10+ Insane sample follow up email template after interview and no response from HR

By November 5, 2018follow up email

Have you done with your interview?

I know it’s not easy to compete with thousands of applicants and stand out as a unique one while it comes to the question of job searching.

And if you ultimately grab that job, you have to find out a proper way. Now the question is how?

Apart from writing a top-notch resume and showing excellence in front of the interview panel, one aspect is also there that most of the candidates often overlook.

And it’s the strategy of follow-up emails.

You could make use of this strategy after attending interviews, after sending your resume to a company, following the submission of job applications, and following any step in the job interview.

As a result, you can get ensured about the next step without the loss of your valuable time.

Many candidates confuse whether or not they should send follow-up emails after interviews. The answer is ‘yes’.

You shouldn’t waste your time in one opportunity only rather look for more and more job interviews if you’re not getting proper replies of your follow-up emails.

In this post, I’ll discuss some innovative ways of following-up after interviews and then ten sample follow-up email templates will be waiting for you.

Send Follow-up Emails to a Recruiter:

If you have visited a job fair and submitted your resume to recruiters, then your resume prone to get lost in the heap of other files.

That’s why it’s significant to follow-up the respective recruiters so as to make a prominent presence in the crowd of other competitors. Thus, you can also show your competency and seriousness about that job.

The email template of this following-up is the bottom part of this post. But, first, you should take a look at other follow-ups strategies.

Following-up through Social Media Platforms:

If you have been waiting for your interview result for a long time, then you can take help of social media.

Today, most of the reputed companies have a social media presence. That means you can easily contact the HR of a particular company through their LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, or whatever platforms are available (based on their presence).

In simple words, social media platforms have become a great means for building a great or positive impression in front of the employer following the submission of your job application.

You can’t talk to them in a friendly tone and so it’s important to use a template such as an email template.

Following a Job Application:

Following-up is not only important to save your valuable time but it is significant to show your eagerness and seriousness towards that post.

And nothing would more suitable than a customized follow-up email. Many times, your application gets lost in the crowd of other competitors or the HR can simply forget to contact you. In this scenario, a brilliantly-written follow-up email could be a win-win situation for you.

Following up with a Phone Interview:

Done with your phone interview? Now, you’re thinking of sitting a place and waiting for a call from the HR? Right?

It’s absolutely wrong. The fact is that recruiters handle several phone screens per day. And so to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, you have to follow-up with them. Thus, you can show why they should select you for the next hiring process.

After the Interview: Once giving an interview, many candidates get relaxed and sit back and keep on waiting for hearing from the company.

But, it’s a wrong process. You have to show your curiosity and enthusiasm from your part.

You need to also find out the answer why you are a deserving and competent candidate for a particular job role.

The company, in which you interviewed, has probably taken interviews of lots of candidates. That means a way needs to be found out to stand out and following-up is a great way to do so.

After No Response at all:

Have you sent the first thank you email to your recruiter following the first interview? Great! Now, if you have been waiting for the response since a considerable period, then it’s time to follow-up.

This follow-up email will remind your employer about your existence. And thus you can show that you’re still interested in this job position.

However, it is also important to tell them you are unable to wait for an infinite time period in a gentle manner.

If you don’t receive replies after so many follow-ups, then the bitter truth is they are not interested in your application. And so it’s better to invest time in other job interviews.

One Important Point to Remember

You should never follow-up with any company after one day of your interview. Because it takes some time for a company to complete the whole interview process and finalize their decision.

And if it’s the first day following your interview, you can send a “thank you” message instead of a follow-up one.

Now, let’s take a look at some important aspects about sending follow-up emails.

The subject lines of your follow-up emails are extremely important. And the first introductory lines will work as a deciding factor whether the recipients will open your email or not.

If you have gotten contact assurance from the HR department of the respective company, then you can follow-up after waiting two to three days without any hesitation.

The next important thing is the body of your follow-up email. Simple, easy-to-read, and straightforward email body is the best option.

Tell them how much you’re enthusiastic to hear back about the interview result. And it will be the best follow-up email if you’ve already sent a “Thank You” email.

Start your message with the HR’s first name (if you’re messaging to the company HR). And then specify the purpose of your message. In this case, tell them you’re messaging to get aware of the interview results.

And then confirm that you’re still enthusiastic about the job role and you’re equally interested to know about the next steps.

Finish your mail by saying “thank you,” and then specify your first name and last name.

Keep your follow-up message short, simple, and straightforward. Don’t forget to use spaces wherever applicable. Your email will be a representation of your professionalism and measure your enthusiasm about that job.

Now, it’s time to include ten sample follow-up email templates to take ideas for your own follow-up email. But, it’s important to make proper customization effects to make it professional.

Follow up email Templates after interview when no response from HR


Excited to explore opportunities with [Company Name]

Hi First Name,

My name is your name, I am details about yourself or your current position, and we met today at the recruiting event. I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your experience at Company Name with me and for providing me with information about the ______ position.

Hearing about your success with ______ and learning more about the fast-paced unique characteristic culture made me very excited to further explore opportunities with the team at Company Name. I really appreciated your time and advice.

I’ve also attached my resume for reference, and a few of the projects that I mentioned as well. Please let me know if there’s anything else you need on my end. I look forward to talking again soon!





Application for _____ position at [Company Name]

Hi First Name,

My name is Your Name, I reached out to you earlier today on Twitter. I found the job listing for Company Name and had to get in touch with you.

