10 Reasons why Follow up emails will Increase your Response Rates

Getting a response to your sales emails or from prospects could be quite unrealizable without adequate and wellwritten follow up emails.

Studies have shown that about 70% of sales emails don’t get replied to in their first attempts. This means that as a sales personnel or marketer, you can lose a higher percentage of new business opportunities or new prospects if you only send just one email to potential prospects.

Another study from Yesware has shown that you have 21% chances of receiving a response from your second email if you didn’t receive any response from your first email.

This means that the more follow up emails you send, the better your response rate.

Most sales promoters tend to be shy to send follow up emails after sending the first email. As a sales promoter or sales personnel, it is your job to make sure that you receive as many responses as possible and increase your prospects.

This is why you need to leverage on follow up emails to increase your response rates.

Here are some vital reasons why follow up emails increase your response rates.

It reminds prospects of the initial email you have sent

Most people are very busy with their different daily activities and may not be able to remember and keep in touch with all the emails in their inbox. As a result of this, they may forget about the email you sent to them and as such will not give a reply to your email.

With follow up emails, they are constantly reminded of the initial emails that have been sent to them and as such, they have a higher rate of replying. This means the more follow up emails you send to prospects, the higher the rate of getting a response.

Your cold emails easily get noticed by follow up emails

Most business owners and executives receive tones of emails daily, and this make them not to notice any particular email.

By using follow up emails, they get to receive more and more of your emails and this will make them to take notice of them. It is like repeated a particular word over and over again until it sticks to your head. The more emails your prospects receive, the more the emails are noticed, which will prompt them to reply thereby increasing your response rate.

It creates a sense of seriousness in the minds of prospects 

A higher percentage of people won’t reply to the first email they received so as to observe if the sender or sales personnel is actually serious about the business proposal.

Most sales personnel send out mass emails or automated emails and these emails are mostly flagged as spam, which more often are not replied. By leveraging on follow up emails, potential prospects have a sense of assurance that this particular person or sales personnel is serious about establishing a business relationship or making sales. This will lead the prospects to reply to your email and thus increasing your response rate.

You get a higher chance of receiving a reply to your second followup email

A follow up email will generally increase the chances of reply to your first email. According to Yesware data, you have a 21% chances of receiving a reply to your second email if you didn’t receive any reply to your first email.

With this simple analogy, it is advisable and a sensible to use follow up email to increase your response rate.

You stand out of the crowd

Most business owners and sales personnel do not make use of follow up emails. When you make use of follow up emails, you stand out of the crowd and this will make prospects to choose you out of the others.

Let’s assume different business owners or sales personnel are promoting the sales of the same gene of products, a prospect will go with the business owner that sends follow up emails instead of the one that does not send follow up emails. This is because the business owner who sends follow up emails have succeeded in standing out of the crowd by doing what other business owners are not doing.

It shows a high level of persistence and relentlessness

Most people easily get discouraged and tired of sending follow up emails. After they’ve sent emails once and did not receive any response, they get discouraged and just forget about sending a second email.

As a business owner or sales personnel, you should be persistent and relentless in achieving your goals, which is to increase your response rate.

It creates a sense of familiarity between you and your prospects

The more follow up emails you send, the more replies you are likely to get and the more the conversation between you and your prospects. Doing this, you have succeeded in creating a sense of familiarity in the heart of your prospects which will make them wants to seal the business deal with you.

A prospect may reply your email and still not be interested in your business proposal but with more and more communication through follow up, there will be more trust and familiarity and this will make them agree to do business with you.

It gives you a chance to explain better to prospects 

As a business owner or sales personnel, you may not be able to say everything you want to say in your first email because saying everything in one email might look cumbersome for the prospect to read.

This is why follow up emails helps you break the information into bits so they prospect will find it easy to read and understand.

It enables you to update prospects on the newest information

Most follow up emails take weeks or even months and as a result, there might be a new upgrade or update about your business before the next follow up email.

Letting prospects know about the latest update and information about your business can as well increase your response rate.

Personalized follow-up emails get more response rates

As a sales personnel or business owner, it is advisable to personalize follow up emails in order to get more response rates.


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