email.

Anyone can forget a phone call after a while but an email is always there to see.

Maybe you have made mass sales calls to different potential customers, following up on them with a follow-up email will better increase your chances of securing a sales deal.
After making a sales call, don’t just end it at that, you need to follow up with a follow-up email.

Most people receive a lot of calls every day and this makes them easily forget who called them and the reason for their calls.

To increase your chances of been remembered after a phone call, a follow-up email is advised.

Here are some examples of follow-up subject lines after a sales call:

  • Just following up on our call
  • This is a follow-up email in respect to our call
  • Like I was saying…
  • In case you didn’t get me clearly

Follow-up subject line after a voicemail

You tried calling a potential customer and the call went to voicemail, you need to back up your voicemail with a follow-up email.

Voicemails are not taken seriously by some people. Sometimes people don’t listen to their voicemail or they finally listen to their voicemail after some days or even weeks.

In the corporate world, people check their emails more than they check their voicemails.

After sending a voicemail, it is best to back it up with a follow-up email to increase your chances of making a sales deal.

Here are some examples of follow-up subject lines after a voicemail:

  • I tried calling but you weren’t available
  • Let me know a better time we can talk
  • In addition to the voicemail I left you
  • You must be busy at the moment

Follow-up subject line after previous follow-up emails

This follow-up subject line is used when you have sent multiple follow-up emails to a potential customer but still no response.

Maybe the person is not available as at the time you sent the previous emails.

Maybe the person is not interested and decided not to respond to your emails.

Whatever the reason might be, as a salesperson, you should not give up just yet.

Give the person sometime, maybe a week or few weeks before sending another follow-up email.

This time the person might have a change of mind or if he/she was not available at the time you sent the previous emails, they might be available now.

One good quality of a salesperson is persistence and dedication. If you are not persistent as a salesperson, you might just lose good sales opportunities.

This is why you should always follow-up on your previous follow-up emails even to the 8th or 10th times.

Examples of follow-up email subject lines after previous follow-up emails:

  • If I’m bothering you, let me know
  • Are you not really interested?
  • Why the silence?
  • Hope you’re not dead…Lol
  • Don’t really mean to bother you

Follow-up email subject line to ask of the right person

This follow-up email is sent when you are not sure if the person you sent your previous message to is the right or wrong person.

Maybe you want to contact the sales director of a company and instead you sent the email to the secretary of the company.
That particular email has gone to the wrong person and may not get to the right person it was intended for.

If you do not send a follow-up email to inquire about it, that may just be the end of your sales campaign.

You need to send a follow-up email requesting the recipient of your email to put you through to the right person whom you are supposed to contact.

Let’s take, for example, you sent an email to the secretary of a company instead of sending it to the sales director.

Later you realized you have sent the email to the wrong person, you need to send a follow-up email to the secretary requesting to forward your email to the sales director or connect you with the sales director.

Examples of follow-up email subject line to ask for the right person:

  • Could you please connect me with the right person?
  • Are you the right person for this?
  • Am I on to the right person?
  • Please, forward my email to the right person

A breakup follow-up email subject line

This is needed when you have made a series of follow-ups with a potential customer but still no response.

You have tried all you could to reach out to the person but all your efforts have not yielded any results.

You have followed up 6 or more times but still, you have not got any response from your recipient.

When you are faced with this kind of situation, it may be that your recipient is not interested.

This might be the time to end it.

When trying to end it, you should also keep in mind that your recipient might just have a change of mind.

This is why you need to work on their psychic.

People tend to have a change of heart when they know that it is their last opportunity to get something. Just like a breakup text.

When they know that they will never get another chance, they are more likely to respond.

When your recipient know that this is the last email they will be getting from you, they might just be prompted to respond.

Your email subject line should be able to work on their psychic and emotions.

Here are some examples of breakup follow-up subject lines:

  • This will be my last email, get back to me if you changed your mind
  • Let me know if you are still interested
  • Can I close your file?
  • I won’t be contacting you again after this
  • Should I remove you from my list?

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