I also went through Piece of Company’s Content and recently read Hiring Manager’s Contentabout topic. It’s great. I believe I would be a great addition to your team for the following reasons:

1. I’m always learning, whether it be through books or articles (currently reading [Book Title] by [Author]).

2. I focus on Your Unique Value.

3. The thought of helping Company accomplish its goals gets me excited.

Attached is my resume and cover letter explaining why I would be a great addition to your team (it’s much easier to read than an email). I’ve also included Example Work Samples Related To Your Fieldin case you wanted to review my work.

Looking forward to hearing from you, First Name!



Excited about [Company Name]’s future

Hey First Name,

It looks like things are going well for you guys at Company Name right now. I saw the blog post from last month about the upcoming new features, and I can’t wait to try them out myself! I hold my breath a little every time I log into my account, hoping they’ve rolled out early.

I also liked the article Industry Publication wrote about the news. I think some of the ideas they came up with for using some of the new features were really unique. It definitely had me thinking about different ways I could set up my account.

I’m coming up on Graduation or End of Current Role in a few months, and would love the opportunity to be on a team that creates such great stuff. Do you know what the Relevant Department’s hiring situation may look like around Start Month? I just submitted the application on the site, but wanted to reach out as well.




Thanks for your time today!

Hi First Name,

Thank you again for talking with me today, I really appreciated learning more about your work as title of position and your experience at Company Name. Working with such an autonomous quality team within a company that I truly admire would be an incredible learning experience, and I would love the opportunity to prove that I’m a great fit for the role.

Attached is a title of project that I created while working for previous company. I’ve also attached my resume as well as a cover letter to demonstrate why I want to work for Company Nameand how I align with the culture. Finally, below is a link to my website where you can see more of my publications and projects.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything or if you’d like me to send anything else. I look forward to hearing back from you!


Thank you, [Name]!

Hi First Name,

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk yesterday. It was a pleasure to learn even more about Your Company and how you approach Industry with innovative strategy. I’m very excited about the opportunity to explore a potential career with the specific team.

I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy on surrounding yourself with incredible people specific detail discussed during interview. For me, Company Name, is about developing meaningful relationships company value. I think it’s rare to find a company whose asset truly reflect its values and mission so closely.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to have shared my background and interest in position with you. I think my experience with industry, skill, or product aligns perfectly with what your team is looking for, and I hope to prove that. I thought I would share a few links to projects that I mentioned during our conversation as well insert hyperlinks or attachments. Thank you, and I hope we’ll be in touch soon!




Hi First Name,

Thank you for the opportunity to come and chat a second time. I didn’t think I could be any more enthusiastic about working with your team after the first interview – but I was wrong. The whole package sounds incredible, from working on detail about position that excited you for a high t industry or product to the chance to make a real impact on the team’s success and learn at such a fast pace.

In fact, we discussed project and I had a quick idea around making it successful. Attached is a quick explanation of what I was thinking. Whether this is on point or completely off base, I hope to get the chance to discuss it.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you need moving forward, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.



Hi First Name,

It has been two weeks since we last spoke about title of position. At the time, you mentioned that you were looking for a hard-working, organized salesperson and a qualities required in role. I’m still very interested in working with your team at Company Name, and I would love to prove to you that I not only meet those qualifications, but also exceed them.

My list of specific qualities are just a few of the qualities that define me. Perhaps we could meet again to chat more about how I can help Company Name or team reach objective.

I understand if the position has already been filled, but I wanted to reiterate my enthusiasm about working with such an incredible group of people at Company Name. If the role is no longer available, would you mind providing feedback on what I can improve upon in the future? And if you’re ever looking for help with ______, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,



Hi First Name

Thank you so much for your time yesterday, and for the opportunity to work for the team this summer! I’m very excited about the position. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for: fast-paced web development for details about company/ position and the chance to make a real impact on the team’s success.

I hate to delay my response to your offer, but I still need some time to respond to competitive offers. I want to reiterate, though, that I am honored to be qualified for the position, and I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from such an inspiring group of individuals. I just feel it would be imprudent of me to commit before considering all my options.

With that said, I do recognize that you have time constraints as well, so I completely understand if you need a more immediate response. Can I touch base with you early next week with an update?.

Thank you again for the time and consideration you put into reviewing my qualifications and into my interview.

Again, I am honored to have been extended this opportunity!

Thank you,


Hi First Name,

I was ecstatic when I heard back from you yesterday following up on the position with your team; it’s an incredible opportunity and I’m honored to have been extended an offer. I had been daydreaming about working for Company Name for quite some time. Unfortunately though, I have decided to accept a competing offer.

It was a very tough decision for me because I’ve had such a great experience talking with you and everyone else on the team. One of the main reasons I chose to accept the other offer is explain reason.

That being said, I want to thank you for being so accommodating with my circumstance. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your time and how much I enjoyed learning more about your team and the culture at [Company Name]. I would still love to keep in touch, I just hope you and the rest of the team understand my situation.

Thank you again for your time and consideration. I wish you all the best, and I hope to talk again soon.

Take care,


Hi First Name,

I would love to accept the offer as title of position for Company Name! This is an amazing opportunity and I’m honored to have been extended it. I can’t begin to convey how appreciative I am of the time and thought you put into my interviews and throughout the whole process.

Please let me know about next steps. I’ll be awaiting my start date in anticipation in the meantime. I look forward to working with you and the rest of team!

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