10 cold email sequence templates to get more clients

Getting new clients is the major priority of any business owner, salesperson, or a marketer.

For a business to grow, strategies need to be put in place to reach out and connect with new clients.

Cold emailing is one of the best ways business owners can use in reaching out and connecting with new clients.

To get prospects to respond to your cold emails and be converted to clients, your email need to be engaging and of benefit to the client.

Cold emailing is a highly effective way to connect with new clients. All you need to do to achieve good results is to apply the strategies of a good cold email.

Strategies to apply in your cold email to get more clients

Personalize your cold email

Personalization is all about making your email specially tailored for a particular client.

The client should feel that the email is sent just for him/her alone.

The email should not be generic or mass email. A generic email is always ignored by recipients.

Always make your recipient feel that the email you sent is specifically for him/her alone and no other person.

To personalize an email, you need some information about your recipients such as the name, company they work, products they will be interested in and other personal information.

All this information will help you to personalize your email and send contents that are of relevance to your recipients.

Use an eye-catchy and engaging subject line

The subject line determines to a large extent if your email will be opened or not. The subject line is the first place that is been read in an email and if it is not engaging, the email will be ignored or deleted immediately.

The subject line should not sound boring or generic. It should be interesting and reflect the body of the email.

Your email should contain a value

People generally want to know what they will gain before agreeing to your proposal.

What are the values of your product and services?

How will they benefit your clients?

What do they stand to gain?

All these needs to be included in your email and clearly stated so that your prospective clients will know what to expect.

Make your content concise

Nobody has the time to read long emails. It is tiring and boring.

Make your email as short as possible with relevant information.

Your prospective clients should understand what you are saying in clear and short sentences.

Go straight to the point and be professional in your writing.

Add a call-to-action

A call-to-action will prompt your prospective client on what to do.

You can add links of your website or blogs so that your prospective clients can have more information on your products and services.

It is also important to ask your prospective client for a meeting or a phone call at a specific time. This will increase your chances of getting a response.

10 cold email sequence templates to get more clients


10 Cold email templates examples to get more client

#1 Offering assistance

Subject line: Do you need any help with [specific issue]?

Hi [prospective client name],

We are aware that your company is faced with [specific issue]?

We are working with organizations inside your industry, for instance, [insert organization names] to improve [specific issue] by [insert what your organization does].

I realize you might be occupied at the present time.

If you have the chance, we could have a brief 10mins call to discuss more on this.

My phone number is [insert phone number]. You can call me anytime.


[your name]


#2 Offering some help

Subject: Cut down expense by 20%

Hi [prospect name],

I can see you’re the individual who is undoubtedly has been instrumental to the success of your organization. Congrats on the accomplishment. I know it’s hard to duplicate the achievement of the home office.

As a rule, supervising bosses are incorporated with setting spending plans and are under pressure from CFOs to restrain start-up expense. I’m a master in helping associations limit these sorts of expenses.

Will you like to have a gathering so we can talk more on this.

Don’t hesitate to call me whenever. Here is my number [insert telephone number].


#3 Reference a common connection

Subject: [mutual contact name], ask me to get in touch!

Hi [recipient name],

I’m staying in contact with you in light of a legitimate concern for [referring person]. I met [him/her] at [where you met the person] and [he/she] trusted this could be a staggering open entryway for both of us.

We are working with relationship inside your industry, for instance, [insert organization names] to improve [specific issues] by [insert what your organization does].

Is there something you might want us to assist you with?

If it is, when may you be up for a quick call to check whether I can be of help?


[your name]


#4 You met a prospective client at an occasion

Subject: Hey, how was [insert occasion name]!

Hi [recipient name],

I believe you acknowledged [insert occasion name]! Did you get a chance to take a quick look at [specific part of the event]?

My job is to empower associations like [insert organization names] get [benefit of your product] by [insert what you do].

I think this will be of benefit to your company.

I will glad to answer any questions you may have. Even better, you can give me a call. My telephone number is [insert telephone number].


[your name]


#5 Offering a service

Subject: Your blog section about [specific subject]

Hi [insert recipient name],

I read your blog article about [specific subject] and I genuinely like your approach in regards to the issue, especially with respect to [specific point].

We at [insert your organization name] in the [insert their industry] industry, for instance, [insert organization names] do [insert what you do].

If that is something you will like to know, I may be of help.

When may you be available for a quick call?


[your name]


#6 Seeking clients to partner with

Subject Line: What do you think of a partnership?

Hey [name],

I have made a little research about you and I come to comprehend that you have a mind-boggling excitement for advancement. You will agree with me that development is the best methodology for what’s to come.

I am also particularly enthused about development. I have been looking out correspondingly contributed individuals to collaborate with and take development to a whole new level.

A meeting with you will be good to discuss more on this. How does Monday next week, 10am-11am sounds?


[your name]


#7 Providing solutions to problems

Subject: Automation Services you need

Hello [recipient name],

I have made significant research about your association and I should state it is superb. Regardless, there are a couple of issues that could be upgraded.

We are an organization whose sole aim is to empower diverse companies to drive in more revenue and improve the regular running of their work procedure through automation.

We understand that our organizations will be of uncommon preferred standpoint to your company by growing revenue and diminishing expenses.

Will you be accessible for a meeting?

How does one week from now Monday between 9am-10am sounds?

Warm Regards,

[your name]


#8 Contributing to solving a problem

Headline: Contributing to [Company Name] ([Connection] referral)

Hi [First Name],
I’ve been following [relevant topics] leaving the [Company Name] for as long as a couple of months, particularly the ongoing [relevant post, structure, rebrand, highlight].

One of my colleagues, [name of connection] is a supporter of the [Company Name] and she prescribed I contact you to check whether it’d be a solid match for me to contribute too.

Fill me in regarding whether this sounds fascinating and I’d be upbeat to assemble a couple of thoughts on a [deliverable] we can try out!


[your name]


#9 Asking questions

Title: Your comment on my blog

Hello [First Name],

I’ve been an enthusiast of what you’ve been doing with [Company Name] over the recent years.

I’m connecting in light of the fact that I’m chipping away at another piece adapted towards [topic of the blog entry you’re writing] from those who’ve just experienced this themselves and

I’d love to hear your interpretation of it.
[Ask relevant questions]?

The post will contribute to my blog and I’d love to get a speedy reply from you to incorporate into the piece in case you’re available.


[your name]


#10 Marketing a product

Subject: Lead Automation software

Hello [prospect name],

We have new software that is sure to increase productivity in your company.

As a salesperson in your company, we are aware of the importance of connecting and increasing your customer base. This is why we are reaching out to you to inform you about this very important automation software

It that has helped some well-known companies such as, company x, y, z to produce leads.

This business mechanization apparatus will be of incredible advantage to you as it will assist you with generating leads in an exceptionally brief time with little effort.

I will be glad to explain better over lunch. Give me a call on [insert phone number]


[Your name]


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